Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Michael Bay
Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 252 out of 946 found boring (26.63%)

One-line Reviews (950)

The action and CGI is really exciting to look at and a getaway for some viewers when they see a film; robots transforming from cars, buildings collapsing from the sky, soldiers flying into battle in wing suits, and what must have been thousands of explosions all in 3D.

Just like the second movie, I felt like some of the scenes were dragged out way too much, which is why I gave it a 7 instead of an 8 or a 9.

I can't say I didn't enjoy it, it was full of fun moments, comic situations and markable characters which makes it overall really entertaining to watch.

They are still entertaining.

I brought this up earlier, but the characters are all very bland and often I didn't really find myself caring what happened to them.

The plot is very dull and very uninteresting and I find it incredibly hard to believe that Sam witwicky would abandon the girl that HE SAVED THE WORLD WITH for another girl so quickly.

Even the special effects are boring and the sound effects are totally annoying - and nothing is new or original it was already seen and heard in the previous 2 movies.

The last hour is peppered with loud cacophonous dumb action, where, for all it matters, every robot is hitting every robot, and it becomes tiresome to figure which ones are the good ones, and frankly speaking, you would hardly care.

Michael bay, next time you make a movie, please slow down enough to tell us what's going on.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is absolutely stunning eye-candy as Sam's new squeeze Carly, and she wisely does not even attempt to act.

As for the whole story and plot, i think its based on opinion, i thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was carried out very nicely.

Very pointless.

This film is TOO long!

Even big names like Frances McDormand and John Malkovich are added to the mix and make this more enjoyable.

They made action and real cool CGI boring, how ironic.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a fun and enjoyable movie that fans of the previous Transformers will most likely enjoy,and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good action movie.

Secondly, if you find pointless action boring, you will bored the hell out of this movie.

Too bad the action is repetitive and the film is a total bore.

Many more baddies join the fight, especially Shockwave, a really nasty Decepticon + a few more Autobots + an intriguing story line that keeps you at the edge of your cinema seat.

Michael Bay's third entry in the Transformers franchise gets off to a promising start, with an exciting, history rewriting pre-credit sequence which involves the Apollo 11 Moon Landings.

It was way too long, there was no plot, it was just awful!

pretty funny as usual) as the first half, it's all cluttered up and it's confusing as hell.

All in all, the three movies together are entertaining.

Film3D also boasts stunning visual effects, excellent operator and a very high quality soundtrack.

This movie was like 3 hours but It is well worth watching.

Transformers Dark of Moon- Best or Worst movie ever.

The story could have been interesting, if they would have focused on it instead of slow motion explosions and long, boring scenes that include being slung through a building by a robotic snake for what seemed like an eternity.

It is boring, stupid, paced horribly, and just put together so horribly and so crudely.

The city does not survive the attack of 200 decepticons (including a monster robot, combat ships, four-eyed soldiers, General Shockwave and a disfigured Megatron) in the final sequence, which has 40 minutes of explosions, acts of bravery, phrases of impact and many slow cameras.

I would have to say that this is an action packed film and it's a very good one.

The story was intriguing, it got me into the plot right away and I was interested from the get-go.

There are intense and drama parts.

Admittedly, I thought it would be impossible for Michael Bay to make a more terrible film than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but here it is… 154 minutes of noisy, CGI-filled crap that easily ranks amongst the very worst movies I have ever seen.

Did i mentioned that robots have hair and beard..Yes metallic beard..Ha?Anyway listen this..Don't waste your money.

I just took my brother to see the latest film in Michael Bay's blockbuster Transformers series and I must say that he and I enjoyed it just as much, or probably even better than the first two.

Entertaining Michael Bay style.

The 3D is also implement in such dazzling array and the action packed set pieces are done with aplomb.

The action scenes in this movie are incredible intense and plain awesome.

Like I said, there isn't much of a story here, and what story there is gets very predictable.

RATING: Don't waste your time.

Special effects - Boring, over long action scenes (that don't contain bot fight as I enjoy them).

It starts out great, but by the time you leave the theater the movie has degraded into crap.

We're shown the same old cliché over-the-top comedy skits over-laden with teen angst crap I can't bring myself to laugh anymore.

Those scenes are really intense and fun to watch.

John Malkovich and Frances McDormand are wasted in inexplicably empty roles.

Two years ago when I saw revenge of the fallen, I fell asleep towards the end b/c honestly..........

Five things say this movie deserves an 8: The cliché but unexpected betrayals, The death scenes, The worm, Sam's coming of age subplot,and the Cole Train.

The special effects in this film like Buildings collapsing and of course the Autobots fighting with the Decepticons is intense.

The Transformers look ultra impressive, and they sound mind blowing.

Me and 3 of my friends went to the movie and all of us fell asleep during the movie.

While it does improve ever so slightly over Revenge of the Fallen, it is never engaging, emotional, funny or exciting, beyond the well-executed opening sequence.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

It's an enjoyable stupid popcorn flick.

A great thrilling ride despite its flaws.

With mind-blowing CGI, good to descent acting, good story, and intense action sequences, Transformers: Dark of the Moon proves itself to be the best of the trilogy.

It is empty and lacking atmosphere, heart and intelligence while it rushes to throw as much action and money onto the screen as possible – whether the audience care about what they are seeing or not.

Of course, in true Michael Bay style, there are a lot of explosions and much destruction, but also there is a solid storyline that features a brilliant and totally unexpected twist!

This film has so much action and the sound effects are so intense that it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film!

Hi,I saw the other two, first one was entertaining, second one was awkward and I just stayed up late to watch this third one.........

This movie is nearly three hours of very nice explosions and dynamic fight scenes.

It is very entertaining and sad in places and funny in others.

After leaving the cinema, we had both agreed that the film was worth watching, even though we did enjoy TF2 (UNLIKE OTHERS).

Very entertaining.

Other than that, the movie is quite enjoyable in the company of popcorn popping young girls.

since the new transformers movie came out I decided to make a review of the newest one of the series and this movie would be better if HALF of the movie was missing its just drags on and on its boring and like George Lucas said a special effect with out a story is a very boring thing and this movie is living proof of that in fact I know Micheal bays secret boobs and explosion's and eight year old and losers who can't get a girl and it works well because of these people I feel sorry for parents and siblings of the eight year old who go seeing this if you are normal you will hate this I fell asleep during this movie battle scene and I woke up and it was still going and one other problem is they focus on the boring humans

While Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson do not add anything fresh in their third appearance, adding John Malkovich and Kevin Dunn along with John Turturro does slow down the pace to some well received lighter moments.

Its too long, over the top, pointless and takes a good hour for people to actually understand what the plot is.

Cliché as is the fact that every villain (Decepticon) cannot kill ANYONE.

After watching Transformer's in 2007, I fell in love with the stunning new rendition of the well known franchise.

The special effects have always propelled this franchise during the dullest of moments, and they shine once again with Dark of the Moon.

Guys do NOT watch this, it is BORING.

"Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon" - an incredible and breathtaking spectacle, captivating fiction thriller with a very good drama as well as a humorous element.

Victoria Secret model stunning Rosie Huntington-Whiteley assumes her place as Shia LaBeouf's Sam's girlfriend.

Michael Bay obviously abused LaBoeuf's strong points and made his character Sam seem dull by the third instalment.

whilst i know it was an action film i at least expect the story and characters to be focused on as an important part of the film but it was all about the action scenes which were a little confusing to watch at best.

I walked into Transformers 2 with semi-decent expectations and walked out of the theater angry that I just wasted 10$ to see what basically amounted to a half baked attempt at a cash grab.

Revenge of the Fallen had a story that was silly and contrived, it was hard to take seriously.

Sam's boss, played with crazed zeal by John Malkovich, is nonetheless pointless.

I went with my friend this summer, I have no idea why, but we were so bored!

So, if you want to go and watch an entertaining movie, that is a visual feast but with no plot, this is your movie.

But don't waste your time reading others' criticisms of this or any other movie.

Despite the continuous action, destruction and battles, I found this film to be extremely boring, and the final battle, which claimed the last hour of the film was far too long and drawn out and it greatly prevented me from appreciating the visual spectacle that is the final battle as it's so long it becomes tedious and I couldn't wait for it to end.

One of the reasons the 2nd movie is bearable is because of the presence of Megan Fox and now that she's gone, this 3rd installment is just UNBEARABLE replaced with a girl with injected lips.

*******SPOILER PACKED†************* A lot better than T2 With a great polt and stunning effects, the only thing is It didn't even explain what happens to mkayla, Anyway I'm glad she went as I mutcb preferred Carly his new gf.

but i did go away with some exciting moments and a breathtaking forest fight scene.

But, if your interested in a story behind the action, or characters who have depth and aren't just created for cheap laughs, or human heros that manage to show maturity rather than hysterical tantrums, then you, like I, will find this a waste of time.

So, TF3 is not perfect, but it's very entertaining, it's the best action movie ever, and by the way, what do you expect from Michael Bay's movie than CG and explosion?

Like World Battle: Los Angeles it's a video game with cliché heroism.

Oh and as far as pointless insertion of useless token babe goes, Megan Fox was better, at least she as some real acting skill.

If you love action packed movies then this is the movie for you and of course if you are a Transformer Fan then definitely you will be into it!

It was over-long and ultimately rather pointless...

My over all review of the movie is a 8/10, while it is entertaining, there are times where i find a scene dragging on a bit long, besides that this film is Highly watchable and i WILL be watching it again soon.

The new girlfriend wasn't hard on the eyes, but all I saw was a pointless character.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an action packed movie with stunning 3D CGI effects and explosions to watch and ENJOY go watch transformers.

The CGI is amazing and the action is so fantastic in this film and the best part is at the end of the film, and it was so long but I enjoyed it and the film is 154 minute long feature film.

I really cannot understand people or critics who try to take an action packed movie really really seriously and blame everything that goes on on the director.

Let's begin with storyline - it is boring and some of the twists make it even more boring and unrealistic.

Waste of time .

The battle of Chicago begins with an intense attack on the city by the decepticons.

This is for anyone thinking they might go see this horrible waste of film- donate the money to charity.

Even though the ending is obligatorily predictable, I still find myself completely glued to the screen, waiting for events to unfold, and more importantly hoping things will turn out alright for the Earth.

A sad waste of money, time and effort.

He is slowly moving away from that fast paced editing, and takes us on some nice long shots to let the audience breathe.

Every fight scenes were exciting!

Her performances are completely dull, her face couldn't look more boring.

I could not tell you how did it all end, because I left by one hour and 50 minutes into the movie.

The first 15 were actually really entertaining.

It has for instance the classical dumb cliché of the villain giving exposition to one of the main characters about how they will take over the world for no apparent reason.

OMG, this was one of the worst movies I've seen in years.

SUMMARY: Dull, 45 minutes too long, a terrible assault on the senses and the intelligence.

This isn't a great movie, but it's wildly entertaining.

The third Transformers movie has some of the best action visuals ever filmed and were plenty exciting in 2D.

There is a scene here and there that I might be able to stomach calling a little cool or kinda neat, but this film mainly succeeds in convincing me that giant fighting robots can actually be really boring.

There are many more things I could point out in the movie but it would only bore you.

I guess the special effects are fantastic but it's effect is significantly lessened as there is no plot line to back it up.

Regarding action scenes there is a long one involving a sky-scraper in Chicago that is pure adrenaline.

Anyhow enough about the ho-hum editing lets move onto the real reason everyone came to see this movie.

Entertaining, yet plot-less .

The human characters in the movie are pretty boring especially in the first quarter of the movie.

I was able to enjoy the moments that were truly enjoyable, and question what was...

Sure, the CGI is good by itself, but after three movies of robots just bashing each other up in CGI it all gets a bit "ho-hum".

By making the Autobots in brighter colours the fight scene now make sense and are quite enjoyable, two or three time i just had to turn toward my girlfriend and exclaim, ''whoa!

Agreed, it has no redeeming plot, no storyline, it's exaggerated beyond words and acting sucks.

All that video game action starts becoming dull without a film or characters we care about to hold it together.

Waste of time .

A meaningless pretentious bitch telling me what to think?

The only problem for me is that Bay prolongs and repeats the robotic clash sequences to the point of being self-indulgent.

In the case of "Dark of the Moon," he's upped the emotional and visual stakes to create an engaging feat of blockbuster.

The second half of the movie can be considered exciting.

The first "Transformers" was an enjoyable experience back in 2007.

The action scenes were very thrilling, and most of the actors do a good job.

What it has is cliché.

There are few scenes worth watching in 3D anyway and most of the biggest explosions can hardly be seen in 3D.

But after a while with things constantly blowing up and stuff flying around everywhere for a long period of time it gets tiresome.

It's just too bad Michael Bay makes us watch boring and ridiculous stories about the humans.

Regardless, director Michael Bay spends nearly an hour with the contrived plot and useless, unlikable characters.

There is no plot continuation whatsoever so there is no need to watch the previous two titles.

The film utilises a cliché'd romance between its main star and his sweetheart to motivate many of his actions and it does not work.

All in all, very entertaining, despite the run-time (all Michael Bay movies are long) and an IMAX 3D experience not to be missed.

Thus, although the luster of the franchise begins to wear off (especially towards the film's conclusion) in this installment, "Dark of the Moon" still is an entertaining romp that won't leave you bored.

I actually enjoyed it.

Dark of the Moon is too long and should have been a fun two hour film, it focuses on a human characters too much, including a boring and unfunny montage of Sam going to job interviews.

The problem with this is the fact it suffers from no straight forward narrative, and relies on drawn out, cliché action scenes that, while well-crafted, go on for way too long of a time span.

That very hour , being scarce on action and epic battles was surprisingly intriguing for me.

Such a CGI fest that became boring, and the reason why I only saw this once.

I assure you , if you can sit through the first hour you will be on the edge of your seat for the rest of the movie .

Some scenes were very realistic and thrilling to watch.

These events are combined with more historical fiction including Chernobyl and with quality writing could really have taken off somewhere intriguing.

It really is stunning in every sense of the word, for the people who told me the acting was bad....

More waste of my money!

better off watching the 1st part which was way more entertaining.

At two-and-a-half hours in length, 'Dark of the Moon' is just a long, tedious film to watch, which is primarily down to the films incredibly disjointed plot.

If you're that bored then watching this will KILL you!

This was a thoroughly entertaining movie.

Disappointing and way too long .

I have never seen a movie that has no storyline, no plot, bad acting ,cut-shots for no reason,and a action sequence that last 60 minutes make- more than 200million at the box office.

The dialogs are so inane and trite, that one might strongly suspect whether there was any script at all.

The story by Ehren Kruger is surprisingly engrossing, albeit flimsy.

Shia LaBeouf's acting barely qualifies as acting at all as he resorts to mostly his "Even Steven" twitching antics with dialogue so predictable I hated every minute of his screen time.

but it's still entertaining as hell.

The start was probably the most exciting part, seeing Rose's ass.

There was no story supporting any of it.

Great battle sequences and an unexpected betrayal.

The film is overly long and HUGELY clichéd (every cliché in the book).

Keeping some entertained for over 2 hours is no easy task, but with Michael Bay's hand at the director realm, we got great action and fast paced witty dialogue.

by then I was so bored by the bad dialog and plot that I didn't care.

It's Entertaining .

Thus we had 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' which was a terrible in parts, overly complicated and had a dull climax.

The explosions are pretty eye-opening in 3D and the IMAX just makes everything more exciting.

Most critics slated this and the second one due to a 'lack of storyline', thats where i disagree completely.

It can be an entertaining thrill ride can knows what audience it wants to please.

Enjoyable but a bit confusing .

Though not at all boring, 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' is very long & slightly dragged.

Some parts of the story were all too predictable.

It is predictable at times and filled with directing clichés.

The last hour was so much fun and action packed sequences.

No matter how hard you try to get yourself suck in it, BOREDOM still dominates.

It's so long and demanding, I felt 10 years older when I left the theater.

Aside from the traditionally eccentric displays from Johns Malkovich and Turturro, the rest of the cast is bland and unengaging.

You could consider it as art: beautiful but mind-bogglingly confusing.

For the casual viewer the sight of one machine fighting another is bound to be confusing – the sight of one machine fighting another for half-an-hour is enough to give you a headache.

Unlike the first part , the film's last one and a half hours are literally bursting with rousing action , full scale battles that fully delivers on its promises unlike other lacking movies of this very caliber (like X-men First Class for example) .

This one was way too structural and predictable!

the plot is very dull and there is not much that makes it good than the epic giant robot battles throughout.

But when you make us walk a long road to get somewhere and we get something we've seen before it just makes the whole trip useless and contrived.

When this film reached it's natural set piece finale and it still had an hour to run I just got up and walked out, and that was the first time in my life I've ever done that.

This piece of crap will make puke to anyone with some taste, just for the grotesque waste of money and production in order to bore you for almost 3 hours with stupid jokes and a "story" that you can tell (and for what) in nearly 20 low quality minutes of your time...

After about an hour or so, I got too tired of watching messy metal parts, explosions, clichés and boring dialogs, that I chose to stop watching the bluray & spend my valuable time by having a nap instead.

Just nonsensical convolution, bad acting, boring action, and robots that are not robots because they: have human vocal chords, speak human slang, drool, have grey hair, wear a cape, age, get fat, speak with human regional accents, bleed, roar like a tiger, talk like a teenager.

For about 90 minutes, Dark of the Moon is entertaining enough.

There are a few twists and turns in the story, but very predictable ones.

The second half was totally action packed.

Since I was a kid, I remember the Transformer toys and these Transformer movies make it just so much more exciting.

They rarely amaze, and there's little sense of grandeur, its all too busy, too much smoke and flying bits, and too tedious.

Some of the set pieces are astonishing, the highlight being some humans trapped in a sky scraper leaning on another sky scraper, trying desperately to make their way across the fallen building into the still intact one as Shockwave tears the building apart, but the whole battle sequence in Chicago is breathtaking.

The problem with "Dark of the Moon" isn't because of the story or acting (we expected that since day one), it's because it takes a millennium to get going, the action scenes are way too repetitive, and the resolution always leaves something to be desired.

It would be different if there was some narrative consistency rather than just explosion after explosion with a pounding, pretentious score playing at all times.

I'd still recommend watching it in the theaters - it's a fun action packed film.

Twenty minutes of drawn out slow motion giant robots fighting in mid air could still be pretty cool.

And then for the last half you have literally all action with little to no scenes of relief, it's all just intense action that they expect you to be interested by because of the back story...

Even at two and a half hours long, viewers will enthrall to this adventure that blends metal with heart and makes for an enjoyable trip to the movies.

In fact there were scenes where there was slow-motion of the action, so I could see the action even more, actually happening and it was much more enjoyable as a result.

That last portion in Chicago was just one long bore as you get to watch people paragliding, people in collapsing building and then you see Optimus and think, "Oh boy, now the action begins!

" It was a very cliché movie on top of it, and Sam had developed into a cute-guy, hyper-stressed, young-adult with a cliché inferiority complex.

I mean, how long could one possibly drag out the notion of a bunch of robots fighting each other?

The second half dragged on too long because of this.

It is just a bunch of mindless special effects one after the other, dragging on for what seemed eternity, I tried playing it at 1.5x speed, but even then it was just boring (seemed like the action scenes were on a loop), I cannot believe people sit through 3 hours of this ****!

Megan Fox's replacement (newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) didn't quite fill in the void she left behind (because Fox was a little more active and a headstrong female figure than what Rosie could possibly pull), the script could have improved by a tiny percentile, and the acting needed several tweaks, but in the wake of every destruction on-screen, my adrenaline just kept growing higher.

First off effects are a tool for telling stories, when the effects become the story then we have no story.

It's meant to lure audiences with its predictable combination of humor, action and special effects.

Epic action, intense fights, huge explosions.

Before I saw this movie, I saw tons of reviews saying that this film was a fun, action packed movie, with great visuals, and a plot that actually wasn't that bad.

As for the story, it must be said there is just no story.

All I really wanted out of Dark of the Moon was good action and possibly some humorous scenes that would make it an enjoyable time in theaters.

Had the fat been trimmed and the extremes of goody comedy and then humans disintegrated been better balanced, we may have had a very enjoyable movie on our hands.

Akshay Kumar totally make movie boring.

They dragged it out for longer than they needed to, and the film could have had maybe 20 minutes trimmed from it.

The first action scene is really boring and forgettable.

Furthermore, the movie simply is too long.

Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

However, if you want to experience bad acting throughout, listen to dubbed dialogue, watch disjointed scenes, sit through never-ending Robot battles, listen to mumbling dialogue when it isn't dubbed and be exposed to a very weak script, then this is for you (don't hold back Bob, tell us how you really feel).

It is an "event" movie so the normal rules don't apply, but I liked the plot and I liked the effects – a bit of work on the script, dropping loads of characters, dropping sappy rock ballads and maybe letting the camera stay in one place for longer than 2 seconds and MAYBE this could also have been an enjoyable film rather than a technically impressive battering.

The second act dragged a bit, but the engrossing act one and the frantic act three with the epic destruction of Chicago in amazing 3D, more than make up for act two's mistakes.

It takes an absolute age for anything exciting to happen.

I have seen other 2 transformers too.. But this one is just great so great that this movie really sucked me in.. on those intense scenes i was jumping grinding my teeth getting angry or happy in a long time a movie has taken me for ride for 2 hrs and 35 mins.

After watching the 2nd Transformers i expected it to be somewhat boring.

" His specialty is action packed summer movies with all the bells and whistles to be expected from explosions to mayhem.

Difficult to follow, and needing referral to other content, to be watched.

Being one of those people who grew up with the action figures and animated series it has been exciting to watch the movies so far with the first of the franchise films being created in 2007.

OK, lemme not talk about the action for a bit; the story was incoherent and most scenes made no sense at all in having them there, the first 30mins was like watching the first 30mins of a very, and I mean VERY, predictable chic flick mixed in with a terrible so called funny movie like "Corky Romano" (more so, a very very bad version of corky romano, which is already a terrible movie to say the least).

again you would think Transformers DOTM: (D+) I wanted to leave before the movie was an hour into it.

To call it a movie would be gross injustice, for it is anything but, it is a sad, raucous, empty 150 minute flick that tricks you into yawning insufferably.

I especially liked the wingsuits and how intense it felt as guys tried to escape their transports.

A horrible actress, pretentious character and a so obnoxiously unnecessary role the movie would have been two stars better if she were not there at all.

This movie is just a waste of money, think of what could be done with this amount of cash for the improvement of the human species!

Long boring scenes with no creative thought.

Adrenaline .

Michael bay is a visionary when it comes to action, y'all want to complain about his directing and the fact that he likes explosions and blowing stuff up, that is what makes his movies so much fun and entertaining, honestly if anyone else was directing these movies they would straight up suck, there wouldn't have even been a second or third one if Michael bay wasn't the director.

We get lulled into believing that there may somehow be an intelligent plot coming from the conspiracy of the NASA lunar-landing cover-up which also involves the Russian space program and Chernobyl.

So I fell asleep as I do when there is to much action and sound, my brain shuts itself down.

But as for now, this is just another routine, boring popcorn movie.

Oh well, all I have to say is that if it weren't for the Autobots I would have walked out as  well.

Its a brilliant treat for the eyes to see the mind blowing special effects, 3D is the icing on the cake.

Dark of the Moon is indeed a popcorn film, and if you go in looking for a lot of action and humour then you may come out pleased, but for me the lack of any real drama hindered the conflict a great deal and left me feeling cold and bored.

There are so many jokes about possible gay characters that it gets boring fast.

The plot is well executed with stunning Car crashes and action..Before anyone thinks about giving any negative critics about this movie, kindly check some psychiatrist.

I always thought he had brilliant presence and charisma as an actor, but maybe because of a lack of story, direction and script it ruined his last outing as Sam Witwicky.

As a result, lengthy stretches of action were rendered boring and depressing.

I give the film a solid 9 out of 10 because I can value Transformers for what it really is: an entertaining summer blockbuster movie fully utilising today's technology in terms of audio and visual effects.

I didn't consider myself a Michael Bay fan, thought Armageddon was one of the silliest and worst movies ever made.

It is breathtaking and a triumph for 3D, proving that it can be done properly and amaze the viewer.

What a waste of time.

For me transformers is all about mind blowing special effects with robots and humans, the story doesn't interest me at all, if i wanted to go for a really good and mind blowing story and transformers would be that, i think the average reviewer would have given it a way higher score.

This seems somewhat pointless when they are the respective leaders of the two sides and a truce on their OWN planet would have made much more sense.

Story-wise, well, the movie was good enough for what it was, and it was entertaining enough for what it was.

The best thing abt this movie is the stunning visual effects.

But an Intellectual BORE .

The finale is wonderful and intriguing and keeps you glued to the screen and on the edge of your seat.

Watching Dark of the Moon feels like an endurance test by the time it finishes, this is due to a ridiculously drawn out battle set in Chicago for the climax.

First of all, I would like to point out how predictable this film was.

It provides a fairly fast paced, action packed movie with awesome special effects and incredible set pieces - probably better to wait until it drops in price and pick it up then.

that was worst movie in my life...

Sure, there is lots of noise and stuff, but it's all so overblown that it's difficult to get a handle on anything, making what should be exciting, well, boring.

Transformers 3 was a colossal waste of my time.

Die hard worked because it was suspenseful.

To the rest of us, the mundane, the ordinary people, who enjoy a no-brainer, a popcorn flick, and who are not in their crisis-something years, who enjoy a summer flick for what it is, and not for what we'd want it to be (maybe as a substitute for our imperfect lives), I'd like to say if you want to watch a good movie with great visuals and intense action sequences, then this film will do you just fine.

This is boring like it's very dull.

it was long, dull, and filled with highly incoherent characters, as I'm seeing that the chemistry between certain characters are simply not working or no longer working.

Only the second half is worth watching.

The boy's story is boring and uninteresting, and the new girl is clearly here to shut up and look beautiful.

I wanted this movie to be a fun action packed movie that played to Michael Bay's strengths (Lets face the facts , Michael Bay's main strength is that he's good at directing over the top action scenes) , to be fair the movie offers what I and the majority of the audience wanted ...

all in all i give this a good 8/10 as it was a thoroughly enjoyable cinema experience and i hope for another entry in the series which im sure will happen if this is as successful financially as the second & first films.

The rest is all Witwicky and his chick and his uninteresting & unimportant life.

Richard roper recently said it was the worst movie he had seen all year, despite the fact that he had given the film a D and given at least two other movies a D- and at least one film and F.

WAY too long.

The music comes at the right time, rushing adrenaline through my veins.

First of all, this movie went on for way too long.

I said in my recent Wall Street 2 review that it would be better if Shia LeBeouf was in another Transformers film, well here he is, as bland and lifeless as the last two times, just one of quite a few actors failing to deliver rubies when handed pearls.

It was terrifically photographed with some stunning scenery.

The best answer that I can give is that the film feels too chaotic and messy in its storytelling for it to become truly enjoyable.

Your enjoyment of this is likely dependent on how you enjoyed the previous instalments's humour: if you enjoyed it you'll like this, if you didn't then you probably won't.

Sadly, this has to be his worst movie as an actor or his best movie as a bad actor.

There is no story, none at all.

This was still a waste of my money.

Michael Bay delivers "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", perhaps the single most entertaining pieces of misogynistic, exploitative filth I've ever seen.

It's like a trademark of the "series" - introduce characters, set up the premise, and then trade in the characters for some outrageous, over-the-top and pointless action scenes to close everything out.

The movie had no part in trying to recreate history thats what worked for The Watchmen, really a pointless first half and why couldn't this be the first movie?

Don't Waste your Money .

It was very long, but I still enjoyed it.

The girl is not Megan Fox anymore and, if I thought she was kind of bland in the previous movie, you should see the new girl.

My expectation is quite high for it after I have watched the trailer which seems to be very promising with a number of exciting action-packed scenes, and yes…the film appealed to that successfully, and so it reached my expectation, and even a bit higher.

Even the last hour of the film with the Chicago fight is so tedious to watch.

I liked his character in the other two movies, but in this one he's so over-the-top and hysterical that it's annoying, and the storyline with him and his new girlfriend (Rosie Huntington-Whitley) is an uninteresting distraction at best.

And as you likely have guessed, the film is far too long for its own good.

The Transformers themselves look great and the action is seamless and intense.

I think it's meant to look to super cool in 3D but after the millionth time, all it does is slow down the movie.

7/10 - Some problems, but overall enjoyable popcorn fun.

This is a very long and boring movie that wastes the talents of good actors.

It's as exciting as it sounds and only serves to distract from the admittedly impressive action.

At some point you become immune to fire and explosions and its just boring again.

) Of course the visuals were stunning and action sequences top-notch (we can always count on that from Bay).

The visuals are stunning, the battles are intense, and the final climatic battle between Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, and Megatron was my absolute favorite part of the whole movie.

I was amazed that this was actually a good experience, Michael Bay was a great director for this movie and it was compelling from beginning to end.

Far too long, and once you've seen one battle between two gigantic robots you've seen them all.

Forcing the character of Sam (Shia Lebeouf) and others to be a part of a plot that they have no reason to be in anymore just adds a lot of unnecessary, empty scenes to a movie that has no business being 2 1/2 hours long.

I hated the second film and thought the first one was boring so while this film is the best of the original three Witwicky films, it's still completely, unquestionably terrible.

It had nice special effects and all, but the story was really confusing.

Michael Bay certainly doubled down on why the films have been so popular, but it seems like he forgot to make it a little more enjoyable.

Okay, right, the plot is confusing.

full of explosions and attractive people but no story line what so ever.

Like many Michael Bay movies this has his trademark stamped all over it -loud action -S**t ton of explosions -hot babes -long drawn out climaxes usually involving you guessed it...

I never liked the franchise that much, but this one is unwatchable.

As a film, this does start off decent but becomes tiresome at some points and drags on heavy as these films tend to do.

It is too long, and it does make some unforgivable decisions regarding Transformer characters, so it feels less perfect in those regards.

Unoriginal, clichéd, predictable, and overall a huge letdown.

From a Transformers fan I would say "hideous", as an common cinephile, "confusing".

There seemed to be no goal to the film other than mind fluff; expensive, loud, and annoyingly repetitive mind fluff.

Obvious flaws are abundant, but it's still worth the watch.

But overall it was very enjoyable.

Those movies always had these really long, boring passages with humans fighting other humans that I'd have to sit through in order to get to the good stuff: MAN IN SUIT!

The transformer fights and some scenarios are breathtaking.

Except for the special effects, there is nothing else in the film, and you will see the same old story that is very tedious, I do not think it's the pleasure you expect it to be.

We enjoyed the graphics, the action, special effects, the cast (read: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley :-) )and the non complex (but very entertaining) storyline.

are SO sad, so banal and routine that you know the whole phrase as soon as character says first word.

There is so much going on, it is hard to follow at times.

Not only does nothing happen, but when it does happen, it is garbled and confusing, with big jumps in continuity and logic.

The problem is that without a story I cared 2 cents about, the big explosions get pretty boring pretty fast.

I didn't find the story particularly engaging, and the action was terribly difficult to follow because all the Transformers looked the same.

The 3D is also terrible and pointless I have seen several movies in 3D recently and it was totally under used and wasn't even consistent not being used throughout the movie and the movie was about an hour to long, I prefer long movies but this one actually dragged along not going anywhere.

By no means a brilliant movie, even by 'dumb-action' standards, but leave your mind and maturity at the door and you'll be in for an entertaining two and a half hours.

Whether it's Shia LaBeouf whining and crying about not having a job, Him trying to get a job or pointless humor it is not needed.

It is visually stunning, almost incredible in the level of detail the CGI team created in depicting the robots and their ships.

Le beof what ever his name is was comical in the first 2 films and next to fox was just about worth watching but in this movie he was pointless, had very little dialogue and i found myself not caring what happened to him.

Too much graphics, too intense, too long.

No plot No acting No direction whatsoever!

The characters don't really develop at all - Sam is still looking for something he hasn't figured out yet (in this case, a job); Megan Fox, now out of the picture, has been replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who is still there to stare at when the plot gets dull, although does well in her first big film; Sam's mother and father are irritating as ever; Optimus is dramatic and always arrives at exactly the right moment.

This film is not recommended, please don't waste time or money; wait for the DVD if it's that essential in life to see.

Instead, leave in the bits that are totally pointless, like Sam's parents and the rubbish actress with rubber lips.

Instead we get one of the most gruellingly tedious action montages that I've seen in recent years right up from when they're in the falling building to when the Primes start fighting.

The End of the Page recommendation: Transformers: Dark of the Moon starts slow, goes out with a bang and delivers surface entertainment for the middle school crowd.

More of an emphasis on the villains strengths and capabilities would have drastically improved the already enjoyable action scene at the end.

But overall it was enjoyable in a theater & i didn't hate the 3DBTW this is my first movie review ever.

The drain of light, making a dull screen image, can be mitigated if theaters were willing to pay extra for bulbs that burn out quickly.

I felt it was a tad overly-long and drawn out.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley performs acceptably as Megan Fox's replacement token eye-candy, but the fact remains that the romance side-story is a waste of time - time that could be better used.

Boring characters, boring designs of the transformers, boring scenario, plots (is there any?

On a positive note, though, the effects in Transformers 3 were breathtaking!

In the end, this film - like a lot of sequels - is pretty pointless.

The fights are amazing and very very exciting.

There is no story telling here.

You will not waste your money, if you like action, thrilling scenes, have an ear to music and most of all - like the Transformers, go see it.

Nice slow mo's, nice legs (courtesy of some new hottie) and great musclecars.

Problem #3: when the teleportation is interrupted a black-hole like funnel sucks Cybertron in – it is the size of the Earth and very close, but nothing happens to earth's atmosphere?

#10: A Horrible Experience At An Unbearable Length.

Followed by a 2 hours lasting explosion and special effects demo with an occasional cliché line and a waving American flag.

Hands down that this may be the most entertaining movie of the summer, thank you Micheal Bay!!!

I loved it and I highly recommend it.

Not an overly loud, sex joke ridden mess, but an action packed, well acted, a**-kicking action flick.

Continuity errors between each of the three transformer films (and within this film), bad acting and a weak plot made this movie unbearable.

I didn't like or hate the first movie, the second seemed worse and I basically agreed with the criticism, too loud, too dark (not in theme, hard to see), confusing battle scenes, story holes really so big the story wasn't even on Saturday cartoon level.

He knows his weakness as a director and knows how to outshine it with his craft, making his movies enjoyable to watchable.

collapsing buildings/robots avoid humans, a metallic building structure hangs in the air in a ridiculous position, the scientist robot sucks a whole metal PLANET through a portal right next to earth and nothing happens (and btw first the summoning is interrupted and there is a planet cut in half near earth, with a plainly cut surface at the intersection, and then the summoning is restored and it CONTINUES to come out of the portal.

As I said above, the plot goes all over the place which, combined with a literal (and to quote one of the characters) "cluster****" of comedic/serious scenes, makes the incredible action in the final act feel more strenuous than entertaining.

The third movie starts out pretty much as the second movie and you realize that it is pretty much the same crap as the second movie, just longer more illogical and boring.

It gave some unexpected twists that even caught me by surprise.

Good acting by the main characters, with the exception of the "Megan Fox Replacement" It WILL keep you on the edge of your seat, especially through the hour-long final battle.

But as a whole, this is a perfect addition to the trilogy, and I say it's well worth watching.

The plot is pointless.

There's some sprinkling of humor and decent action, but again, the film dragged quite a bit.

This is entertaining and has some fun introducing the space race.

etc etcTHAT would've made the movie much more exciting.

This is simple entertainment and at entertaining this movie does not fail.

Honestly this movie was dull.

Its mind blowing and makes the action and drama scenes much more intense.

terrible, waste of time and money .

an example: dull point in the movie, theater is dead quiet...

My favourite part of Transformers, even more the mind blowing spectacle of watching them transform, is Sam Witwicky.

Overall the movie will be a great watch for all the action lovers but will disappoint with a week and predictable script.

then again returns back to end on a positive note..About the positives-this film has some jaw dropping mind blowing action sequences.

However the constant explosions gets a bit tiresome after a while, explosions and a lot of actions is what this film is known for with robots beating the crap out of each other.

All of the wannabe critics who feel there's no plot, no heart, no realism, (a misnomer since it's SCI-FI), see a play instead.

The main antagonists haven't performed well enough to create an epic ending to the franchise In another point of view, however, this film was fairly enjoyable and the script was written very well.

I wish I walked out sooner.

Where the movie failed is how boring it is and the constant rehashing from bad pun to another.

The scenes of huge explosions and mind blowing action scenes will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The film is visually stunning through the action sequences.

You have action, you have fast paced action and you have mindless action.

However, the Storyline and some other aspect's of the Movie though were very disappointing and quite confusing.

The film has an enforced, but gradually boring, repetitive, and agonizing effect.

The first Transformers movie was fun, silly but highly enjoyable.

However, it brought down slightly by its predictable twist.

This one starts with endless scenes of Shia LaBeouf's new love life, ends with a cheap message from Optimus which makes us wonder what was there any different from TF1 and TF2, and the middle is a clusterfck of useless characters, pointless drama/jokes scenes and slow motions which show us nothing we haven't seen before.

It's meant to lure audiences with its predictable combination of humor, action and special effects.

An utter waste of time .

the only problem i have is that it was predictable in some points.

Its destruction is the sole focus of one and half hours of completely mind numbingly pointless action sequences and over the top special effects.

Slow start...

It is a breathtaking battle and I cannot imagine seeing it any other way.

Yet with the added assurance of the 3-D fusion camera system and someone with as keen an eye for action as Michael Bay, there was something thrilling — at least in theory — about this installment.

There were some scenes that were confusing and made me lose track of where the film is heading.

This film continues for about two hours after you've completely stopped caring what happens, and every time you think it must be nearly over there's another painfully predictable "twist" and an excuse for another twenty minute CGI fight scene indistinguishable from all the others.

What a waste of time and money.

The storyline is engaging especially for a film based on a Saturday morning cartoon made to push toys.

If Mikaela (Megan Fox) was there instead, I think she'd be helping Sam try to save Bumble Bee, and she wouldn't be being dragged by Sam.

It is shallow but fun, superficial but entertaining; The only intellectual talking point of the film would be the implications of a big metal planet entering into earth's orbit.

All the other parts are simply either, cardboard cutout's and have very little screen time to develop in anyway, or are just beyond stupid and pointless.

3rd worst movie I have seen in 2011 .

Sam and Bumblebee's relationship is specifically enjoyable, as it was in the first film.

This film transforms into a snooze fest.

I thought "Transformers" was an enjoyable movie, and it still is.

I came into this movie saying what every person who liked the second movie said to me ''It's just a movie , Its supposed to be a stupid but fun action packed ride'' ...

Dark Of The Moon still has some unecessary stupidity here and there as well has a somewhat sloppy script, But it's pros outweigh the negative with Mindblowing visuals, a fantastic action packed 3rd act, and interesting robots.

Anyways,my main point is that if you enter the cinema with the right mind set you will really enjoy this movie,but if you expect something amazing and some 10 star classic with unexpected twists and turns you will be very disappointed :)

Oh and the 3D, please make a normal 2D movie we have enjoyed it for years and will still enjoy it in that way cause 3D really is not 3D its converted 3D and the audience know about it.

This film dragged.

The girlfriend was a waste of time as was having sam's parents in the movie.

No story and had to sit for 2.5 hrs felt like going out of theater.

Gone is Megan Fox and that is a shame, for her replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a complete bore.

He manages to make three movies that are basically all just carbon copies of each other and make them all at the very least entertaining.

After discussing it with some of my fellow friend's, they also found it very confusing.

By the third part it becomes quite ordinary and mundane.

There is no plot.

Waste of money to see it in 3D .

The CGI of all the robots was stunning, in fact the best CGI since Avatar with the 3D being impressive though mainly during the action sequences.

The action is so fast that the viewer finds it hard to follow at times.

The movie starts off with an intriguing premise: that we were aware that an alien spacecraft had crashed in the Sea of Tranquility, and we wanted to go up and get a good look at it.

There are many scenes that are so predictable and Autobots are ALWAYS there in time.


There are also many "slow motion" punches, stabs, decapitations, etc. It seems like no happy medium could be found for the pace of these action shots - they are either too fast to know what exactly is happening, or too slow that the point is engraved into your brain.

Amazing visual spectacle but tedious and full of clichés .

They can be entertaining as hell, well packaged and visually impressive.

The writers had a field play with the aggressive sexualisation, female objectification and unnecessary homophobic "jokes"save the dated bigoted scenes, it's an easy, CG effects entertainment find if you can get past the boring dialogue and lackluster screenplay.

The overflow of gags (visual and spoken ones) is so inexhaustible that after 10 minutes you can imagine the rest of the movie and what they will do and say, everything in it is that predictable.

A dark plot ruined by silliness, corny touches, pointless franchise characters and everything done OTT just because they can afford it .

I could complain all day about it but it was 100% worth watching.

Boring .

Even with some wrongs here and there its an action packed fantastic movie and if you loved the previous ones you will LOVE this one.

I, however, was fairly bored.

The action sequences were highly boring (oddly) and seemed highly repetitive.

This movie is obviously an action packed movie and people should accept it for what it is.

Boring/cliché jokes.

It's got all the testosterone induced fight scenes an adrenaline junky could ever ask for.

After watching one-and-a-half Transformers movies, I had hoped that Michael Bay would break away from his tradition of terrible plots, cheesy dialogue, boring action saturated with explosions and cliché characters, thereby making something that resembled an enjoyable movie.

Instead she's been replaced ever so quickly by some talentless, dull as dishwater, eye candy that isn't even that attractive.

I visited the IMAX 3D version today and the visuals were absolutely stunning.

But still the movie is highly enjoyable in many ways & I loved it.

The 3D, too, is stunning, with a daredevil freefall by Josh Duhamel and his special ops rangers into a maelstrom of robo-carnage being the standout.

But the storyline, acting, stupid soppy scenes and inappropriate credits music are ridiculous, aggravating and tedious.

The problem was that instead of all of these aspects getting woven together into an enjoyable movie, they were randomly thrown in throughout the film with the hope that they would somehow make a good movie.

"US$1 million was spent during the two days of filming at the Milwaukee Art Museum" obscene: this 'film' suffers from slow and inopportune development, which somehow, and this needs closer analysis, turns a 3 hour immersive 3D experience into a yawn; no tension is built up; attempts at humor subvert any rapport; inappropriate extremes of emotionality make several scenes overlong and laughable.

in the intense action sequences.

This third film opens with a surprisingly engaging rewriting of history to place the Transformers at the heart of historical events from the middle of the last century.

For all its many, many faults, this Transformers movie is fun and thoroughly entertaining.

At two and a half hours this film is far too long; the action does look great with robots transforming, fighting and blowing things up; the problem was the best action isn't exciting if one doesn't care about the characters.

There is only so many times that I can be impressed with a vehicle transforming into something else, in slow motion, before it becomes repetitive and I felt like I reached my limit in this film.

For the first hour exactly nothing happens.

My jaw literally dropped about five times during the intense scenes, especially the ones toward the end.

From the middle to end this movie reaches the sheer adrenaline that was presented to the audience in the series opener.

Waste of time.......

I had reservations about this when I saw the first trailer but really it's done quite well and we even get a compelling reason why another man has not set foot on the moon in over forty years.

And the actors are not that good, mostly because their characters are more shallow than an empty oyster.

This was one of the most boring movies ever seen .

The two little robots was pointless as well.

I am a huge fan of Michael Bay movies and I must admit the first two Transformer movies were actually quite good and entertaining.

Shia Labeouf, John Turturro, John Malkovich and Alan Tudyk was enjoyable to watch.

And that bit where Starscream blew up that spaceshit (read it exactly as its written), talk about the most predictable part of the entire movie, it was so obvious that they'd find a way back before the ship even got out of the earth's atmosphere.

The CGI was brilliant and the action was still breathtaking.

After the excitement, but at times lame writing, of the first movie and the awful, yet at times entertaining, second movie I was hoping for something like Dark of the Moon.

This was a very good movie - a very enjoyable one.

Then comes the typical cliché characters in the American military, all pumped up and Rambo like macho men with big huge guns and gear running around and kicking A** !!

The relatively cheap and undignified deaths of Starscream, Megatron and Shockwave was totally unexpected.

The action is exciting this time around and they really hit home with some fresh ideas for some of the action sequence.

The movie had no plot, mellow dramatic action, annoying characters, failed attempts at comedy, and bad acting to top it all off.

But the problem was that it was a school day, and I had finished college for the year, younger viewers got bored and decided to start running around to play tag and make noise.

It was way too much information, too much action; too much confusion as to what exactly was going on and who was who.

I found this film to be extremely boring .

Maybe I was just a bit tired when I saw it, but one thing a Transformers film shouldn't be is boring, and sadly, this one was.

The movie was a tragedy in that there were incredible special effects seens, ones that were worthy of awards and for ground-breaking special effects setting a new bar to be surpassed, but it was mixed up with a few really funny parts, but also the incredible shallowness and narcissism of the main characters, mainly Sam, Optimus Lies and his cliché Australian moron transforming thugs (I don't even remember those two transforming!

after revenge of the fallen i felt a little, uneven with this movie but when i watched it I loved it, I was gripping my seat with the GREAT CGI effects, and intense action.

Seriously BORING!

Apart from that I enjoyed it ;)

How can a film have so many special effects, some pretty impressive acting talent (no I don't mean the leads) and still manage to feel so overly long and , let's face it, boring.

The stories were too confusing that the average moviegoer will eventually get bored and walk out.

The decisions of the US officials were idiotic and only served to drag out the film.

I SPENT £15 TO SEE THAT LOAD OF TOSH: I FEEL BETRAYED, Recommend you don't waste the time or your money.

s the twists, character fates, and ending are breathtaking!

Maybe its the fault of the script but she was just uninteresting and obviously only really served as eye candy.


Take reviews from countless pointless CGI infested movies and stick them here.

The twists and turns in this movie keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Some may complain this movie has too much visual flare for your brain to process, even more so in 3d, but this has set a new bar in the eyegasm genre, and it's damn entertaining to watch.

While the second and third halves are a lot better, the first half is pretty boring.

Although there is the alternate universe being described, it's still the same cliché footage we've seen over and over.

The cinematography and special effects are absolutely breathtaking in 3D!

Shia Lebeouf did what he did in the first two movies , bored us to death.

This film is another action packed Michael Bay masterpiece.

It's getting boring I can go to a Transformers screening and expect the same thing.

The last 40 minutes was action packed and very well done.

Entertaining you with some badass robot action!

3D effects are breathtaking and mind blowing.

With the intriguing premise, the film unfortunately starts to flag.

Title: Transformers: Dark of the Moon Directed by: Micheal Bay Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington – Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson, Ken Jeong & John Malkovich Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction, and for language, some sexuality and innuendo Rating: 08/10 157 Minutes

My main problems with this movie is the pacing being very slow compared to the first two movies along with the human story and transformers story not linking up as well.

Boring, Sexist, Unimaginative Junk .

8 out of 10 because it was entertaining.

I recommend watching it if you are an actions & special effects movies fan or a transformers fan, but when you leave the theater...

Starting with an eye-stunning movie in 2007 (Transformers), a pure summer blockbuster in 2009 (Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen), and an epic in 2011 (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon), Transformers hit the world, attacked by the critics, and rise again in 2011.

Its a great experience to just sitback, wear 3D glasses and enjoy the action of Transformers 3 as well as its ridiculously epic score and repetitive playing of Linkin Park's "Iridescent" to full effect.

Thus, although the luster of the franchise begins to wear off (especially towards the film's conclusion) in this installment, "Dark of the Moon" still is an entertaining romp that won't leave you bored.

All of the characters seemed extremely flat and the twists were predictable.

Bay throughly destroys Chicago in an epic action packed battle and it's action packed to the point where I just don't care.

To wrap things up, "Dark of the Moon" is simply a great film and definitely worth watching.

The first movie was okay.. generic, but exciting.

The script lacks any forward thinking, trudging along at a gruelingly slow pace.

It had twists, it had a plot that made sense and the action was mind blowing.

I enjoyed the first two Transformers movies in the exact same way, but TF2 I have to admit was a bit confusing.

This movie took real life events and adds them into a story that is intense and captivating.

It definitely makes the movie more enjoyable to watch and it makes you forget that it's almost 3 hours long as well.

I know some super-fans have been disappointed by these films, but if you're looking for a fun summer movie, with REALLY great action, and sequences that are simply exciting to watch, check out this movie.

This is one of the best movies i have ever seen for pure adrenalin fuelled action and mind boggling special effects......

Too many loop holes and pointless 'essential' characters.

I still feel that the first film was the best, but this film was watchable and even enjoyable.

Well I was wrong, this movie was beyond boring!

The action and special effects were very good and this was a very exciting movie and very fun to watch.

I must admit that the second half pulled me in and had me on the edge of my seat.

It made the battles much more enjoyable, and made the movie way better.

What would make it more exciting would be getting rid of a human lead and just focus on the "robots in disguise" and to keep the seriousness and lighthearted humor.

However if your a movie fan you'll find it boring, same generic speech Optimus always seems to give,same bad toilet humour other than Tudyk and Malkovich and if your was in high school I would enjoy this.

Pros action packed.

With only a few slow downs in the story, Kruger is really able to hold our attention very nicely over the course of this two and a half hour film.

The action was drawn out boooring!

this an Adrenaline rush!!.

She is boring and not a good actress.

Entertaining than Revenge of The Fallen.

Rosie Huntington should never have been a part of this, and if you really disagree then someone have messed with the intentions of her casting - cuz she's boring and I can't see what the meaning of her part of the movie is - other than standing here and there in tight dresses.

In places the music is smooth and quiet, but mostly exciting and almost making their way to the bone.

Overall this is enjoyable to watch.

, but yeah its so entertaining so i recommend it !!!!!

An improvement over REVENGE, but still rather tiresome .

Big, loud and empty .

In India Hindi dubbed Akshay Kumar voice for optimus prime very very bad and make the movie boring.

The SF prologue, including a nice alternate history reveal during the Apollo 11 EVA, showcases some breathtaking 3D framing and depth design.

There are a lot of deceptions and twists that create confusion which then turns this film into a massive headache.

The first was interesting, a little longer than the plot was capable of handling, but nonetheless enjoyable for what it is.

Dark of the Moon is just as boring as the 2nd.

Other than the weight of the shutter glasses over a 2.5 hour period, I found myself wonderfully immersed in the story and visuals rather than being constantly pulled out of the story by Marx Bros-esque face slapping 3D.

The films story is so confusing, especially If you have not seen the first two.

With a movie it is also a good idea to not try build suspense at every turn, have massive pivotal moments that last 5 seconds and insignificant pointless moments that last 15 minutes.

The original "Transformers" movie was not bad, but this sequel is quite simply one of the worst movies ever made.

These movies are so extremely successful for one reason: it's exciting to watch the Autobots fight the Decepticons.

In the midst of all the stunning visuals and breastbone vibrating explosions, the acting leads are solid.

It was ridiculous, it was dragged out and unnecessary.

No plot whatsoever, Megan Fox's body was being thrown on us for the film to succeed, about a million goofs and mistakes regarding "the big war in Egypt" - (Believe me, I know, I'm an Egyptian).

" Well, I went in, and for part of the movie I was kind of enjoying myself, but as soon as the final hour began, whatever enjoyment I felt disappeared and boredom set in.

But I applaud the CGI, and the amazing visuals and beautiful landscapes, making it epic to the eye, but to the mind it bored and frustrated you to no end.

While most of the human characters are dull, another major disappointment is that you won't get to see much of the Transformers Michael Bay has a reputation of making expensive lavish with no heart.

The story is just so cliché and predictable and there is almost no character development in this.

the visual effects and the fight scenes were stunning and just to experience that on the big screen is very particular, featuring one of the most breathtaking scenery of giant robots fighting each other on 3-D.

And these action sequences are of course awesome if you just want straight up kick-ass action, as they're everything fans of blockbuster brutality will get their adrenaline fix over, but it's an incredibly tiresome and painful time getting to them with all the unnecessary filler scenes of immature comedy that drag on and on and serve no ultimate purpose.

Or, just tank up on soda so that you're forced to leave the theater multiple times to relieve yourself.

The movie is also way too long, at 157 minutes, wow.

The non action parts are mostly funny and entertaining.

If you are bored and like just watching explosions and and incredible CGI then go ahead.

At least TF2 didn't try to have a plot (which is probably due to the fact that the script wasn't even finished when they began shooting the film), and at least it was entertaining.

The first 20 minutes of Transformers 3, which tie the ensuing storyline to the first moon landing, are a tour de force of contemporary, big-budget Hollywod filmmaking: dynamic, gripping, utterly stupid, completely absorbing.

Shia LaBeouf has majorly improved as an actor over the years with this franchise and has worked under the intense eye of Bay who can be known for being a bit of a douche on the set.

At a race down a freeway, the yellow camaro is forced to turn into Bumblebee, Bumblebee reassembles itself back into a vehicle in mid-flight (all in slow mo) and saves Sam.

A complete waste of time .

Personally, I am a transformers fan, and I've always been excited by the films, I really enjoyed the first film due to the stunning re-imagining of my favourite heroes, the only issue i had was the story being so different to the original comic.

The Transformers franchise still has a few flaws, but Dark of the Moon is a decent addition to the franchise and an enjoyable summer blockbuster overall.

I would rate it 10/10 if it were just for the Special Effect's and Action, however the confusing and jumbled story - line, lack of knowledge on a range of character's and the poor acting skills from some of the actor's leave me to give it a 6.

Similarly the story is all over the place, I would suggest not paying too much attention to it as it wasn't very good, only complex and confusing.

The film has its share of wonderful scenery, but it feels rather drab and grim overall (which helps add a sense of doom and gloom; parts of this movie are rather scary).

it was the best on IMAX as well, so if your looking for an entertaining film, this is for you !

And yet Michael Bay and screenwriter Ehren Kruger once again choose to toss their intrinsic awe and power out of the window in favor of overpopulated, bland stick-figure human characters.

I am not normally a film-geek or bothered by goofs, but the continuity in this one was poor enough to become confusing; Optimus seemed to vary in height between ten feet and skyscraper-tall, and Huntingdon-Whitely's character is apparently able to change her clothes several times in the course of running through war-zones.

The producers have also obviously realised that the audience wants to see a more detailed, ie, slower, transformation of Autobots and Decepticons from their robot mode to their alternate mode, and the special effects team have done that splendidly!

The dialogue is stupid and formulaic, the film is much too long and the story is choppy and confused complete with a messy ending.

) Malkovich's character as Sam's new boss was pointless and even offensive at times and the choice of Patrick Dempsey as the human villain was doubtful.

But at least the action was a doze of adrenaline.

IPlease excuse my honesty, but i could hardly watch exactly 10 minutes from it, as it gave me the feeling of 'dying slow'.

The first half is poorly paced and dull to the point of boredom, and while the second half fares much better due to the action it came too late and wasn't enough to stop the film from becoming a messy bore overall.

Extremely entertaining .

The destruction of Chicago, and intense, frantic action, one sequence after another.

When Michael Bay puts some originality into his set pieces, takes out the convoluted and tiresome story arcs, and trims about an hour off of his movies, then he can give me a call.

Do not recommend to anybody, save your money and nerves.

I loved the plot twists, even though one or two were predictable.

It wasn't perfect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is firmly part of my blu-ray collection.

On the one hand, you have some of the most exciting and innovative action set pieces, not to mention some seriously impressive CGI which really sells the idea of robots disguised as various transport vehicles.

Spike's parents were so funny in the first film, and so vulgar in the second, hear they have improved to being merely banal.

This one has a good balance; brief enjoyable humor underscored by a sinister undertone.

In my opinion Transformers:Dark of the Moon is the dullest and worst of the three.

The jokes were immature, offensive and became extremely dull and repetitive with two "jip and hive" Autobots who were really annoying.

Worth watching....

I personally thought the plot and acting were good, not amazing, but good enough in the package, it was enjoyable for me, and if you go to movies to be entertained and can look past your pet expectations of amazing plot(It's not exactly easy to pull S7vens and Shaw-shank Redemption's out of a hat) THEN GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

To watch a little fantasy that is completely unrealistic but enjoyable.

There's that rush of adrenaline, the heart beats become faster, the pulse quickens and all your thoughts converge into making the most out of what lies in front of you, be it a naked body or bare knuckle metal.

No - It does not work, and Sam Whitwhickey's puerile salivatings and palpitations and teenage jealousy rages are just not believable, the character Carly is simply not believable, she's a card-bored cutout.

I know it's confusing that in a film about a so called global attack all of the action takes place in one part of one American city.

As in the previous film, the humor remains eschatological and bland.

just don't waste your money on this movie..........

I never really cared for these people, at least not in the way I cared for the Transformers, particularly the Autobots, and what's oddest to me is that the newest additions to the cast of characters, like Carly, were the most intriguing and interesting.

First half was slow paced.

Overall, this one was a little more entertaining then Revenge of the Fallen.

With Michael Bay's epic realistic effects, and the soundtrack from Steve Jablonsky, this movie is so worth watching.

But my problem with this film is that it's SO DULL!

The movie lasted a while mainly because of the tedious action scenes and Characters were quite forgettable, as they were also weirdly designed.

This by far the best of the 3 and at least made me forget about the bore the second film was.

Half way through the movie i was bored actually bored and i am saying this after being a transformers fan.

The movie is great up until the point in drags too long and becomes predictable at times.

Dark of the moon is an enjoyable action film, and to be fair it's not nearly as bad as some overwrought critics have said it is.

The good news is, he has also not lost his flair for explosive action and, in these moments, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is every bit as entertaining as its prequels.

Many may balk at Bay and his movies, but one cannot say his movies are boring.

The Autobots make their trademark cliché phrases and stuff, and even Starscream sounds fearful of Megatron again, which he didn't in the previous two films which I thought was brave of Bay and it paid off.

The 3D visuals work really well in this film, especially with the action scenes and the destruction of Chicago, but the movie just felt way too long in my opinion.

Agent Simmons even more over the top and unbelievable than in the previous movies, the two small transformers as cliché sidekicks, the stupid "espionage watch" which constantly hinders Witwicky in actually doing some real espionage, the ridiculous behavior at the job interviews, ...

The first transformer movie lived up to my expectations, it was entertaining.

The best thing about these movies is how they look, how well the transformers integrate into the real-life footage to make a compelling action sequence.

All the excitement, the adrenaline, the eagerness that was there before the movie started snowballs into one gigantic sphere of guilt as the end nears, leaving you flummoxed as to why you went to see the movie in the first place.

People put a great deal of work in to making this film look visually stunning.

Complaining about plot holes in transformers is pointless.

Another 3D fiasco - All effects, no plot.

But to be fair, I went back and watched the last part about three times because I kept falling asleep.

It was funny at times, it had me laughing at one point where the joke was long gone and i was still chuckling to myself, the effects were cool although some of the Robots didn't even need to be there, along with the characters.. a few inc. John Malkovich, his character was pointless.. the ending was like a middle finger to those who have watched all three *SPOILER ALERT* Megatron gets conned into killing Sentinel Prime and horribly as well.. the gigantaship was destroyed by a remote control car.. it wasn't good or it could have been a million times better.. not a solid Trilogy.

The special effects are simply breathtaking and jaw dropping.

Dark of the Moon really shows that after a disastrous sequel, a third installment can correct the mistakes that were made previously, except this did more than that; Dark of the Moon beats both of the first 2 movies put together, having the first film's in-depth story and characters, and the second film's incredibly intense action sequences.

Forget the Blockbuster cliché "it's just a bit of fun" - it isn't.

It had a great conspiracy theory, stupendous robots, mind boggling action scenes, and a cast of characters who blended quite well - Dutch is my favorite new character.

entertaining to the max .

So shall be your approach while watching the absolute Bay-hem that dominates the movie's tedious 157 minute length.

Very bright, dynamic action, which claims to be one of the most exciting blockbusters of the summer season.

There were some unreal moments in the movie that should have been on the cutting floor of the editing, particularly when Carly stands up in the heat of an intense battle scene as she gets an idea, and somehow her hair blows in the wind as she pouts ...

They did a great job shooting them from when they are cars to when they turn in to the transformers, and the angles make all the difference with such stunning sequences and the viewers are able to picture how huge these transformers are really meant to be.

Either way, there are moments of jaw dropping stunts mixed with visual effects that make you sit on the edge of your seat.

It might help if this movie were half as long, literally, to chop out all the empty filler, though it wouldn't help much.

As for other new cast members, John Malkovich as Sam's new boss ultimately goes nowhere other than a few unnecessary gags, however Frances McDormand is highly enjoyable as the government agent in charge of the Autobots, and Patrick Dempsey plays an intriguing human chameleon working for the Decepticons.

It's so engaging that I didn't even want to blink, for fear I might miss anything.

Also noteworthy is another precise work by Steve Jablonski in yet another soundtrack that is consistent and that knew how to maintain tension and adrenaline throughout the film.

So yeah if those people want to waste their own time with mind numbling stupid dialogue then step right in folks.

Quite simply one of the worst movies ever made.

Every character in this film is a 2D cliché, from the sleazy traitorous boss to the hard-ass intelligence director who learns to bend the rules.

In between the constant on-screen destruction important plot-points are information is seemingly thrown at the audience hoping to create anything that can be seemingly considered a workable and engaging plot.

Really, it is unbearable and it pains me as the action is good and the potential of the film high.

The movie is filled with dull, unlikeable character that you have no investment in, even after three lengthy films.

and sometimes when the story gets slow, they introduce characters to help drag it along, only for the characters to be killed off 10 minutes later.

What a bore!

The movie is action packed and absolutely entertaining!

Even the other robots are bland and you can't tell one from the other (apart from the two small really annoying ones who must come from the same planet as Jar Jar Binks).

Another Tedious Entry in the Hugely Successful Franchise .

In the end this really is a complete waste of time.

Eye popping SFX, awesome 3d & an intriguing storyline.

Of course, our hero has his typical cliché of a hot girlfriend who just happens to be hot enough to be a Victoria's Secret model (Oh wait!

The other tracks in the soundtrack were just boring as they were the same Transformers melody that we've been hearing since 2007.

It fills you with excitement in the beginning, but will leave you empty when you leave the theater.

I felt that due to enjoying the first film a lot,I decided that for the second one,I would make sure to watch it at the cinema,and though the film did feature some impressive fight scenes,which were a stunning blend of real locations,and eye-catching special effects, (the great "forest" battle,being a fantastic centrepiece for the film)the movies plot sadly seemed to run out of steam at around the first hour mark,which left the rest of the film feeling very drawn out and too slow paced.

I have to confess something; while a lot of people say Bay's sense of humor is overdone or foolish, I find it strangely entertaining.

Also, I think the only thing that could really be considered an upside to this film, is all the action, it was fast paced, filmed fairly well and in pretty god detail, editing seemed fairly poor though.

I can't even contemplate what to think with regards Dempseys character arranging the budget to stop the USA from scouting the moon again, from the increasing number of plot holes that I keep discovering the more I think things over, the fact that some roles in the film are utterly pointless and are only in the film to remind us that yes, Sam does have parents, yes he did date Megan Fox, who has done a runner and gone into hiding, etc .. etc .. ETC .. ETC!!!!!

Other breathtakingly exciting extended setpieces include one where Sam and series regular Lennox (Josh Duhamel) are dangling off a metal rod whose sharp end is lodged inside a Decepticon, and another where Optimus Prime faces off against a group of Decepticons led by wounded leader Megatron who makes a return from the previous film.

The film is no Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator etc (my favourite films along with four lions :P) but is just as entertaining.

There is a script, and the funny part is that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So all in all Transformers: Dark of the Moon was an enjoyable film.

I cant believe how bad the scenes were between the new bird (who is hot and English and cant act) and Sam, so cheesy, so pointless.

My personal grade: a bland 5/10.

The story is once again pretty simple but things still seem to get very convoluted and hard to follow (in classic Michael Bay fashion).


You will walk out of the theater amazed and you just might be tempted to see it again.

The climactic threat is quite intense, and in the midst of it, these two provide a little relief.

So the film goes on maybe for a bit too long, it is still very enjoyable.

But when I left the theater, I thought WOW!

This excuse of a movie had no plot.

Looking back, it is a bad movie, but it was full of so much eye candy that I found it highly entertaining and I didn't really analyze its faults as I should have.

Fast Paced Sci-fi .

Effort has been put into resisting the temptation to have too many robots show up on screen pulverizing each other in close combat, and having Bay's slow motion to show off some cool stunts involving humans and robots (Bumblebee seems to be the favourite to have to slow down), but for all the loud, mind numbing and eardrum busting action going all around during the action sequences, there's this distinct lack of villainy in the movie, with action sequences being overly long and losing their impact and focus.

Hollow, superfluous, boring, cliché....

Again, the problems of the previous installments recur - like the confusion between the good and bad robots in the clashes.

If you ignore the horrid writing and tune out the parade of annoying or pointless characters, there's a decent action movie buried in here about a bunch of robots smashing and blowing each other up.

Bay also still sees the need to have bad comedy, whether it is in the form of annoying and pointless characters like Wheelie and Brains, or Ken Jeung role as a guy who worked with the Deceptions and ends up being made out to be a strange weirdo, ending up with a gay joke, oh high class wit.

And while still not up to the inaugural's standard, the newest release, "Transformers: Dark Of the Moon," is a decent addition and captures - somewhat - that movie's intense action scenes, as well as much of the humor.

Overall it was over long, boring, unfunny, confusingly paced, full of unneeded scenes, full of unneeded characters, unwatchable for a second time.

Dark of the Movies: What a waste of time and money (mine, of course) .

The GoodThe best thing about these movies is how they look, how well the transformers integrate into the real-life footage to make a compelling action sequence.

But I don't know if they even gave answers to this stuff because the plot was so uninteresting it lost me a lot.

Instead, Micheal Bay has upped the ante once more and has created a "film" that not only succeeds in being vapid, obnoxious and offensive, but downright boring.

It's old wine, that comes intact with, as mentioned before, stunning Special Effects, good 3D & Effective Direction, working on it's advantage.

The first movie was cute and entertaining.

In summary, the film's three hours of non-narrative battle footage in which machines are burned, wrecked, and incinerated was just a bit too much for me to handle without the occasional glimpse into the depths of humanity.

Despite the continuous action, destruction and battles, I found this film to be extremely boring, and the final battle, which claimed the last hour of the film was far too long and drawn out and it greatly prevented me from appreciating the visual spectacle that is the final battle as it's so long it becomes tedious and I couldn't wait for it to end.

I was yawning almost immediately as we spend the first twenty minutes watching something from the History Channel reviewing our proud accomplishments in space.

Not only the violence, but the themes in this film annoyed me, not me personally, because I, along with a large percentage of the population, am aware that Michael Bay is simply a rich, vacuous and pretentious idiot.

Stunning, computer-generated, robot-mashing, action.

It seems that Michael Bay tried far too hard to Americanize the movie, especially that corny scene where Megatron destroys the statue of Abraham Lincoln and sits in the empty throne.

This is for anyone thinking they might go see this horrible waste of film- donate the money to charity.

His girlfriend problems and embarrassing parents boring and we really couldn't care that much about how he feels unappreciated for saving the world twice.

There is some exciting action and I found myself engaged enough to want to see the outcome of the struggle.

The only thinks that make this movie a 3 are a acceptable performance (not great or amazing) by Patrick Dempsey, the 3D on the beginning, Shia LaBeouf (but I'm getting to start bored by these actor personalities in his roles).

What a waste Of time!

But the Transformers series is a torture to watch and the latest episode, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, is the worst of all.

but forget what actually makes a movie special - a gripping story-line with actors that can actually carry it through.

The action is as always intense and over the top.

It was slow, boring, non-sense.

All in all, a waste of time and money.

intense gritty and sometimes gruesome action.

Overall I think the movie is able to deliver a very entertaining experience.

In conclusion, this is a very entertaining film, flooded with action.

Honestly, honestly - save your money.

It was unpredictable and entertaining.

Reasonable but too drawn out .

What I don't get is why Transformers movies couldn't be made this time round with the characters looking and sounding right, with good character development, heart and soul of the original and enough CG action to make it uber-exciting and an unforgettable Oscar winning epic like Lord of the Rings.

The battle scenes are long and dull and 90% of the film is buildings toppling over and robot vs robot fights with little character development.

So how hard can it be structure a film with a cohesive plot good guys vs bad guys and a beginning , middle and an end with exciting battle scenes?

The majority of the fighting takes place in downtown Chicago, and it was exciting to see how the action integrated with the layout of the city.

Most of it is just boring.

Transformer 2 was so confusing and packed with more robots than seemingly possible.

In both Matrix 3 and Transformers 3's over-long final battle scenes, I was literally left bored despite all the efforts they put in for "heart" and special effects.

Other than the amazing effects, authentic sound, quite excellent action and above average cinematography and editing, this Transformers entry was a waste of time in my opinion.

Breathtaking in 3D sometimes.

Anyways overall this was a good summer flick that has some entertaining action sequences, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons at the end was satisfying and felt it was worth the price of admission this time around.

The theme of betrayal between robots and even humans are stressed too which further makes the story interesting as it flows on an exciting journey.

GOOD Well, the humor of the first is back (no fart/ball/weed/kid jokes, mainly the type of humor from the first), and it was actually enjoyable instead of stupid like the second (and Sam's parents are slightly restrained also, participating only in the first half).

Shots of robots shattering apart in slow-motion or people swinging through the chaotic mayhem are breathtaking.

The film starts out just as any other Bay film with a pointless mix of thoughtless dialog and meaningless characters.

The scenes are always repeating their selves (two robots fight with each other, robots beating in humans, robots saving alien junk) and you can't realize were a robot start and finish, it's just a monumental confusion.

Cliché after cliché and the girl they have playing Sam's girlfriend is totally useless, she is nothing but eye candy the whole movie and then at the end they give her a few lines to try and make her character matter.

And you shouldn't clap anyway; Michael Bay can't hear you and the Odeon workers don't care if you enjoyed it or not, they just want you to leave so they can find your forgotten bags and go home.

But somehow, I enjoyed it.

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is a summer movie after all, whether just saying that is cliché or not.

Some of the editing is confusing, mostly it adds to the very rapid pace of the film.

The action scenes are breathtaking, the 3D visuals are arguably the best since 'AVATAR' and the comedy for the most part is very funny.

However, the replacement chick, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, who looks as though she just walked out of an underwear catalogue, doesn't add much.

It's totally mind-numbing and tedious.

(Ratings: "See it in theaters," "Wait for the Instant Download," "Don't waste your time")NO SPOILERSI actually saw the first Transformers movie a couple days ago on Netflix.

This action packed film is a fantastic addition in the Transformers series.

If you think Transformers 2 was a empty soul with a overdue makeup, skip this one into TV or PirateBay.

Half of this movie is just pointless filler.

Some of the battle scenes are mind blowing especially when viewed on blu ray.

The new Autobots were enjoyable.

But this movie fails to entertain, it has no drive, no story, and no spark.

But from there on out its an action packed thrill ride.

Yes the parts involving the robots were visually amazing but I wanted more, I left the cinema bored and unsatisfied.

And it ends in the same cliché one would expect.

What a bore.

From there, the plot continues to thicken, all the way up to a preposterously boring climax which stretches a seemingly endless forty-five-minute stretch and wrapping up with a cold, lifeless halt instead of a rousing conclusion.

Also as i said before it does go on for a while, i do hope there is another Transformer film as i do enjoy watching them, so overall, a film worth watching

In the end the film is probably good if you enjoy about a good 3 minutes of an amazing ass and a whole load of tedious actionTry not to burst out laughing at the end =D.

Probably the worst movie I've seen.

The drama was intense.

And well it was one of the most disappointing things that I ever saw in my life(I mean, I saw a big part of the movie but I fall asleep in the middle ).

If you are on the edge about seeing this, don't let the rating fool you.

There is also something compelling about the tying in of the space race with the Transformer mythos – though this, as I will later suggest, is also taken too far and tips over into offensiveness.

But still to me Dark of the Moon is the best and most entertaining film in the trilogy and I'm truly sad to see Michael Bay and Shia Labeouf leave the franchise

Way too long for such a simple plot6.

Expect an entertaining, visually and audibly stimulating movie, and your expectations will be exceeded.

A longtime composer Steve Jablonsky offered to the audience (not the first time), another stunning soundtrack.

It seems like Bay sat in his directors chair and said "Oh, these people have been talking for almost a minute, let's have a robot smash through the wall and break something before people fall asleep".

The 3D is also terrible and pointless I have seen several movies in 3D recently and it was totally under used and wasn't even consistent not being used throughout the movie and the movie was about an hour to long, I prefer long movies but this one actually dragged along not going anywhere.

It's a waste of screen time and special effects.

I hate it when people rate some movies just because the story was cliché or predictable, did it ever occur to those people that wasn't the goal in some movies.

Hated it so much at it left me wondering how a movie about gigantic Robots fighting could be so boring.

Some extremely tedious moments.

Bottom Line is, this movie is entertaining, from the visual and audio effects alone, regardless of plot or acting.

However, with low expectations i was very surprised that is was really enjoyable.

Some of the dialog is snappy and the movie keeps the audience engaged.

He manages to make three movies that are basically all just carbon copies of each other and make them all at the very least entertaining.

It was just a showcase of high- tech, expensive but pointlessly executed special effects filled with extremely boring clichés, petty thrills and cheap attempts to draw big crowds.

But if the idea of another Transformers film already has you rolling your eyes and yawning, I say skip it.

A complete waste of the audience's time.

I also enjoyed it in Forrest Gump!

In short, it is trash, a joke, an immature disjointed jerk-off visual puke.

I think there aré better ways to spend a couple of hundred million, instead of this senseless and pointless "entertainment"I'm sure it will make tons Of money....

It works and it's exciting.

You will buy and people will be paying Bay for a merely entertaining moment and an absolute mess of a story.

The CGI is amazing and the action is so fantastic in this film and the best part is at the end of the film, and it was so long but I enjoyed it and the film is 154 minute long feature film.

I just saw this movie tonight in the theatre with my father, and I enjoyed it a lot.

It's a tool in a story-telling toolbox, and since there was no story, the audience is simply and continuously hit over the head with a giant CGI hammer.

Amongst all this sex, conspiracy, militaristic posing and inappropriate nods to 9/11, the worst aspect of the movie must surely be that for all the money spent and for all the technology used, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is rather boring.

The movie is a summer blockbuster, it's a two and a half hour thrilling action ride with a lot of scenes that will make you drop your jaw and bite your fingernails.

That being said, guess what the new Transformers offers...?If you guessed another action packed flick with not much else to offer, then you're correct.

Needless to say, if you're bored enough to risk watching this...

I enjoyed it.

beautiful and extremely engrossing....

After the debacle of the second in the series, 2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the fans and general audience wanted a Tranformers film that was as thrilling, funny, and silly as the first.

It started out to slow.

The action sequences are stunning and probably the reason why most people stayed until the end; though cutting the movie down to 90 minutes would have greatly improved it.

Story is confusing, the action scenes hollow, the characters one-dimensional, the special effects no longer special, and to make matters worse it goes on forever.

If you are looking for a great action packed film to see these holidays I recommend seeing 'Transformers'.

It wasn't amazing, but it was enjoyable, and from a story perspective (as I'm not going to go so far as to call it a plot) it did seem to have the best pacing of the trilogy.

And all that paired with hard to follow action and dialog, spiced with many cuss words to maybe hide the lack of substance and deliver a shock in a different way?

But this Bay-hem is also utterly, absolutely thrilling, and features quite possibly some of the most intense action sequences you'll see on the big screen this year.

its is worth watching.

I mean, it wasn't bad, I actually enjoyed it.

But the battle scenes between the robots is really impressive and I'm shocked to admit that I was on the edge of my seat watching it all.

Sam reaches new levels of annoying in this movie, and the dialogue is contrived and insulting; this is highlighted by the obvious and contrived "homage" lines throughout the movie -- Sentinel saying "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.." and Bumble Bee saying to Sam, "I am and always will be your friend.

Yes, it's so fantastic that it's totally uninteresting during last 20-30 minutes.

Yet he knows one thing: how to make a movie exciting.

And of course, you'll get the obnoxious lens flares, pointless shaky cam, pointless slow- motion, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely who, quite frankly, can't act her way out of a paper bag.

This was partially due to important scenes being way too short, others were way too long.

Still, despite of all that negative stuff, it was entertaining and since I wasn't expecting anything more than a huge amount of whoopass Autobot style and seeing how they destroy Chicago, I was happy with what I saw!

Visually stunning, the 3D kept me on the edge of my seat.

So succeeded more in entertaining me in my book.

The story is a bit confusing, with one too many twists near the end and the script needed work as is the case with most of these types of movies.

Full of flaws, but still entertaining.

The movie starts slow and shows its mettle from the second half.

Transformers Dark of The Moon is as excellent as any other movie in the series, it contains the action, romance, comedy and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat all the way through.

But, what lead me to believe that I was in for a movie with an intriguing plot, I do not know.

Throughout the film locations pops to life, from the Cybertron-War at the opening, to the intense Motorway chase and the mind-blowing, hour long Chicago climax that will knock you off your seat.

Clocking in at just over two and a half hours, all the other crap can get you bored quickly.

" That's fine, I can respect that because aside from the pretentious I-only-watch-Oscar-worthy-movies film buffs, that's a guilty pleasure we all get from time to time.

The first hour is boring and almost a completely different movie with hardly any robots or action.

It's slow and mysterious at first and until the action picks up not a lot happens.

I know that Michael Bay is the king of crap, and in that regard slamming one of his movies for being a jumbled mess is probably pointless.

Whilst doing his boring work duties,Sam is confronted by a man who claims to be an ex-N.

) less than an hour and a half into the film, and the yawns punctuating the theater during the last battle scene clued me into the fact that I wasn't the only one shifting restlessly in my seat from boredom.

Characters - Humans in this movie are pointless and pretty much ruin it in my opinion.

The visuals are breathtaking.

Rather than finally giving us characters to care about, Bay has created Asian stereotypes as tasteful as American World War II-era anti-Japanese propaganda; villains whose motives don't make sense (why is Megatron a hobo?

An out-of-the-blue battle on the highway scene, with Mr. LaBeouf being tossed out of his transformer-car and then caught again was quite thrilling, as were the scenes with a new robot equipped with giant worm-like tentacles.

The first half was kind of cool, but self indulgent, and you could cut most of it out.

The action was intense.

If you go into this looking for anything other than an action packed , transformer movie , you will be disappointed.

Thankfully the film never becomes too offensive unlike the last, making for an enjoyable final act as Chicago is destroyed.

The plot is as always very confusing and badly told, and the climax is long and noisy, which one can say is positive, though again - I felt tired at the end, being the film is very loud and way too long (a huge Michael Bay issue).

I think Michael Bay was really trying and despite the fact that the first half is slow and lackluster the second half is awesome!!.

I can't tell you more about the effects without spoiling parts of the story , but tell you what, I was always on the edge of my seat , my eyes and ears were in heaven while experiencing this .

Plot - infantile at best; Dialogue - banal (and couldn't understand Shia at all); Bad guys - predictable; Cameos - people turning up for no apparent reason.

It shows how dragged out these films are, I liked the first movie, the second one was a mess and now Dark of the Moon has nearly ruined them all.

Also the Michael Bay trademark explosions are there, a lot of them to be exact, even more than in the previous installments in the series I'd say, but this only makes the action scenes more entertaining.

this is a nice film to see in transformers trilogy its a entertainer but the addition of mass action scenes seems pointless because of the bad climax.

Interesting film in some ways, but I'd have to agree with one reviewer who said that the near-$200M budget for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is a horrible waste of money.

There's no story-line, it's bad acting, and all very, very unbelievable!

"Most of the characters seemed a bit boring.

The plot was disjointed, not believable, and just plain horrible.

If you can get past the seriously laughable plot, and the fact that you've paid an additional $4 per ticket and must now fit 3-D glasses over your prescription ones, then the rest is somewhat enjoyable.

The movie sucks please save your money

If you want to see this movie (I thought it was too long and too silly) save your money and see it flat.


The pacing between scenes (especially the action and story scenes) is slow and jarring, one minute your looking at gorgeous CGI scenes and the next your watching Shia have a meltdown over a junker.

The first Transformers film was silly but enjoyable story, with 2 likable leads, Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox.

This might sound primitive, but I can only watch robots fighting each other for so long before it gets repetitive and I begin to lose interest in exactly who's fighting who, and why.

80% of the script was pointless!

Terrible waste of money and time.

A much darker, thrilling film that's based on a toy lineup.

The only reason I went to see this dumb movies and waste my money was because the blogs and a lot of people (not critics)were saying it was the best of the three films.

Because it's a dull film.

The movie's run time is very long, the first hour could've been done in 10 minutes.

My girlfriend fell asleep during the end-sequence about five times, while suffering insomnia as I do, I could only think "take out that goddamn tower, Optimus, so we can get on with the rest of the evening we planned.

The story is pretty simple and predictable as you would expect.

On the side of the humans, it is Patrick Dempsey's Dylan, boss of leading man Sam Witwicky's new and equally Megan Fox-hot girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) who turns out to be unexpectedly intriguing.

Infection I: Pretentious = why people dislike Michael Bay, you can really feel his arrogance in the movie.

This film is certainly an outstanding visual spectacle that boasts some of the most impressive, fluid and stunning cgi sequences I've ever seen.

the highlight of transformers 3 is the jaw-dropping action and thrilling fight sequences shot in 3D....

Wow great graphics, love the action but pretty bore movie and too long.

Too dull even for (the obviously targeted) teenagers .

It's just that the whole impression is not convincing, the action scenes are rather boring and Megan behaves quite erratic.

I'm not the greatest movie reviewer, but even I am smarter enough to know that this movie was a waste of my time.

The photography is fantastic and the 3d technology is used effectively to create stunning, visually amazing scenes.

While this transpires, Josh Duhamel's intense fearless Lennox leads his Special Forces team to investigate transient readings from Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

Transformers never "talked down" to its audience, which is one of the things I think that made it so successful and worth watching, and I feel the last two movies did just that.

The orgy worthy robot on robot fighting was amazing and exciting.

3 transformers movies, and that third one is quite better then the precedent ( and since it was rise of the fallen was one of the worst movie of 2009, its was not very difficult to top).

This part of the film really dragged on far too long.

I found the characters to be thoroughly uninteresting, especially Shia LeBeouf's character.

it was as action packed as the original transformers movie.

The slower editing pace, finally, gives the audience a chance to look at these mangled pieces of metal animated as if they are surreal sculptures (or even like that icky exhibit of frozen bodies).

Dark of the moon is breathtaking.

The first sequel (which came out 2 years later), however, was a dreary mess and, while its follow-up has been touted in some circles as the best of the series, a local write-up gave it the thumbs-down; having watched the film for myself, I have to agree with the latter opinion!

Unbearable .

The entire movie could be shot in 90 mins or less, but apparently they didn't think so, in which it starts to getting boring at a certain point.

Her replacement was flat dull and boring and brought nothing to the film.

Sure the action is amazing in this film, but like a lot of Bays films (action, romance, more action, more romance ZZZzzzzz) the same old tired formula springs up and thus we are left scratching our heads with a bag ful of unanswered questions and a giant tinge of disappointment.

Great for the eyes, dull for the brain .

Director Michael Bay seems to overlook and sacrifice legitimate premises and possibly interesting outcomes in favor of confusing and over-wrought visual effects which ultimately do very little to advance the effectiveness which potentially could have developed within.

I went with my girlfriend and we were talking about it with her dad and we suggested going into it half way through the movie if he wouldn't have the patience for the slow beginning.

Also what almost made me gouge my eyes out were the incredibly ridiculous, horrible and disjointed battle scenes.

Transformers Dark of the Moon, a promising title followed with equally promising buzz over the last several months that swelled with intense anticipation.

But as I have experienced with the other transformers movies, the fighting among the autobots wears thin long before each battle is over, and at a running time of right around 2.5 hours is too long for me.

the Visuals and sound effects, however, were stunning, i really can't deny that, and i only saw this in 2D, people seem to like the 3D and highly praise it.

The finale was cliché and stale.

This isn't what you're looking for, specially if you are explosion, adrenaline and testosterone intolerant.

It's big, loud and empty.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie, excited, shocked, amazed, I even had a few tears in my eyes!

Nevertheless, Fast Five was a much more entertaining movie with a good plot development and just the right amount of action.

So therefore the whole film is pointless, unrealistic and a shambles.

Frances McDormand joins the cast as the Secretary of Defense but doesn't really up the ante any, Patrick Dempsey's role is mostly pointless and only helps at bringing out LaBeouf's star ego.

There was pointless scenes around the last half of the film that made it a really long, boring film.

The CGI effects are phenomenal, as they have continued to be for the series and the Transformers are as enjoyable as ever.

Thankfully,Kruger shows with this film a huge improvement,by giving the slightly injured franchise a strong,gripping back-to-basics feel,by mostly getting rid of the very ill-fitting juvenile humour,and instead replacing it with an unexpectedly thrilling conspiracy storyline,which helps to give the film a strong foundation,and also gives the stunning action scenes a sense that they are connected with the films plot and not just a separate entity.

Maybe I'd had enough of the relentless onslaught of mediocrity before it, or maybe there's nothing that can impress me any more, but it was the final part of what, like the last two films, had been a complete waste of my time.

After the confusion of the end of part two, with no one knowing what was going on and which robot was fighting which, this edition begins with the defeated Deceptacons in exile while the Autobots are involved in an uneasy co-operation with their human hosts.

The sound mix alone is more exciting than anything in the billion-dollar- bore of "Pirates 4.

The action was pointless.

The scene of the skyscraper falling down in the trailer can only be seen on the big screen, it is simply that breathtaking and looks so good.

It is certainly an action packed film which is enough for me.

The drama in the film was intense and i think Michael Bay finished off the trilogy amazingly well.

Great special effects, a lot of adrenaline, serious plot holes .

My favorite scene is in the beginning when it shows actual footage of the moon launch because it is fascinating to see how many people were so eager to witness that back then.

The only part that was even remotely entertaining is Sam struggling with the Decepticon watch/spybot.

I almost walked out of hobo with a shotgun (because my moral fibers disagreed with it) and I nearly walked out of this one cause I lost complete track of the story and all I could remember was a bunch of CGI robots destroying Chicago in 3-D.

Also, the blood looks very unrealistic so it seems pointless.

The few scenes of comrades sacrificing their lives for one another and of the military forces tirelessly re-engaging the enemy despite certain defeat just didn't have the same gravitas, due to sensation overload.

the time length of movie is too long but it is worth to watch with amazing action packed 3D effects...

Way too long, 90 min.

A horrible waste of time, effort and money, specially since a lot of effort must have gone into the graphics only to produce this distasteful parody of sorts.

This movie (Compared to the other Transformers films) Is quite enjoyable.

Number Three starts off well - the linking with real twentieth century history is a nice touch, but then the usual set of two dimensional 'heroes' take over and any promise turns to cliché.

In fact her role was completely pointless and there was a point where she's interacting with the transformers as she's been in the previous 2 movies and took herself way too seriously at times.

First part of the movie is story, it gives you answer to all questions and explain every thing it gets quite boring, because it in evolve in Sam boring life and the problems with job,friend, family.

But the robots all look alike and it's too long and confusing.

So apart from the fact that I find Michael Bay mildly offensive and Shia LaBeouf boring; apart from the fact I found the combination of technology and sex distasteful and the conspiracy narrative to be degrading; apart from the fact that I somehow found the battle scenes dull and perversely distasteful – I'd recommend you to go and watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

DOTM, unlike its predecessor is a more intense and emotional movie and is obviously shown in the seriousness of war and the loss of lovable characters.

No plot or meaningful dialogue, just explosions!

The plot at points is ridiculously mundane.

I'm all up for leaving my brain at the door, but when you ask me to do that for nearly 3 hours, where I'm bored the hell out of my mind for 2/3 of that, you can count me out.

This movie was way too long with unending action scenes.

From beginning to end, Transformers 3 was 2hrs and 45mins of explosions, CGI, more explosions and one of the most disjointed, badly acted, horribly written pieces of dredge I've ever seen.

Second was iffy, but I still enjoyed it for what it was.

It's worth watching for some good entertainment.

The last hour you will be on the edge of your seat.

Enjoyable and Action Packed, .

The movie is extremely entertaining, and a visual masterpiece.

Difficult to follow action sequences.

It is superior to Revenge of the Fallen but the final action climax did very much remind me of when I was bored in the cinema two years ago.

Michael Bay success formula for the Transformers trilogy: 1)Stunning CGI/poor story; 2)Sam Witwicky somehow steps on a Decepticon plan or simply that plan is thrown at his face; 3)A war between Autobots and Decepticons begins for the sake of mankind; 4)A hot girl in an all apocalyptic-war scenario only to show her goods; 5)Finally Optimus Prime comes to the rescue and saves the day.

No question, the effects are great (and would have been equally so in 2D), but the plot is very disjointed, with many odd segments that really make no sense, even when well done.

I can't say I really loved any of them, most of them are just forgettable, but Sam Witwicky I did find to be enjoyable.

Nothing has changed or at least improved in these movies by the now third installment, and it's getting incredibly predictable and annoying, and it's a bad sign when something gets more annoying with each installment, and goes on LONGER than before with each new installment.

Two of them involving Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf)and Bumblebee (offered in slo-mo to make them even more exciting) and another one with Sam and Starscream.

Dark of the moon is an action packed, thought out and visually stunning work of art.

This caused the film to bloat up to a tedious two and half hour running time.

Yes, it was a little sub par on plot and substance, but i enjoyed it for what it is-a summer Michael Bay movie.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Good thing(Hindi)- awesome effects,Akshay Kumar voice over 4 Optimus prime,technically more advanced than previous,detailed transformations, nice slow mos bad thing- forced 3d effects with headache, time pass story , boring last half, you fell like leaving theater MEGAN FOX WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE BETTER THAN LAKME MODEL POUTING WITHOUT ANY REASON again n again .......

was entertaining, I felt no time.

Excellent Movie.. Simply Entertaining.

There was very little plot and an endless amount of Roland Emmerich there.


It's just an exciting ride that is packed with action, explosions, laughs, twists and turns, and heart.

Ehren Kruger's script is too banal and drags the movie on too long.

This dragged the story in the middle.

This has to be one of the worst movies filmed or released in 2011.

Overall, people were left with a confusing/messed up story and the usual CGI and explosion fest typical of a Michael Bay movie.

Explosions and no story, Typical Michael Bay.

Bay knows what the public likes, he can keep the attention span of new young followers and still keep it entertaining for older.

The clarity of the action allows for some truly stunning set pieces.

When the first live action movie came along I was pleasantly surprised, particularly at the script being as snappy as it was.

He should be concentrating more on cutting out cliché slow motion and dumb comedy sidekicks from his movies.

Predictable, No clear plot, great graphics .

The fight between the Autobots and Decepticons is so much overdone that it becomes mundane and you actually loose track of who is attacking whom and why should i care.

The first 20 minutes set up an intriguing premise about the "real" reason for the moon landings.

• In fact Megatron and Shockwave are absolute aberrations as Transformers in dark of the moon .. utter waste of time, metal and oil • What was the point of the cube and the pyramid contraption in the other films if the main point of the trilogy was about a space bridge?!

The fact that they managed to drag this on for 2 and a half hours is just fascinating.