This Beautiful Fantastic (2016) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A young woman who dreams of becoming a children's book author makes an unlikely friendship with a cantankerous, rich old widower.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Simon Aboud
Stars: Mia Farkasovska, Jessica Brown Findlay
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 12 out of 59 found boring (20.33%)

One-line Reviews (50)

I am really glad, that two of my fellow commentators brought it down to the point: this a bland movie.

In the wrong hands this movie could very easily have tipped the scales from just teetering on the edge of working into something horrific, and it is a credit to the cast that they pitched it just right.

Warm heart start ends in lazy plotless blur .

Andrew Scott ('Sherlock', 'Pride' and 'Spectre') is the chef Vernon, giving life to an otherwise dull character.

Stunning visuals, character development and spellbinding script.

Bordering on preciousness, Jessica Brown Findlay, with her odd fashion choices, is a too-dull caricature of a character that should shine with nuance and curiosity but instead lulls you to sleep.

That's fine with me as long as I am warned in the movie's promotional material so I can do something more enjoyable, like plunge my hand into a vat of boiling oil.

As soon as the main characters were established it was as if the writer got bored and just jotted down some plot notes.

Sounding like something a preteen on the edge of puberty would come up with, this cutesy fairy tale has something to offer, just not enough to keep interest.

This cliche-ridden tosh is so predictable that halfway through it gives up trying to entertain and almost wilfully disappoints at nearly every turn.

This Bland Fantasy .

A very flawed dull film with horrible message which tells people that nature is bad!

But the most engaging scenes are those with Bella in conversation with her neighbor, a curmudgeon and lover of flora named Alfred "Alfie" Stevenson.

It is a stunning movie that brings two lonely people together to enjoy the beauty of nature.

It's a coming of age and a passing of the baton film with a fairy tale ending.

This film has stunning visuals, character development and a spellbinding script that turns it into a cinematic masterpiece.

"This Beautiful Fantastic" has a slow pace, and takes time to develop the story.

A thoroughly enjoyable feel good movie to uplift one's spirits.

That the film is utterly predictable doesn't help, and the one saving grace is the aforementioned Tom Wilkinson who, I'm sorry to say, can only drag the film up from a 1 to a 3 out of 10, and even then there were times he looked like he could smell the stench.

We both enjoyed it greatly.

Andrew Scott was entertaining as Vernon.

Don't waste your time on this.

Entertaining with a very good story, a neglected garden needs to be fixed.

)that limps along dragged even further back by dialogue that an 8 year old could improve upon.

The film is shot in a beautiful style, has a well defined set design and fascinating close-ups.

Such an unexpected movie.

A bit uneventful .

A lot in the characters and their stories is left out of the scenes and storyline, that adds its charm, but sometimes it confuses too, because at the end of the story plot is sometimes torn and increasingly appear worn cliché.

All of this makes for entertaining and often funny situations, all the actors are good in their roles.

Beautiful flowers, but so contrived.

Pretty predictable.

Her apparent need to be orderly certainly plays no part in the story, in fact it is completely contradictory to the way she lives, with her garden in chaos, which is somewhat confusing.

Dull and Annoying.

The story is entertaining and has happy endings.

Like standing in front of an empty fridge desperately wishing for it to fill.

The acting was excellent and though a bit predictable would happily watch this again.

As others have noted the "plot" is completely predictable and the "characters" are all the usual suspects for this kind of movie.

This is a movie about understanding people, the unexpected ways of nature and life, storytelling and books.

It is well worth the watch (or multiple watches in my case).

" In this slow-moving fable, the film follows the life of a foundling child, Miss Bella Brown, who grows up to be obsessed with order.

The film looks amateur in its filming style and is dull.

" – Alfie Tips for parents: Most kids will be pretty bored.

I saw this movie with a group and the comments ranged from "the worst movie I have ever seen in my life" to "quaint" and "exquisite".

If you've celebrated your 8th Birthday you'll be able to figure out that it is all an exemplification of empty pretentiousness and that the movie is as stimulating as 'Maid in Manhattan' (2002) starring Jennifer Lopez.

Trying to play on a borrowed brand stinks, especially that the original title itself is intriguing.

The film is driven by stunning performances by Tom Wilkinson ('Shakespeare in Love', 'Batman Begins' and 'Michael Clayton') as the neighbor Alfie.

Everything is a cliche.

Just when I thought movie were crass, violent or redundant, here comes a treasure unexpected.

This trite treatment of obsessions and phoebias to catch the initial interest as a curiosity is tiresome and patronising at best, almost dangerous at worst.

Worst and most predictable movie I've seen in 2016 .