Ugly (2013) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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The case of a missing girl takes us through a journey of human greed and brushes upon the egos and repressed emotions of the characters.

Director: Anurag Kashyap
Stars: Rahul Bhat, Ronit Roy
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 10 out of 92 found boring (10.86%)

One-line Reviews (51)

The movie was so interesting and thrilling.

Sinister, Unpleasant yet Engaging .

One that jumps from time to time (no pun intended), but one that is very engaging and very brutal (in its honesty and portrayal).

Boring .

when film end you thought that might suspense will revel but nothing happen & not even convincing.

Talking about performances the movie has Ronit Roy (Police Chief and Step father of Kali) in an intense role.

Film is thriller but still slow most of the time.

It is worth watching Ugly, just to experience the skill of the director in this one scene.

However (and some might think this is the pretentious person in me awakening), this ain't all perfect, not by a long shot.

A kidnapping mystery serves as the backdrop for a thrilling, and at times horrifying, tale of the darker human emotions which makes for a juicy, spicy drama.

That is when things become unpredictable and keep you on the edge of your seat if it is a thriller like this story is.

Anurag Kashyag telling a Neo Noir story which is thrilling gripping hard hitting & amazingly entertaining is nothing new , he has given us the best movies of this or any generation ,& hence can be equated with Terintino or Scorcese in that aspect .

Of late I have developed an aversion for dark cinema but I cannot allow my personal proclivities to impair my judgment-this is a fine piece of cinema, definitely worth watching .

Kashyap manages to have his audience on the edge of their seats 15 minutes into the movie.

The end is the philosophy of the entire story and is quite gripping.

Though the film falls somewhat short of Kashyap's erstwhile masterpieces such as "Gangs of Wasseypur", "Dev D", "Gulaal", and "Paanch" – there are moments when the tension eases and the narrative loosens its grip for a few unnecessary, artsy allegories - it's still an extremely gripping thriller that will leave you in perennial anticipation of what comes next.

With a Maupassantian ending and a Kafkaesque body, the plot still retains a shred of originality , given the creditable use of local elements through thoroughly engaging screenplay and dialogue.

However, it is worth watching and therefore, I have given it 10/10 coz of the message the whole crew wanted to give general public for awareness.

whole story and all the charterers have their own dark side except the little girl, Anurag Kashyap at his best, absolutely gripping physiological thriller the height of creativity is timing of background soundtrack Asaf Avidan - One day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix).

Anurag Kashyap has ticked all the boxes this time with his direction, some of his previous movie became slow in the middle as in Dev D.

However, Ugly stands out as cinematic delicacy because of its morbid display of inhumanness, callous characters, intense background music/ imagery and virtually everything.

Watch it if you love realistic cinema and are well aware of the dark side of people, because it would make sense that way other wise you may be bored.

Add a pinch of dark humor and social critique and you're bound to have a startling piece of work that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the even more startling ending.

Anurag Kashyap's - Another Mind Blowing Movie .

And it was disheartening to see an empty cinema hall even on the day of its release, Perhaps due to bad promotion.

It is entertaining and inspiring.

And leave the theater before the end.

The cinematography, the acting, the progress of the plot ensure an engrossing experience.

Ugly - A 'perfect and beautiful' neo-noir thriller film comprising of some of the most 'imperfect and ugly' characters ever written for a Bollywood movie smile emoticon The movie is 'gripping' right from the start to end, rarely deviates from the main plot and culminates with a terrific climax.

A gripping dark drama with disappointing climax .

The icing on the cake is the humour in mundane situations which Anurag is so adept in extracting out of our everyday activities and interactions.

Ugly is riveting.

The plot revolves around a ten year old kidnapped girl, and eventually as it proceeds, it gets more and more complicated, revealing the UGLY intentions of the characters and finally ends with an unexpected ending that brings the audience to a state of mixed emotions-surprise and despair.

The chase of the first accuse followed by the really really long police station scene bore you enough to be judgmental afterwards.

Ugly is a well written movie with some breathtaking performance by its cast.

A gripping story with such outrageous characters virtually takes out the chances to judge the technicalities, the viewing experience is so real and the actors are so God damn natural that it feels like you are watching the entire set of events happening live in front of your eyes.

It is one taut, dark, intense and disturbing tale of wretched nature of the human motives and how the grand plan has it's own way of laughing at those.

The storyline is gripping and twisted and even if you already know the end , it will still be worth to watch the movie .

Ugly at its heart is a racy thriller, intriguing, loaded with dark humor and real, gray characters, as unpredictable as only humans can be.

The story seems to be pretty simple but it is really intriguing and keeps you hooked.

I found the film pretty entertaining and it constantly manages to keep you on the edge of your seats till the end.

Waste of time .

Typical AK movie focusing on the dark and the ugly in the world, yet gripping to watch.

Dark, intense and disturbing, these word are appropriate when we describe Ugly.

Dark, Intense and Disturbing : A tale of wretched human motives .

Another engaging, dark thriller from AK.

Nikos Andritsakis' cinematography also aides the script to a huge extent by capturing the gritty underbelly and moldy by-lanes of Mumbai, and the slow-burn tone of proceedings is exactly what was needed for the layered drama to unfold its unexpected twists and turns.

Throughly engaging & interesting, Kashyap creates a world of deception & cruelty, with absolutely no inhibitions.

The writing is so taut and crisp that it keeps you on the edge of the screen throughout the movie.

Pointless Movie .

This is mind blowing .