Tiptoes (2003) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



The story of a peculiar love triangle involving two brothers.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Matthew Bright
Stars: Gary Oldman, Peter Dinklage
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 92 found boring (22.82%)

One-line Reviews (42)

I watched this film with a bunch of friends while "under the influence" and I've got to say it's a bizarre film, which is difficult to classify, but nonetheless very entertaining.

However, I have to say, Mconohay sucks the energy out of each scene he's in and is the portion of the film I found the least compelling.

The dialogue was also extremely trite in some scenes.

Very contrived.

He's an absolute master, and his delivery of a (this will sound trite, sorry) "real" dwarf was startling.

The last scene was misplaced, contrived and not believable.

A totally pointless movie.

Everyone will benefit, even as they are caught up in engaging and offbeat tale.

The movie deals with the issue of prejudice against dwarfs, but deals with it in a wholly human and engaging way.

It's an oddity to be sure, but a painful, slow, and awkward oddity that just makes you feel like you wasted a part of your life somehow.

The script was at once predictable and disconnected - exasperatingly so.

Some great physical acting from Gary Oldman and an excellent cast of dwarves cannot lift this formulaic inversion of the "Snow White" story.

waste of time (this has a comment on the end of the movie) .

When Carol gets pregnant, coincidently the twin dwarf brother of Steven, Rolfe (Gary Oldman), pays an unexpected visit to Carol.

It's a shame that Peter Dinklage, who is an excellent actor (see The Station Agent some time to get a better look at him), gets stuck in a rather pointless supporting role, when he could have been more effective as Rolf.

While the characters can be a little flaky, the actors are believable & engaging.

The subject matter of the diseases which plague and lifestyle issues of dwarfs is a compelling topic long overlooked by film makers.

com once said of this movie in a Youtube video titled "Officially the Worst Movie Idea Anyone's Ever Had".

The dialogue was so trite that if one more person asked Kate Beckinsale's character "how are you?

Thought provoking yet entertaining movie...

No acting, bad casting, no plot (just boring actually) and a horrible horrible film score.

He's one of my favorite actors because no matter what genre he does, he's still entertaining as hell to watch.

The writing is both bizarre and predictable.

The Arquette is pretty pointless after a while.

In fact this movie is so bad it's destined to become a cult classic as one of the worst movies of all time.

The writing and direction fell flat there, making the ending much too abrupt and confusing.

There's the whole drama over calling little people "midgets" and a pointless story between Peter Dinklage with a french accent and Patricia Arquette, as in it literally adds zero to the plot.

Two, it has no plot.

It's all just a little contrived.

A potentially intriguing movie that suffers from an absolutely horrible script.

This is an ambitious project with an intriguing premise.

I would encourage people to see it - I thought it to be thought provoking and entertaining.

A waste of time .

In addition, the script and characters frequently come off very contrived, the direction and pacing are sloppy at best, and the melodrama and lack of chemistry do not help this train wreck make it to the station.

The ending that frustrated so many is such a good example of realism (you know, that boring stuff you had to read in literature classes): this is now, and this what is, no matter how or why or what may happen tomorrow.

I'm not going to get into all the particulars of the plot, as I think it's more enjoyable the less you know going in.

So, if you can put aside the occasionally strange behavior of the characters, and ignore the weird choice to have the great Gary Oldman play a dwarf, then the film is worth watching.

Fascinating concept, extremely awful execution .

By far the worst movie I've ever seen .

Worst Movie EVER!.

The concept of the story could of been good like so many others have said but the movie was so disjointed.

in theory the story line was good, but the dialouge, the gratuitous close-ups, and the lack of any real action (not the kung fu or explosion kind) made for a monotonous movie, and the ending made the movie totally pointless.