Treehouse (2014) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Hohum Score



A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town.

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Michael G. Bartlett
Stars: Dana Melanie, Clint James
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 16 out of 53 found boring (30.18%)

One-line Reviews (39)

A girl comes home to an empty house; we are led to believe her brother has been kidnapped.

One of the most confusing films that left me wanting less.

A bit dull .

Literally nothing happens.

All I got was a dragged out film that went nowhere...

Please don't waste your time .

Nothing happens.

Ho-Hum .

Complete waste of money.

The slow-burning tension builds well.

Judging by the poster you would think that this movie involved some seriously creepy and exciting plot.. But it was quite the opposite and frankly a waste of time.

bad film, no plot .


a suspenseful and claustrophobic wonder .


A waste of your precious time to watch such a stupid movie.

Half good, half bad, so solid 5 rating, overall it's worth a look and mostly engaging, in good and bad ways.

At the end of the day though, the only thing it succeeds in breeding is confusion.

The whole first scene before the title sequence is so generic and cliche and it made me totally root against the girl.

The camera angles, the music/sound, even the clothing is predictable and bad.

Imperfect but enjoyable .

Still, until that point, I found it an earnest and enjoyable film.

As a result we just get a jumbled mess of a film that is at times confusing and at times boring.

However the film does have some intense, chilling action that climaxes this nightmare scenario, lasting right up until the abrupt and irritating end.

There is no suspense, nothing thrilling, gripping or frightening.

Simply put, some viewers want to see torture porn, while others prefer the slow burn.

How about a film that is confusing rubbish?

After twenty minutes or so of rather boring, pointless exposition, we get to the heart of the film.

This movie was the worst horror flick ever, please don't waste your time.

Overall this film is Worth watching!

It has an amazing story, a slow and constant build to its pace, very believable characters, and credible acting!

Absolute bin juice, really boring.

'Treehouse' starts off in an intriguing manner with the very young looking Elizabeth (Dana Melanie) coming home to find her young brother 'little Bob' missing after, bizarrely, being left in the family house alone.

Theres no plot to spoil.

But the overall effect is some snooze fest which might have been a distracting thriller of survival that drowns in its own over-ambition because it has nothing interesting or original to say and a heavy handed way of saying it.

In short, this film deserves all the rubbishing reviews it has received and then some: utterly confusing, utterly pointless, a waste of time, a waste, period.

Story, children have gone missing from a village in the past and "it has started again" The start of the film is promising when the young girl comes back to the empty house.

Treehouse is a film that finally gave me what I've been missing from these types of stories - a very suspenseful, horrifying, creepy narrative that set up and paid off multiple times throughout, and built up to an ending that, thanks God, didn't leave me feeling completely empty in the end!

Clearly, these individuals had never been made aware of the fact that high stress, frightening, and life threatening situations have a tendency to cause people to develop an intense emotional bond with others who are in the same position.