Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000) - Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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Thomas the Tank Engine's feature film debut follows Thomas and Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) as they cross between the real world and the fictional Island of Sodor, in an attempt to recover lost gold dust.

IMDB: 4.1
Director: Britt Allcroft
Stars: Alec Baldwin, Cody McMains
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 23 out of 126 found boring (18.25%)

One-line Reviews (47)

Don't waste your time and money...

What counts, in the end though, is that the kids enjoyed it.

" An excellent example of how this thing is "for the children" is that when shown to my little brothers, one was so bored he left, and the other was so terrified that he screamed if anyone put their hand near the box afterwards.

Most of the other characters only serve to confuse the story; which is confusing enough.

Cut out altogether because he's old and boring?

The other engines I am fine with, as I find Micheal Angelis's narration bland and annoying, so I am very happy he did not play Percy and James.

Baldwin is considered to be at his worst but I found him fairly entertaining.

It is stunning that in this day and age of movie tie-ins, that the creators (or better said owners) of the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise couldn't find a better major movie outlet for their goldmine.

The kids loved it and I highly recommend it for a very creative event at home with the kids :-)

Unwatchable for the intelligent youth (upon hearing of the cinematic horror I encountered, a work colleague said that his 4/5 year old son summed it up, "Dad, the story didn't even make any sense!

It is a dreary joke.

The plot is indecipherable, the characters uninteresting, and melding of British and American culture just kind of stupid.

My 2.5 & 4.5 year olds were thoroughly bored and asked to leave.

In fairness, I fell asleep for part of the middle of the movie.

Movie was way too long, acting was very weak and the story had no continuity at all.

); the weird mismatch between the British location and feel and the dropped-in American references and props (hilarious moment where Peter Fonda's truck is driving on the right-hand side of what's clearly a British country road; also entertaining baseball game going on, as well as annoying US-moppets as stars); and the creeping sense that Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin didn't know that the other was in the movie (the climactic scenes feature a series of close-ups on Fonda and Baldwin, and no shots which would demonstrate that they were actually on the same sound-stage; perhaps the modelmakers had to manually change their expressions, too?

So, in short, don't come expecting a masterpiece, but the Shining Time scenes especially are very enjoyable.

I'll spare you the details of the boring plot, and the disappointing performance of Peter Fonda, and just tell you that about halfway through the movie, my three-year-old neice, who usually loves Thomas, shouted out "I hate this movie!

The acting by Peter Fonda is downright embarrassing, and the storyline is confusing.

Cheesy but still enjoyable.

Newcomer Lady is quite frankly dull as incredibly soggy dishwater, she's hardly in the film and when she does appear she STILL does nowt for most of her screen time!

The story is ludicrously, unnecessarily complicated, the new characters seem to have been dragged in from a completely different mythos, and international commercialisation has stripped away very nearly all of the original charm - even more so than this Shining Time Station series that I'd previously never even heard of, by the sound of it.


Bland little film that forgets to include the most important element of a kids film - fun .

But most striking in this film is the focus upon an imaginative intellectuality, which includes a plot that manages to both enthrall the little ones - including a magic railway buffer, mysterious rail route & ghost train - while engaging the minds of their more intelligent babysitters with complex mystery, clues and interweaving twists.

This film is a totally contrived train wreck.

He looks and sounds so bored and his line delivery is so stilted, you'll be thinking he got drunk.

Taste for such slower paced films is acquired through patience, appealing to the thinkers among us.

The storytelling was very poor, and even the script was so bland.

A confusing mess, too scary for the target audience.

Bland as tofu, even for kids movie standards.

Please, stay home and save your money.

It's deadly dull, the plot is difficult to follow and the characters are boring.

I enjoyed it.

I know Fonda's character was supposed to be depressed, but his subdued monotone delivery was just horrible.

Peter Fonda makes the model engines look emotional; Mara Wilson is just confusing, looking twelve years old and acting like a four-year-old; Britt Allcroft's thankfully brief voice-over as the lost engine seems to be just an ego trip.

It's certainly caused a lot of *Snigger* confusion and delay.

Literally, actually one of the worst movies ever .

My wife and I took our 3 year old to see this film and we all enjoyed it.

When I wasn't scared for my life, I was on the cusp of sleep due to utter boredom.

Things become even more confusing and bizarre.

Not a perfect film, but extremely enjoyable .

Bottom line, if you are older than 5 years old, or your kid isn't into Thomas, don't waste the money.

The 70s was a time when many directors experimented with slow paced editing, often including sequences so uneventful, even ethereal, that common, faster paced films appear too quickly paced & tawdry in comparison.

Yes, the movie is dull, the story line convoluted, and what the heck is wrong with Peter Fonda?

") In sum, I would place this film among the top three "Worst Movies That, Luckily, Most People Have Never Seen.

The whole evil-diesel and his predictable sidekick-duo are completely unnecessary and just scare the little kids (like my two-year-old).