Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) - Horror

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In the 13th century there existed a legion of evil knights known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by drinking human blood and committing sacrifices. Executed for their unholy ...

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Stars: Lone Fleming, César Burner
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 104 found boring (27.88%)

One-line Reviews (102)

It is slow, bloodless, and boring.

Slow and steady, as she goes.

Not enough zombie carnage, but still enjoyable.

At last the slow-moving zombies can realistically catch up with their prey!!!

This movie is so dull that I fell asleep each time the blind dead came out.

So I think half of this film stands out as being a great Europeaon zombie horror while the other half is a total waste of time.

All in all, a mixed bag, but I think a fascinating, suspenseful film that genuinely grips the viewer.

First and enjoyable original of the Templars dead series in which the medieval zombies awake to commit ritual sacrifices .

Another problem is that the film moves at an incredibly slow pace.

" Unlike Romero's 'Night,' 'Tombs' is more Gothic and moves a lot slower.

Laughable and worth watching .

Unrelentingly tedious .

The pacing is slower than the blind dead themselves.

Moreover, I found the plot to be just fine, and I actually noted the development of Betty's character and found her especially engaging.

But it was the gripping sight of these heinously detailed creations (in numbers) dripping with menace slowly making their way to the initial victims that truly made it.

Sure it's a European low budget horror flick but for me it had enough enjoyable moments to get a place in my collection.

And especially the dope that played 'pedro', what a bland character and an even more unconvincing actor.

There are a few moments of nudity and that really helps with the slow pace.

)I was 12 years old at the time and those horseback riding, slow moving zombies scared the heck out of me.

9 out of 10 stars, this is a very entertaining film.

But writer & director Amando de Ossorio has created a fundamentally entertaining story that is well told.

Especially good is an early scene of a girl camping for the night near where the Blind Dead sleep,the tension is dragged out and dragged out in a masterful way.

Also, the jammed door lock in the mannequin shop was a bit of a cheesy cliché in an otherwise decent film.

Some have bemoaned the film as being slow-moving, which I honestly did not feel it to be.

Despite a slow start, Amando de Ossorio's Tombs of the Blinddead soon picks up and morphs into the exploitation highlight that you were no doubt expecting going into it.

The train ride proves to be unbearable for the young woman as her boyfriend and female friend take a shine to each other, thus causing her to dis-embark from the train.

I loved the creepy village with the castles, the photography is fantastic, it's just that they could have done so much with this movie, but they bored me to tears instead.

It is also chock full of the kind of things that makes Euro-horror so enjoyable: female nudity, lesbian scenes, bizarre characters, and bloody deaths.

The pairing of Cesar Burner and Lone Fleming is the apex of compelling film artistry .

, why did I waste my time on this lame movie?

The character Pedro and his girlfriend and the original victim were good and entertaining.

The old Spanish countryside is used to perfection in building suspense, as the rural landscape and abandoned buildings weave a thrilling spell that really adds to the allure of the film.

The weaker points are the slow pace and the very abrupt ending on the train.

Between the nudity and the horrible and completely pointless rape scene there is no way this is PG!

When off the horses they move at an incredibly slow rate and one thing I have to say is their hands look terrible.

It's rather glumly, old-fashion with it sticking to a slow-burn build-up, but how the story progresses did get repetitive quickly and leave itself open for questions, despite it's best intentions to create an eerily foreboding atmosphere (which I might add was successfully catered for).

Nonetheless,those sequences make the film well worth watching for horror fans.

This lack budget film is regularly directed by Amando De Ossorio but is amusing and entertaining .

It's a movie worth watching and provides enough entertainment (for me at least) to sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy.

When the girl leaves the train and walks around the deserted church, it is very long and drawn out.

Intriguing early-70's Italian horror trash.

It also has the intro to the little-known drive-in version where they stuck a very confusing and stupid prologue onto it to try, believe it or not, to capitalize on the Planet of the Apes films--and they retitled it "Revenge From Planet Ape".

Surprisingly, I found this film to be mildly entertaining for an early 70's zombie film, especially seeing as it came before the gore era of films like "Zombie" and "Dawn Of The Dead'.

Some say TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD is too slow and boring.

The strongest aspect with this form of film making is based around the atmosphere: The Spanish country side is stunning and the ancient medieval architecture is incredible.

I admit, I fell asleep not long after Virginia gets it, but I don't think I did this because the movie is so slow.

All in all, I found "Tombs of the Blind Dead" to be an enjoyable and adequately engrossing film, both subtle and violent.

Other than that, we've got an overrated Spanish bore.

The ending is pretty cool, and I won't reveal it, but let me say two semi-spoiler things: The scene with the train drivers helping Betty on the train with the knights in close pursuit is amazingly suspenseful, and did you notice how Betty's hair was red throughout the whole movie except the end?

To require an audience to sit through 25 minutes of a film before even learning why any of this is happening was apparently so unbearable that the original distributor of this film -- Paragon Video -- actually took it upon themselves to restructure the film so that the middle came at the beginning, and the film opens with a death ritual/blood sacrifice of a sexy woman to assure brain-dead Americans that they were going to get to see the boobs & blood that the films were marketed as delivering.

Thanks to plenty of unsettling atmospherics and an eerie, isolated locale, TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD is a scary, if slow-moving, film.

I love Lucio Fulci movies and they are the slowest you can find out there.

A very interesting film could have been made out of this backstory, but Ossorio's focus is the dull contemporary characters, who spend most of the running time "killing time.

It's an overrated snooze fest if you ask me.

a needless rape scene, and is a little slow in parts.

The middle section of this movie is slow, and needed a rewrite.

Instead, I think it was because I was just tired and the film made me really uneasy, so I opted to doze off;3) The third time was within the last two hours, and I'm definitely on the side of those who laud the film.

It really is beautiful to observe these creatures working against the stunning medieval ruins.

If you like your horror serious and looking like it isn't a cheap Spanish telemundo TV program, don't waste your time ( 1 star *)

Really enjoyed this atmospheric and engaging horror movie.

It's very, very slow, and that in itself may be enough to ward off impatient viewers.

Overall, this isn't quite as great as one might like it to be, but it's still entertaining and zombie connoisseurs who want to check out efforts from all countries and decades are strongly advised to give it a look.

A fascinating order that lie at the very foundation of modern Freemasonry.

If you watch a BLIND DEAD movie for a lightning fast paced blood soaked zombie fest OF COURSE you are going to feel like you wasted $15.

I had already watched Return of the Evil Dead, the sequel to Tombs, and thought it was a fairly enjoyable, if unremarkable, piece of hokum, so my expectations for its predecessor were not particularly high.

Slow moving, relentless and deadly, with a penchant for flesh eating.

The big flaws of most horror films is the non stop screaming and endless slime that creatures for some reason must always have lots of slime (BORING) These guys (Templars) are dusty old half decomposed corpses (how can you not get entranced by this when they appear) Plus the slow motion and echoed sound of the horseback riding dead (space time overlap here) they are half dead and half reanimated so they are caught between the space time overlap (cool stuff) Anyway check it out and BUY .

It's beautiful but somewhat pointless.

It is well directed but extremely slow moving.

Unfortunately, "Tombs of the Blind Dead" is also a slow, boring, illogical mess.

To be honest, I think the zombies were more believable than the pointless lesbian story between the two girls, which didn't serve a purpose to the story.

It is very intense at times.

It takes away for the first killing to occur and after that, when you expect the movie to pick on some more pace, the movie remains a slow going one, in which little interesting is ever happening.

I mean, for a bunch of slow, blind dead guys, they sure are hard to get away from.

This is a phenomenally atmospheric and creepy film that is equal parts suspenseful and violent.

The atmosphere and the climax are excellent but the bulk of the film is quite slow and boring.

It is definitely a very entertaining horror flick and eerie as hell and based on Gustavo Adolfo Becker writings as ¨Mount of Animas¨ and ¨Miserere¨ .

The problem I had were the intensely slow zombies.

well, fairly boring, redeemed somewhat by the last 15 minutes, which are relentless and brilliant.

While this film has an excellent opening and an excellent ending, the middle bit is indeed a bit slow, with too much expository dialogue and too little action.

If you're going to have a slow movie, you have to make it interesting.

De Ossorio's zombie like creatures, the Templars, come complete with a fascinating backstory - Crusaders from the 13th Century who were put to death for practicing black magic, their eyes plucked from their sockets by birds.

Still and all, the pairing of thespian legends Cesar Burner and Lone Fleming is compelling reason in itself to view this crucial treasure.

Sadly, there are some major flaws in the picture including how the human characters are all rather boring and you really don't care too much about them.

If I had to compare this to any other horror film, I would probably mention John Carpenters "prince of darkness" Mario Bava's "Planet of the vampires" and Stanley Kubricks "The Shining" All of those films have the same kind of slow creeping atmospheric kind of horror and they all worked for me in the same kind of way.

It could had been more exciting and fun all.

Sensing the attraction between her cohorts, Virginia (well played by Maria Arpon) jumps from a slow-moving steam train and heads off on her own, eventually camping out in a forbidding (and splendidly photographed) ruined castle.

A girl disappeared when she stays one night in an empty, old Medieval city close the borders of Spain.

Creepy stuff and well worth watching........

Ossorio favored the slow, deliberate buildup of tension, so it's a long time before you see the hooded Templar mummies gnawing on human flesh; first you have to witness María Elena Arpón's arrival at the abandoned monastery, her uneasy exploration of the ruins, and that's when you realize you're watching a master at work.

I really like the slow motion camerawork and the whole thing just works really well especially the ending which is actually pretty suspenseful.

The Templar Knights are really cool zombies, and the slow-motion sequences with them on the horses is quite creepy, and the ending, once it got going, managed to keep me on the edge of my seat, and of course, the final ending was quite unique and scary, though I found it just a tad goofy at points.

Atmosphere and climax saves this somewhat boring film .

After a stodgy beginning it awakens from its slumber to only fall back into it, before a worthy final few minutes of memorably unsparing blood feeding frenzies and terrifically downbeat conclusion.

Tombs of the Blind Dead moves as slow as molasses, failing to revitalize my interest in any way throughout.

There were three more boring sequels to this stinker.

She becomes very jealous of him and stupidly stomps off the world's slowest moving train while they are headed for their camp out.

I found this movie to be quite suspenseful and effective even in its televised showing with Elvira's interruptions and comments.

this is one of the many things which helps make this a thoroughly enjoyable old school horror film.

All the women do is scream and scream some more, has anyone ever heard of matches when dealing with stinking, dumb, and blind skeletons that creep alone at a snail's pace?

The lighting, the editing, the glorious make-up and it's action packed wrap-up is a great all-around scene that mixes together quite well.

Very atmospheric with variable special effects and very slow moving.