Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond sets out to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the U.K in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Pryce
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 45 out of 378 found boring (11.9%)

One-line Reviews (289)

The film will appeal to James Bond series's buffs but good for fans only ; because this one goes on far too long and has provoked so much debate among 007 followers .

For the first half of its length this is a terrific Bond movie: fast, funny, clever, exciting, glamorous and full of intrigue to keep everyone happy.

It has some very mundane, over-long action scenes, and in terms of the traditional Bond elements, the producers have got it all wrong.

The two times that I saw it in the theater I fell asleep.

Worthy of note is the film's opening sequence which is very exciting and will no doubt have you biting your nails all the way up until Sheryl Crow's title song.

The teaser sequence manages do something that is rare among action sequences: it manages to be both suspenseful and exciting at the same time.

Terry Hatcher as bond girl slaps bond in the party that scene made me smile as it came unexpected & he goes ouch .

The women were both stunning and were not denied some character development of their own (as is the case in many other Bonds).

) TND is fun, exciting, sexy entertainment.

Some other Bond movies (especially the older ones) tend to get a little boring because of their written out plot divergences, whereas this Bond film doesn't have a single boring period in it.

Teri Hatcher is dull as Bond's old flame Paris.

Add all this and throw in a very wonderful, beautiful, and exciting Michelle Yoeh and you have a great Bond film!

It's impossible to get bored with Tomorrow Never Dies.

My Take: It's briskly paced and entertaining that you dare not mind its flaws.

Other highlights include a terrific car chase sequence in a parking-garage with possibly Bond's best-ever gadget-filled car; a shootout in a press-printing factory, a thrilling motorcycle chase through Saigon involving a helicopter, and the explosive finale aboard Carver's stealth ship should leave the viewer breathless.

Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin is a bit more interesting than Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver, but both seem bland and not very well executed.

Rated PG-13 for intense action and violence, and for some sexuality.

Quite well-done despite being formulaic.

Fortunately, the exciting action and suspense makes up for a lot of this.

The teaser, although nowhere near as good as GoldenEye's, is reasonably exciting and cleverly introduces us to some of the main characters The only thing that allows this film to rise out of the sub Die Hard genre is the outstanding car chase in the multi-story parking building.

'Tomorrow Never Dies' contains all these formulaic elements.

Much of the fault lies with a dreary implausible villain which seems to be the writers' thinly veiled attack on Rupert Murdoch.

Part of the problem is that, like all Brosnan-era Bond films, it is weighed down by what I call the 'Bond plot structure', with a comparatively dull middle section following a spectacular beginning before the movie goes out with a bang.

--- 8/10Rated PG-13 for violence and intense action.

He's a good physical threat and looks intimidating, but he's just really boring and has no exciting traits.

"Tomorrow Never Dies" is great because it doesn't commit any kind of excesses, the plot is very simple to follow (this can be viewed as a problem to some, specially those who are more accustomed with complex plots, Bourne style) and never absurd; all the action and adventure are not overplayed, prolonged or tiring, it's all in a good measure and it's very exciting.

Any way, this "film" has a messy and dull story, overall mediocre acting and a generic boring soundtrack.

The other 007 films had a lot of spying, women with tricks up their sleeve and villains with class, but the characters in this one were dumb and the plot was somewhat boring.

Jonathan Pryce is effective as Elliot Carver and has a beautifully unpredictable moment with Wai Lin.

Overwhelming and thrilling entry in which Bond/Brosnan goes after a powerful media mogul .

There were lots of meaningless fireworks and times where even usually exciting Bond mayhem can be passed off nonchalantly if it is just too much or without purpose.

After a good 'welcome back' opener with GOLDENEYE, Bond is most definitely back on form in this action packed and very enjoyable romp.


As far as the action sequences themselves are concerned, director Roger Spottiswoode undoubtedly pulls them off with flair, but for the most part they just feel formulaic and unexciting; indeed, there are points where TND feels more like a John Woo-style film than a Bond adventure.

Boring script and no Bond-feeling what so ever!.

It sure is enjoyable.

well the fight scene in the sound room was excellent, the chase through the press factory was exciting and the car chase was a bit cheesy.

Unfortunately, the stereotyped henchman (the big blonde, ueber-strong German and the pseudo ex-Nazi evil doctor) are bland and iconoclastic.

It was the first Bond film I watched on the big screen and I love it, is is enjoyable, has many a great action sequence and Pierce Brosnan, in his second role as 007, shows a confidence in getting into the role.

When first I heard of the basic plot, I thought to myself: "wow, that's an exciting idea!

The second half in China is just dull, nothing interesting really happens and the pace gets painfully slow.

The notorious Bond girls have the same responsibility although they probably wouldn't have been overly successful this time being bland, uninteresting and devoid of any really useful part.

If the villain is not the most vital element in a Bond film, then the action is, and "Tomorrow Never Dies" delivers in pure adrenaline.

Tomorrow Never Dies is a lesser Bond film due to the fact it's really slow.

The film is entertaining and doesn't disappoint me at all.

To sum up: a formulaic Bond flick that the capable leads and some admittedly spectacular stunts (like the motorcycle jump over the helicopter) get you through with no problems.

The pointless plot point of Bond already having a relationship with Bond was just painful to watch cause Hatcher isn't the best actress in the world...

But make no mistake, Tomorrow Never Dies is an entertaining ride.

Entertaining, good action, likeable stars .

I begin to watch the movies of Bond with Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997 and I think the movie is very exciting, the scenes are very explosives.

In the Brosnan Bonds, the world has truly become a small and dull place.

Brosnan is a little too bland as Bond, and he hasn't got that awesome laid-back self-confidence that made Connery and Moore so good.

Snore .

Stamper is yet another cold, emotionless Ayran killer in the Donald Grant mold and, while he is a formidable opponent in battle, he is a dull character otherwise.

It's a furiously entertaining thrill ride filled with gadgetry and beautiful women, and laced with humor.

This movie is all the fault of bad writing and a total lack of plot.

I actually thought that the movie was enjoyable and funny.

It lacked intrigue, suspense, twists, not that many of Bond movies have that, but was far too straightforward, predictable and cliche.

One of the best action-intensive Bond films .

starting Jonathan Pryce,Pierce Brosnan,Michelle Yeoh tomorrow ever dies 1997 is enjoyable for bond fans as well as non bond fans if they see it.

After a rather badass opening sequence and a top-tier theme song by Sheryl Crow, this is basically the average bond fare, although the plot, where an unusually megalomaniacal media mogul, played by the ludicrously cartoonish Jonathan Pryce, aided by his unusually bland henchman Mr. Stamper (Götz Otto) is trying to start a new world war so that he can get exclusive TV rights in China, or something, makes me longing for the old Spectre days.

Rating : 6'5 , well worth watching .

All-in-all, the film is more fractured than the early classics, but the quick pace makes up for it, causing "Tomorrow Never Dies" to become an enjoyable film to watch.

Boring script and no Bond-feeling what so ever!.

Worth watching for Bond fans and non-fans alike.

Altogether, Pierce Brosnans 2nd 007-flick is a little bit weaker than "Goldeneye" - but still worth watching!

Or, if you watch a lot of films like myself, you've noticed it long before and you've given up on this completely contrived story.

With such a feeble and uninspiring villain who seems relatively simple to beat and a henchman who is merely a tall thug, (Certainly nothing that Bond hasn't beaten before) it kills any real sense of tension and means that you just take in what happens without any sense of nervousness or worry that Bond could be in any serious danger.

It has a formula like the rest and crosses all boxes, it just does it really well and, despite not giving anything that original, still is totally enjoyable – maybe even for people who aren't fans of the series.

Point is, and I say this with no doubt in my mind, every other Bond film has much more exciting action sequences.

Barely entertaining enough.

To summarise, Tomorrow Never Dies is competent, but its flawed and predictable plot, comparatively dull middle section and mixed performances prevent it from being anything more than that.

An excellent return to the fun action movie series with enjoyable acting, great effects and an awesome music score.

Another major quibble is that the action itself was confusing and filled with "deus ex machina" twists that are neither explained nor anticipated.

While the plot is within the world of believability and the action is definitely there and exciting, the film's pace does not flow...

Luckily the film has enough sense to incorporate an amusing cameo from Schiavelli, Bond's escape from Carver's facility, a fairly exciting car chase and also a subsequent bike chase through the streets of Saigon.

Perhaps she is trying to imitate the great Shirley Bassey, but Crowe's drowsy rendition is listless and just downright dreary.

Tomorrow Never Dies isn't a classic Bond, but still worth watching.

Tomorrow Never Dies is fast moving, action packed, and humourous, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good action flick.

The villain isn't that bad, but is not very believable when it comes to a motive - POWER, what else, but that's so recycled and boring.

If u are looking for an intriguing, thought-provoking and mind churning thriller then forget this one.

Hugely enjoyable Bond escapade.

It was entertaining enough to watch even with its many flaws.

I'm still waiting for the next great Bond movie and perhaps it will never come, but this is enjoyable never the less.

It's quite obvious the merchant made by the already mention company - they also brought a fancy motorcycle used in one of the most thrilling sequences when James and Wai-Lin escape from Carver's henchmen and that includes the couple's fly over a helicopter.

Visually the film is a little drab,it lacks the glamorous look of most other Bonds,but with a fine Barryesque score from David Arnold and two good theme songs,this is as sheerly entertaining as a Bond film should be.

When I first saw this movie as a kid when it first came out in theaters I was blown away by how entertaining it was.

Even though it is a bit long- taking 3-4 mins to get into the real action- it does provide some stunning explosions and inventive action scenes.

As I watched Tomorrow Never Dies, I found that I burst out laughing more often than I found myself on the edge of my seat.

Probably the worst of Brosnan bond movies, but well it is still Bond, it is enjoyable.

The nature of the plot led the film-makers to go in a rather predictable pseudo-techno futuristic direction.

That car chase sequence alone makes this an entertaining movie.

Action packed finale, mix of good jokes and bad...

Think George Soros & Michael Moore owning the liberal propaganda media in the US controlling and enslaving the American people and you will understand this movie.

In contrast, the actors' performances are solid, enjoyable, and true to their roles.

Conclusion: When it's all said and done Tomorrow Never Dies is a thoroughly entertaining entry to the series.

Now 007 (Pierce Brosnan) must take on this evil mastermind in an adrenaline charged battle to end his reign of terror and prevent global pandemonium.

One deals with Bond and his helper (Michelle Yeoh) going down the side of a building and this is followed up by a pretty exciting motorcycle chase.

Direction becomes discomfited, the script is written on foot, the action succumbs to horrid slo-mo and dull martial arts derring-do, and Bond himself gets to deliver some of the worst one-liners in the series.

They're both very entertaining movies.

It also sucks that Teri played her so artificial and plain to the point that they cut her screen time after test audience's negative reactions toward how boring the character was.

There is strong chemistry between the leads, exciting action sequences, a memorable villain and leading lady.

I know many people will disagree with me, but I think that her character is boring and I don't really buy her acting.

It has some glaring flaws in the story and the climax, but overall, it's an enjoyable piece of escapist entertainment.

So we've got James, plus special guest-star Michelle Yeoh (a highly stereotypical, but effective, shot of adrenaline), mowing through a crowd of red shirts en route to a lackluster final showdown with the scrawny, intellectual owner of a media empire.

Bond murders an innocent security guard after he breaks into the newspaper offices, and machine-guns some 20-odd extras in the tedious climax.

Brosnan is good in the film and there are some/exciting action scenes.

On the bright side, this is a formula that (usually) works, and the film is fairly consistently enjoyable.

Humor in some action films, however, can take away the action and the thrilling suspense.

The photography is beautiful and the sequence is action packed, and the DTS 5.1 channel soundtrack is one of the best I've heard.

The action scenes are very well devised, getting a motorcycle chase for I think the first time in the Bond movies, and it is exciting.

Compared to the previous movie, Goldeneye, was quite sucky but Tommorow Never Dies is filled with explosions and riveting, exciting scenes.

This is an extremely exciting opening with some really dynamic action.

by the end of this movie you will be on the edge of your seat, and if you can find a better helicopter/motorcycle scene in any other film, please e-mail me.

no plot Rambo IV .

Theme Song: It may not be the all-time worst Bond theme song, but Sheryl Crowe's "Tomorrow Never Dies," cowritten with Richard Froom, just might be the most sleep-inducing.

It's an interesting character, but Hatcher looks bored with the material and the role should have been done better.

Rushed and Uncertain, Tomorrow Never Dies is a Bland, Faceless Entry .

Q - James Bond's scenes with him are the only ones worth watching.

Worst Movies of All Time .

I found this movie quite enjoyable and funny.

The fantastic car Bond learns to drive in five minutes is a good part of this entertaining movie.

So utterly formulaic that you yourself could start guessing the headlines that the megalomaniac media mogul "creatively" writes.

Massive, intense action, far and away better than any other Bond movie, and up there with the greatest action movies ever made.

Michelle Yeoh's character was a pointless idea......

Tomorrow Never Dies is another fantastic Bond film that manages to be entertaining from start to finish, and shows that Pierce Brosnan still has it in him to be a true Bond actor.

There are a couple exciting sequences, like the showdown between the motorcycle and the helicopter and the parking garage chase, and I thought Michelle Yeoh did a good job as a competent female counterpart for Bond.

Don't get me wrong, it sounds cool, but the title is very confusing.

There was some parts of the movie were I thought the movie dragged now and again.

So we've got James, plus special guest-star Michelle Yeoh (a highly stereotypical, but effective, shot of adrenaline), mowing through a crowd of red shirts en route to a lackluster final showdown with the scrawny, intellectual owner of a media empire.

Despite that faults in supporting characters the plot with it's terrific action sequences make for a gripping watch.

Ironically this is probably Brosnan's best performance as Bond, but it is wasted in this asinine, confusing action movie that just doesn't feel like a Bond film at all.

Even though we haven't seen a great Bond movie on the lever of Goldfinger or For Your Eyes only in recent times, Tomorrow Never Dies is enjoyable as the best one to come up in the last 10 years.

Yet, despite an adrenaline pumping motorcycle/copter chase the rest of the film's action sequences only come to life in fits and sparks.

The villains are delightfully over the top and entertaining,the villain's plan is very original even if it is a bit stupid.

Otherwise, it's a smooth, enjoyable ride.

No fancy gadgets, just the boring watch and a car that talks.

If I had shot it I would have cut back on some of the pyrotechnics, asked the Royal Navy to spare a frigate and a destroyer or two to fire real rounds instead of relying on my SFX team to drag a model through the water tank on the back lot while shooting it in slow mo.

An example of a dull moment is the romantic scene between Bond and Paris Carver.

) Saigon and exceptional performances by Jonathon Pryce, Teri Hatcher and international martial arts star Michelle Yeoh, Tomorrow Never Dies is a thrilling action-adventure.

However, it seems empty.

Enjoyable, if strictly by-the-numbers, James Bond outing .

What follows is one of the weakest Bond films of the bunch with a group of uninspired villainous characters who seem to be produced at the cliché factory.

Worst Bond Movie of all, miscasted bond girls, and very boring.

By that I mean it's very fun and entertaining to watch.

Also, I thought there wasn't enough man to man contact, just boring movie shooting with ammo that never runs out.

I know lots of Bond fans don't like this film, but for a casual fan it proved enjoyable.

Between acting, writing and becoming the collector of magic information and history, Jay was a fascinating human being.

So to make a long story short, I finally watched it and, not to be too harsh, I know why I fell asleep on previous viewing attempts.

In the end, he is more exciting than ever, despite complaints about the changes, which began in the Dalton era anyway and are more superficial than the outcry suggests.

I didn't take this movie very seriously at all, it's just really bad and a complete waste of my time.

Even with all of the problems, this film does come through gloriously and is largely one the most enjoyable Bond movies ever made, in a sort of mindless way.

They usually bring a shine to the story but sadly Michelle Yeoh plays a boring Bond girl while Teri Hatcher plays a bond girl who can't act and is barely in it.

The two times that I rented it, I fell asleep.

With that said, I found the film to be rather entertaining simply because it wasn't overlong like many in the series and I thought we were given some terrific action scenes.

There are plenty of nice action sequences and thrilling stunt scenes, as Brosnan and Yeoh make a spectacular duo playing two agents working together to catch the bad guys.

Support: Joe Don Baker returns as CIA agent Jack Wade and is enjoyable once again bring some warm humour.

For the purists, Spottiswood sprinkles in some vintage 007 globetrotting stuntwork (a halo jump skydive turned scuba dive; a breathtaking motorcycle/helicopter chase through the streets of Vietnam) amidst the more contemporary shoot-'em-ups.

It's an exciting blend of old Bond themes reworked around fresh orchestration that updates the sound of 007 with clever familiarity.

Despite its many entertaining aspects, TND is not without blemishes.

The picture contains comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , silly set pieces , great stunts , tongue-in check humor, automovile chase, frantic unstopped action , a breathtaking tour around the world , amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the happenings on the spectacular pursuits on the motorcycle and helicopter .

The scenes where the stealth ship sinks the British warship is a well staged and suspenseful sequences.

What's even more surprising is that this change of pace still makes for an enjoyable film.

It was thrilling and engaging from start to finish and avoid the boring periods that crop up in other bond films.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But then there was the captivating and thrilling Golden Eye and Casino Royale which ushered in the new James Bond with a sense of all encompassing coolness.

After the awesome debut of Pierce Brosnan and the return of 007 in the thrilling Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies is clearly a step in the wrong direction.

The motorcycle escape while being pursued by a helicopter was very well choreographed and intense.

Empty-headed action movie .

A really boring character.

Chases and other action scenes are quite thrilling.

Overall, this is a slight step down from GoldenEye but still a thrilling ride.

It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Robert Elswit .

Enjoyable if Average Bond Film .

He had broken Paris' heart years before, and she had consoled herself by marrying a jealous husband… Yet she still carries an ex-flame for 007… Paris, like Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) in "Goldfinger," has only few minutes on-screen in the film…Jonathan Pryce plays the villain, 'the emperor of the air,' Elliot Carver who was prepared to go to any length to increase the power of his media empire… Ricky Jay plays Henry Gupta the eccentric quietly spoken man to Carver's plans… He's the most dangerous of the magnate's followers… Götz Otto plays Stamper, the loyal psychopath henchman who follows Carver's orders murdering a group of shipwrecked British sailors… Vincent Schiavelli plays the menacing Dr. Kaufman, a professional hit-man, and a priest of pain… The 18th Bond movie has it all: Too much action (including an exciting chase through the streets of Saigon on a stylish BMW R1200); an effective girl; and a super car

As well as the opening sequence the great scene with the remote control BMW really stands out and the motorcycle chase/HALO jump are genuinely exciting.

She's too bland.

I'd also have preferred it if the usually very entertaining Vincent Schiavelli hadn't played Dr. Kaufman with a cod German accent.

While in Hamburg we get a fight in a paper factory that is exciting and intense.

But the rest of the action sequences in film after the suspenseful dive on the warship fall flat, minus the Wai Lin fight sequence.

Pierce Brosnan really stamps his authority on the Bond character in this fast paced, thrill a minute, smack bang up to date espionage adventure where 007 must stop a global disaster after evil media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) tries to pit the worlds super powers against one another.

The story also plays to the more espionage side of things rather than the super-agent stuff and the fight scenes are enjoyable to watch.

TOMORROW NEVER DIES is a suave, slick and entertaining comic thriller that returns to the sort of James Bond movie of THUNDERBALL and YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, the sort where the Bond matches brains and brawn with a megalomaniac who simply wants to take over the world.


As noted earlier the middle section is comparatively dull.

With other words 2 hours of fascinating action.

Next, the action scenes are boring and show nothing new or even the least bit interesting, just the typical stuff.

Technically, the scene works well enough, but Bond's motives are confusing and there are too many silly moments of convenience, like the way the car manages to cut a high-tension cable the bad guys string up.

An Action Packed Bond Extravaganza.

The finale was action packed and humour was injected some more into this movie...

Other drawbacks: Michelle Yeoh is dull as the primary Bond girl, doing way too much karate kicking, and being far too unattractive to hold any interest.

Fiftly, the final shoot-em-up on the Stealth Boat is exciting and memorable.

Bond is pretty crafted no matter what skill is required, but from his MI6 fellows he always gets caught when in the sack with stunning women.

The stunning colours and action sequences used make this film stand out from his previous (and later) attempts at being Bond.

A Thrilling Ride .

It's pure enjoyment with brave, adrenaline rushing & in your face action & uplifting adventure with some superb scenic sets & the best, coolest BMW Bond's ever had!

I must admit when I walked out of the cinema back in 1995 after watching 'GoldenEye', I was a bit disapointed about where the Bond series was heading.

A major improvement over the previous ponderous outing.

As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced , light , excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike .

numb the audience with banal action, and attempt a pastiche of Con Air, I might think again about my loyalty to Her Majesty's Secret Service.

One of the best action packed subject matter James Bond film I've seen in its long series.

Hence, James Bond ceased to be the suave, cigarette-smoking, love-them-and-leave-them, sophisticated, charming-but-deadly character Ian Fleming meant him to be, to become the tedious, cardboard-stiff caricature that Dalton, Brosnan, and now Whatshisface Craig have been inflicting on us.

The Remote control car is especially enjoyable.

The dull opening sequence of this does not promise too much; and indeed, the film fails to deliver much.

The Bond films are highly formulaic.

The remote control car is an ultimate fantasy and is action packed adrenaline not to mention humorous at points as well.

Teri Hatcher looks the part of a Bond girl, but is lifeless and boring.

This eighteenth official Bond film has another action packed opening sequence.

Instead now were stuck with the bland acting Michelle Yeoh as a Chinese agent, who helps Bond on the mission.

His bland, blow-dried good looks put me more in mind of a car salesman than a ruthless assassin.

On the other hand, the action scenes are well done, as usual, but the fact the evil are so stupid steals thrilling to the scenes, they are just fireworks and nothing more, the movie is not able to catch you very much.

The main flaw I noticed in TOMORROW NEVER DIES was its lack of originality: almost any scene, any situation, seems to be directly inspired by an analogous scene or situation in a previous Bond movie: the breathtaking precredits sequences looks like that of OCTOPUSSY; the underwater scenes reminded me of those from THUNDERBALL or FOR YOUR EYES ONLY; the final scenes onboard the ship come from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (etc, etc)...

Flawed but enjoyable Bond outing .

Carver is aided in his quest by muscular henchman Stamper who, of course, gets into a rather entertaining altercation with our hero at the end of the film.

The mission takes him to Hamburg, Germany, where there's a tense scene of him getting beaten up before turning the tables and then Saigon, where, after an exciting escape down the side of a building, there's a lengthy motorcycle chase.

Carver's quite annoying and his muscle Stamper bland as can be.

But the weak villain, iffy Bond girls and that dull second half harm it.

A James Bond movie is always entertaining.

But of course even a bad Bond remains an entertaining one to watch, with lots of spectacular action, pretty girls and cool gadgets.

Some of the very worst of what can characterise the James Bond franchise saturates "Tomorrow Never Dies": the lazy bricolage; the product placement; annoying political correctness; the emphasis on action and not espionage or mystery, while much of what is supposed to be synonymous with it is often nowhere to be seen: the localities are often drab or urbane; the cars are unexciting; the women too hard bodied.

There are scenes in this film that makes it VERY enjoyable - when Bond drives around in and out of his BMW in the garage, and the chopper-bike-chase through the slum.

One of the most exciting Bond films ever made .

Those are usually the most exciting parts of any Bond film.

Enjoyable title song by Sheryl Crow and stirring musical score fitting to action by David Arnold , following the John Barry's classic style .

With big gadgets and a plot that some may find straight forward but I found it to be well put together at most points, you shouldn't be bored by this second Bond film by Brosnan.

It won't go down with the classics, but it has some fun characters, an original story, and some great action to keep it very entertaining.

The plot is consistently intriguing with its issues on foreign pride and war, not to mention the different cultures between the Chinese and British government.

This is a very dull blunt unengaging soulless Bond.

Just when you thought Goldeneye delivered all the excitement and true essence of BOND you could have ever hoped for, we get something that, depending on your tastes, is far more exciting than its predecessor.

Teri Hatcher has good chemistry with Brosnan, and the film just rolls along smoothely and as entertaining as the classics.

Featuring a fantastic music score from David Arnold (on a par with John Barry's work) and the most far fetched, but undeniably entertaining, car chase in recent years, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun Bond films that you will get a chance to enjoy.

My main beef with this otherwise very entertaining film is that Joe Don Baker and Desmond Llewellyn only get one scene each, and the very beautiful Terry Hatcher is given very little to do apart from slap Our Hero and briefly flash her stockings & garters before being killed off early on in the film.

I found this to be a fascinating and captivating story and very well carried out.

Here we have the wife of the villain, Paris Carver, played by Teri Hatcher, be revealed to have been one of Bond's former girlfriends, a relationship that was quite intense.

The villain should do something evil or have a nice background and buildup but this villain is just irritating and boring.

Q's part in the movie gets frustratingly boring and is a the kind of humor that's only funny once.

But a good cast and a lot of action makes this movie very enjoyable, .

And in hindsight, after watching many many films and growing as an amateur reviewer, this entry is bland.

Despite that, the action sequences are exciting and well directed.

Entertaining movie.

In the Connery, Moore and even Dalton eras, Bond usually had help from a bunch of anonymous 'good guys' when the crunch battle arrived - a far more believeable, entertaining and traditional way to signoff a 007 movie.

Boring watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend.

I suspect that I'd have enjoyed it a great deal more if it was the first Bond film that I watched rather than the 18th and not that's even including the unofficial ones.

Furthermore, it didn't get bogged down in boring, drawn-out plot divergences that other Bonds (especially the older ones) tend to do.

:)Anyway, I must say that this is so far the best of the Brosnan pictures and one of the most exciting ones in the series.

Through most the film James Bond was being boring rather than humorous.

Boasting stunning special effects, powerhouse action sequences including a wild motorcycle pursuit through (and over!

The film is made well – Good story, direction, fast paced action with plenty of stunts, cool gadgets, dialogue delivery.

The movie is enjoyable to watch and the action sequences are fun also.

While this "cuts/explosions approach" is done to attract younger viewers weaned on MTV, its sad that so many new Bond fans will watch TND and then complain how true Bond classics that more accurately reflect Fleming's works and characters(such as Terence Young's FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and THUNDERBALL) are "boring" by comparison because they were made in a era when scriptwriting, wit and style were more important than explosions and cuts.

Having shown Bond to be vulnerable in earlier scenes, and having set up a suspenseful dilemma, the closing sequence goes so far beyond escapism that it becomes insulting, and the sense of real suspense is replaced by mindless spectacle.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997): Dir: Roger Spottiswoode / Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Michelle Yeoh, Jonathan Pryce, Teri Hatcher, Ricky Jay: Exciting 007 outing with explosive action and wit.

Tomorrow never dies fills Bond fans dreams with top notch action sequences and an entertaining and issue driven plot.

Given that Eliot Carver is a pretty empty and shallow character, Jonathan Pryce overacts way too much, almost to Shatnerian proportions.

Tomorrow Never Dies is thrilling, very, very funny at times and the Brosnan bond is at his very best.

Of course, the most exciting scene in this "movie" is the pre-title sequence.

We also get a car chase in a parking lot featuring a remote controlled BMW, this is an entertaining piece and has a unique edge.

This is absolutely loaded with intense destruction and violence - NOT JUST REPETETIVE SHOOT-OUTS.

Words are exchanged but nothing happens, so Carver's side sink the battleship from the confines of their undetectable vessel and shoot down a jet.

Entertaining installment paving the way for the 007 flicks of tomorrow.

The plot revolving around media manipulation is one that feels more apt than ever and, whilst formulaic, is consistently captivating.

It still may not be good as some of the earlier Bonds, but its a dam good effort - really enjoyable entertainment.

The main reason this movie is entertaining is the spectacular stunts.

It's okay for a pointless action movie.

At that time, the action scenes were a little predictable to me - maybe because I had already seen the best scenes in the trailer.

For example, unlike in other Bond films there are no plot twists and while there is some exposition (with Carver boasting of his past misdeeds at his party) there is not much character development.

A really boring character.

This is where the film most succeeds and where it is most entertaining.

It is action packed all the time unlike the other two brosnan bonds.

Entertaining and action packed.

After the brilliant Goldeneye this is a very dull followup.

The Chinese secret agent role was excellent and was a nice plot balance considering that some of the other lead characters were so flat and cookie-cutter boring.

OK, this is what i call an action movie, a great one, it has everything you need to make your adrenaline flow.

This was a blast to watch and clocking in at around 2 hours its a enjoyable watch.

Riveting and fancy main titles , furthermore eye-popping production design by Allan Cameron .

It was humorous, action-packed, and best of all, entertaining.

An exciting and entertaining Bond thriller .

I thought it was boring and the action was a bit too over the top.

It must be said that bond gadgets were not used very frequently in Golden Eye, which may have been a good thing ,it helped put more focus on the thrilling plot and bond himself.

Its plot is far-fetched yet entertaining because of how silly the film is.

The story, while not the deepest, has a lot of intriguing elements with Carver writing disasters in his newspaper and making them happen.

Her scenes with Brosnan are by far the most enjoyable of the film.

) bored me.

Although it's not as long as the other Bond movies, with it's running time at less than 2 hours, it's still action packed with a fantastic explosive car chase through a car park being the highlight of the action.

His age makes his confrontation and death by Bond very dull.

Most boring of all, James Bond is so little James Bond, he is like any action hero out there.

With one exception, when Brosnan and Yeoh are handcuffed together and have to escape the villains on motorbike, a genuinely gripping sequence, the rest of the action is sub par, strictly generic by Bond standards.

It's action packed, it's old James Bond style, it's fun!!!

Embracing the role with enthusiasm and the appropriate amount of swagger, Pierce Brosnan is what elevates Tomorrow Never Dies from merely being a competent action film to the thrilling extravaganza that it is.