This Is It (2009) - Documentary, Drama, Music

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A compilation of interviews, rehearsals, and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Kenny Ortega
Stars: Michael Jackson, Alex Al
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 10 out of 232 found boring (4.31%)

One-line Reviews (71)

The movie works on several levels; at its most basic, it's a fascinating insight into the process of putting a modern stage show together, the creative process, the hours of sheer slogging hard work interspersed with flashes of brilliance, the endless repetition until everyone gets it right, so it will look totally spontaneous on the night.

The scenes are the most mundane, pointless moments in putting together this concert.

The results are stunning.

For them and for any of us, this film is a worthy and fascinating record, something, like the Motown 25 performance, that you can watch many times and not get tired of.

Reportedly culled from more than 100 hours of footage from various points in the preparation process, the film is just stunning to look at.

That said, the performance pieces were definitely entertaining and nearly every song a big hit.

For me,it was both a fascinating & sad film to watch,as this is a document of a tour that never happened (and will never happen).

Even with an empty arena, on stage is where Michael Jackson was ultimately happy, where he knew he could get the only unconditional love he had left.

So, in summary, This Is It did not make me to become into a fan of Jackson, but it made me have an exciting and very entertaining experience, in spite of having a few fails (for example, I think it should have been deeper and more critical on some moments).

The story behind the picture is well-known: following Michael Jackson's tragic, unexpected death in June 2009, just before the first of a series of gigs that would mark his retirement, it was decided to make the rehearsal footage, filmed during the preparations for the first concert, known to the public, so that the late singer's admirers could get an idea of what could have been.

But it's also fascinating nonetheless.

He was a gift full of gifts to the world and now he's entertaining the heavens!

I found the whole show to be a bit choppy and slightly disjointed.

I like to start by saying that those who have canned this documentary or said that it was a waste of money to buy tickets to see it, you seriously need to get your head out of your rear end and stick it somewhere else where the sun don't shine.

Michael's habit of crotch grabbing),as well as some scary moments during the 'Thriller' segment that may be a bit intense for smaller viewers

It contains some of the amazing and breathtaking computer effects.

It's not a movie for MJ fans only, it's a movie that everyone will find fascinating and inspiring.

This is why I want to review the movie as it was published before MJ's death: boring, meaningless raw video footage of Michael Jackson.

On the flip-side, it's intriguing to see all the special stuff the team was preparing for the event: new filmed material to go with certain songs (including new footage shot for Thriller), devices that would allow the stage to "transform" as the show went on, smoke, special effects, you name it.

Prepare for an emotional and downright exciting concert-film.

I think the most fascinating thing about this film is just being able to see all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making a big production like this.

Save your money, there is nothing worth watching in this worst form of exploitative propaganda/documentary.

All that is accompanied by musical interpretations from the artist's biggest hits, which may not feel as polished as they might have been seen on the real tour, but which definitely feel intense and very entertaining.

I'm sure Sony won't rest on the extra footage either, you'll end up with a deluxe DVD or Blu-ray with hours of extra footage simply to sell more product, CDs will be made of the actual recordings etc.This all leaves me with a somewhat empty feeling, what is there is decent, not stellar (likely due in part to the speed at which they tried to deliver), some memorable (Jackson's dancing at times is amazing even at 50, the Billie Jean performance on here certainly quite impressive).

Or what may have been a more enjoyable set of dance moves was used.

Entertaining, worthwhile & enjoyable - what more do you want.

Whether they are worth watching is another matter.

At the same time this is strictly my personal opinion of the film because I know many fans and concert lovers adore this movie or at the very least enjoyed it so maybe I'm not the right person to review this.

It gives a glimpse at the work he was heartily preparing for what was supposed to be his great comeback.. his redemption from all the turmoil he was put into in the last years.. Fate changed the plans, but at least we now have THIS IS IT.. we can see his rehearsals, his moments with the crew, his jokes, his perfectionism, his love for what he did.. but the moment when everyone becomes dazzled is when the speakers blow with the sound!!.. you are mesmerized by his performances right away.. at age of 50 he still sang and danced awesomely, he was not intimidated by the young dancers at his side whatsoever.. And you gotta see it to really get the feeling of what Michael Jackson singing and dancing is all about.. The movie is funny, emotional, exciting, beautiful, contagious.. Its virtually impossible to watch it without rocking your head or moving your feet with the beat.. After all it's what he was used to be doing in his last 45 years: make ppl sing and dance along..and with THIS IS IT he is there, alive, right in front of you.. It is said Michael was really intending to finish his musical career and dedicate his time in making movies: ironically we can say his first movie was a #1 hit around the world.. In the final scene we get the message that was stuck in our throats since he left this world in such an absurd way.. We don't know why things happen in certain ways in life...

It is enjoyable, interesting and certainly something different.

Stunning compilation of footage and artistry .

And no message could have been more clearer....

Musicians will enjoy the privilege of seeing the final stages of Jackson's empty arena dress rehearsal, complete with raw, undoctored audio, production crew directives, and Jackson creating a few cues and overseeing some final arrangements like a regular band guy.

A spectacular insight with fantastic performances, thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable movie that captivates and embodies you with the very essences from the King of Pop.

What's most engaging about the film is being able to witness Jackson's creative process versus just seeing the final product, and observing how he worked behind the scenes and how he thought, managed and directed his artists and technicians.

The Way You Make Me Feel opens with a slower, more bluesey beat, before blasting into full tempo.

For a film that is more documentary-style above anything else, this makes for a thrilling experience.

We get to see what it's like behind the scenes (save, perhaps, for some of the much more intense squabbles or whatever that were likely cut), with MJ's perfectionism knowing no bounds.

No depth, blah performances, boring.

In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power.

Nonetheless, I cannot think of a kinder, more humanizing, more enjoyable (the music of course is great as is the dancing) last view of the man.

The dancers are incredible and the dance routines and sets breathtaking.

The movie is just a taste of what the live show would have been all about, but it's a very enjoyable taste..

Worth the watch.

The latter especially was ingenious and has some unexpected cameos.

The experience of seeing such incredible dance moves, with a great crew, mind-blasting sound and video editing and the musicianship of everyone involved, all together made this such a thrilling piece of art.

'This Is It', a documentary on Michael Jackson's last days, is more entertaining & gripping than anything going on.

Really fascinating.

For once, he actually knew what he was doing with a fascinating subject.

If the rehearsals could be this good and engaging, one could only imagine what the concerts would've been.

This Is It casts an intriguing light on the star, a driven perfectionist who lived in a bubble much of his life.

It's a grand spectacle in progress and at times truly breathtaking.

It was fascinating to watch in action his often spoken about perfectionism and sheer genius.

My gosh, the staging, the dancers, the discussion of the costumes that would've been part of this production are breathtaking.

And it's riveting!

*Spoiler/plot- 2009, This film consists of a montage of Michael Jackson on stage rehearsals preparing him for his last worldwide tour just before his untimely and unexpected death.

Fascinating & Sad .

He was a genius, it's really amazing watching him doing what he did best, singing, dancing, ENTERTAINING.

The rehearsals of Michael Jackson's last tour were filmed and provide a stunning look at a superstar entertainer and consummate professional at work.

I enjoyed it a lot.

It had quite a good feel-good factor, maybe even for non-fans (of which there weren't any in this cinema, except maybe one or two guys who were probably dragged by their girlfriends).

I enjoyed it that much.

Boring, meaningless raw video footage of Michael Jackson.

And of course on another level completely, it's a fascinating and poignant last look at one of the world's star performers, the King of Pop.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

My Take: A breathtaking tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

It was also fascinating to see the behind the scenes process of putting the show together.

On stage, he was so full of life, his voice like velvet, his dance moves exciting, his directions clear.

I find MJ riveting.

Also really confusing thing is that this document would not be such a huge success and would not cause such a great hype without Jacko being dead.

Don't expect a documentary about the artist's last days or any kind of tragic retrospective putting a rubber stamp on his legacy; we go into this movie knowing Jackson is not just a legend, but a man who's presence alone can guarantee that even this disjointed, "unproduced" filmic record (of his REHEARSALS, no less) will generate interest, income and controversy.