Underworld (2003) - Action, Fantasy, Thriller

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Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves, while falling in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons.

Director: Len Wiseman
Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 168 out of 834 found boring (20.14%)

One-line Reviews (622)

The characters are mostly bland and forgettable, rounded out by vampire boss Craven (Craven because he's a cowardly baddie you see...

It was intense, fun, even scary at times.

The first film had nothing remotely original to offer either, its story concocted to ensure every entertaining modern day piece of action was cannibalised for inclusion.

We see some good performances by some of them like Michael Sheen, my personal favorite in this movie, and a deliciously dark and intriguing performance by Bill Nighy as Viktor, the clan's reigning vampire awoken from hibernation by Selene.

This scene was by far the cheesiest, hilarious because it was so pointless, and what made it worse was the people who shot the scene, thought it was cool, at least I thought that was evident.

worst movie ever *cough cough*.

There were a few problems in the beginning, i firstly thought "Bland bland bland" and then started to like it.

This is a shallow stylish film but entertaining with enough action and at least a backstory which gives it some interest.

And it took way too long formovie to get interesting, or even ENTERTAINING.

It doesn't help that the main characters, Selene and Michael, are completely empty of any development.

Several scenes where I became disengaged just because of how tedious the story was told.

Boring to say the least, the very least.

Boring, boring, boring and stupid.

The movie opens with an intense action sequence, setting the stage for the epic 600 year battle between vampires and werewolves.

After seeing it more than once I found that this movie get's dull quickly.

enjoyable if you're into the whole action adventure genre; extremely enjoyable if you like your action adventure with macabre and occult overtones.

Action-packed from the outset, this darkly-lensed, tragic melodrama laid in a rain swept contemporary setting provides enough different things along the way with a couple of major plot revelations to boost "Underworld" above its formulaic origins.

The next movie is probably going to be as thrilling as the first.

I found myself yawning and hoping that it'll have a twist.

I quite liked it since its entertaining to see a movie once in a while with alot of action and not any long dialogues...

The only problem with her character is that little detail is given to her character's past and even when those details are available, they aren't explored in flashback sequences, which would have relieved some confusion in the plot.

But with the addition of the implausible love story (Imetyoutheothernight,andwetalked,letskiss), koolaid-jacked elder, and allusions to even more characters we neither know nor care about, it becomes unbearable.

Until the next bad, unwatchable movie, that is.

Instead, there actually was a decent surprisingly unpredictable story with good sub plots and a very gothic ambiance.

There's no real plot, to little action and too much yada yada...

Worst movie ever .

It has a cool concept behind it and some of the effects are good but it can start to get a little boring as your waiting for another short action scene.

***Spoilers ahead**** I have to admit, I was bored and quite aggravated with this movie within the first 10 minutes.

There are some movies with actors worth watching purely for their acting ability.

Kate Beckinsale is stunning to behold, the action sequences were well paced and well spaced and if it copies the Matrix, so be it -- it's fun.

While I cannot comment on the extended cut of the film, I can say that it would take a lot more than replacing eleven minutes to address the film's most stunning problem.

Even though the plot itself is full of engaging twists, characterization is kept at a minimum and even the obligatory Selene/Michael love plot never really seems to go anywhere.

Still, it was an entertaining movie that I enjoyed both times I watched it.

By her beauty alone, turned a pointless movie into a watchable one.

People were falling asleep.

Nonetheless pretty enjoyable action flick.

It was entertaining enough to keep me awake for two hours but the plot is somewhat muddled and confusing.

Tiresome .

People always say the first is the best but with Underworld it the other way around when there a pair amount of bloody action to be entertained but all the mumbo jumbo about past events that serve an important role to the plot bored me to death.

Great premise - the Werewolves and the Vampires in a centuries long gang war and it looks like they threw buckets of money at the screen - but it just ended up a confusing mess, a long, very violent confusing mess.

It's gripping, dark, medieval.

Thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

There are so many instances where characters completely changed their personalities that I almost walked out of the theatre.

The fast paced acting with the ever twisting plot line always leaves you wondering if someone told a joke and you were left out on the punch line.


The camera work was breathtaking.

i guess it'd be kind of pointless to be like.. um...

Even the idea of one of the races trying to make a hybrid of the two was intriguing.

But the film is an enjoyable Friday night matineee; a good movie if you're in the mood for something light and enjoyable.

She plays it smart, intense, and charismatic.

The point is, despite its being dumb and stupid, the lack of intelligence was made up for by presenting the whole thing with style and energy in such a way that I found it quite enjoyable.

We have nobody to root for: there are so many double-crosses and betrayals -- and, during the gun battles, both sides, clad in black, look so much alike -- that it's hard to ward off confusion after awhile, not to mention apathy.

The dialogue is predictable and trite and the action sequences are boring.

Fantastic film well worth watching.

I also liked the ending, which in my opinion was clever and unexpected (well, as clever and unexpected as a dumb action film can be).

However, for those who live for stories of the complex relationships between family, friends and lovers, which span faith, loyalty, almost unconditional love, needs, betrayal and the confusion that exist within life and death in ALL it's forms, will see it for what it is.

even during her contrived-sounding speech which detailed the night she became a vampire.

Quite a change from the confusing plotlines of Matrix Reloaded and other films that have come out this year.

If there had been some character development and a story maybe the violence wouldn't have seemed so pointless and empty.

There are many surprising twists and turns in the plot but so many that the feature becomes bogged down and just plain confusing by the end of its two hour run.

Pointless .

This movie was very boring and too long and just a big waste of time.

Gripping, dark, medieval, unique birth of a new creature .

The piece has no rhythm, which is fine because there is no plot.

This movie works if you watch if for what it is, a fast paced, ala- Matrix action flick.

Overall, this is a enjoyable film that will work for some and not so for others.

Enjoyable film and very entertaining if you like this kind of picture, which is must better than the old Vampire Films.

Worst of all, are the boring, and all too familiar camera angles used in the action scenes, taken straight out of the 1947 book "Proper Camera Angles for Television and Film Action Scenes".

Borefest .

the movie was definitely entertaining though.

The plot is fairly (make that extremely) confusing.

Maybe the most intriguing aspect of all is thenovel idea that Vamps and Lycans have a genetic mutation tothank for their immortality rather than a supernatural cause.

This is a very enjoyable film that will appeal to the fans of both Blade and Werewolf in Paris.

Vampires take over the world by boring everyone to death.

Overall, a very enjoyable horror flick, far better than trashy crap like Blade.

In my opinion, in horror movies the supernatural antagonists have to inflict their savagery on relatively defenseless victims, victims who ultimately conquer and kill these predators by some clever and unexpected ruse.

Now while the action is great the story is boring at points.

That whole cliché has really worn out its welcome.

While the idea was really neat and I found myself longing to see the fully-formed body of the skeleton vampires, I thought the movie was all over the place,melodramatic lines and confusing to the viewer.

This 30 year old has the figure and face of a magazine model, with the bored flat expression to match.

The story is fairly trite and typical, with lore and history thrown in to justify character actions; some of the interchanges assume knowledge we, the audience, just don't have, and other interchanges assume feelings the characters don't exhibit -- except in that forced "we're supposed to kiss in this scene" sort of way.

It neither acknowledges nor discredits any other films that might be drawn into the genre, treading its own path in an entertaining enough way.

This movie is stylish, but dull and empty.

STORY: 6/10 DIRECTION: 4/10 PERFORMANCE: 4/10 OVERALL: 5/10RECOMMENDED TO: Teenage Goths, people who play White Wolf RPGs and drunken twenty-somethings bored in Blockbuster.

So despite an excellent performance by Kate Beckinsale and well choreographed action sequences, Underworld comes off as being too long, grim and confusing to recommend above superior fall fare like Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Once that happens the movie really becomes enjoyable.

boring, dull, and no story.

"My wife and I found the dialog so pretentious, and the action sequences so completely overblown and unbelievable, that we couldn't resist the temptation to point out all of the glaring faults in the film and insert our own commentary, to make the movie more entertaining.

`Underworld' has them in spades and they quickly become tiresome and boring.

Underworld can only be described as a modern day vampire story bringing together the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a few fresh ingredients and producing the intriguing end result of a classic combination of Blade and The Matrix.

Every single movie cliché in existence was used, from "Time to Die" to "Leave us!

I also found it very intriguing that vampires and werewolves were using both science and modern kinds of weapons against each other.

this is probably one of the ten worst movies i've ever seen.

-werewolves urban war epic, and you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect from the exciting, new, fantasy chiller "Underworld" starring "Pearl Harbor" beauty Kate Beckinsale.

Compelling characters take a back seat, to loud and almost obnoxious action sequences and subplots running left and right with nowhere to go.

It seems that Vampires have found something that bites back in this action packed thriller.

Unlike most vampire films which I feel loses that "gothic" feel, Underworld brings it all to the table to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This movie was great - the scenes are incredible, the story is new and exciting for the vampire genre, and the characters are totally cool.

In an exciting final skirmish, we first see Kraven fatally wounding Lucian before escaping.

Some movies are a chore to sit through because they are one cliché after another.

The action scenes are quite well done and are entertaining to watch with pretty good special effects to make them more effective.

UNDERWORLD may not be as good as BLADE, but it is really a entertaining movie!

On the contrary, the story turns out to be very boring and totally stereotyped.

Overall- confusing and messy.

Nothing original, but still enjoyable.

I saw this movie over the weekend and thought it pointless and boring.

Now I enjoyed the movie, but I was not exactly 100 percent sober, so that may have helped me through it somewhat, but I am sure I would have enjoyed it at least minorly otherwise.

The lycan transformation scenes are simply brilliant, especially Michael's change at the end, and the Vampire effects were stunning.

There are some plausibility issues (despite the fantastical setting), and the story, while intriguing, isn't explored well enough, but the film is so interesting and entertaining that it doesn't really matter.

Well one night I was watching starz movie channel and suddenly I was immersed in a world of vampires and lycans.

So what we have is another Matrix rip off with a couple of decent action scenes, a pretentious backstory and a mixed bag of performances.

There is no exposition to the story, which is fine because there is no story.

Most of the characters are generic and dull.

Gritty, insanely loud and intense action scenes, and that great feeling in your gut when you know you're about to see something cool.

This makes the premise of the movie utterly mundane and without interest.

What was explained was done so in single, throw-away lines or long, drawn out boring flashback speeches.

It neither acknowledges nor discredits any other films that might be drawn into the genre, treading its own path in an entertaining enough way.

The performances are a mixed bag and whilst Kate Beckinsale is absolutely gorgeous she is very bland in the lead role (and it really pains me to say this as I was a big fan of her late father when he was in Porridge).

And I thought that was the worst movie ever at once...

Very enjoyable !

Just hang around looking bored and sexy?

This movie is too long and has millions of cliches.

Kate Beckinsale (as noted by previous comment) does look stunning in her get up for this flick and s.

The vampires use of guns got tiresome.

But with that said this is still action very much worth the watch.

The plot is all sorts of jumbled picking up in the middle of a story so as to dull any sort of character emotional impact and confusing lots of different threads.

Unwatchable and Predictable .

I highly recommend it.

As relaxing and predictable as watching `Bold and the Beautiful'.

The opener and the finale are so overlong and overdone, the audience gets bored.

Entertaining action fare...

the plot twists were well placed but predictable.

The characters are fresh, the visuals, however dark, are fascinating, and the story is not without originality.

I mean.. he just kind of complains a lot and fly's off the handle at the most seemingly mundane thing, like a teenage girl.

This movie is a bore!

The story is fairly interesting as we're told how this whole mess started, but it took way too long to get to that point.

This action packed story will please horror fans and convert new ones due to the melding of movie types to create a fresh interpretation to a century old genre.

There are a few good story ideas but the whole film is so dull.

The leather is there, continuing on from so many other films, and by no means is anything to do with Vampires or Werewolves a new angle, however this film combines the two in a stunning visual experience, which, unlike other leather clad films of the year (no names mentioned) has at least some understandable well constructed plot.

i have to say this movie is original and exciting to watch.

Truth be told, the plot was actually BETTER than I expected, and even though I never particularly cared about it enough to try to predict how it would end, the ending did come as being somewhat unexpected.

First the positives - Underworld has a decent story line with some compelling twists to keep it moving along.

Other then this blatant problem, the film was very interesting and semi action packed.

After the trailer I wasn't too sure about its quality because this black/blue style seemed quite boring to me.

It's also during her scenes with Speedman that Beckinsale is at her least convincing; she won me over as a kick-ass vampiress, but I had a hard time believing she was in love with this bland nobody named Michael.

Am I the only one out there who is bored with characters skulking round blue lit, rain soaked streets in figure hugging black PVC, dark sunglasses and trench coats?

Michael Sheen is intense as Lucian, I dug him.

The initial clash between Selene's (Kate Beckinsale) "Death Dealers" and Lucian's Lycan warriors was intriguing in that while it was evident they were following a human it did not reveal an inch into the intricate plot that follows.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I had to watch this film over 4 days because I kept falling asleep.

in its own right is a pretty enjoyable vampire / Werewolf action flick.

Along with too much aggressive confusion is the silliest head-splitting in cinema history.

The story was intriguing and well done.

Unfortunately the reasonable, if somewhat repetitive use of action is mired in a script marked by clunky dialogue and a massive over-reliance on shaky, blurred flashbacks to explain to the viewer exactly what is going on.

The action/fight sequences are well executed but a slow pace in between made the movie fee a little long.

It's visually stunning.

Perfect for a boring evening when there is nothing else to do, or when you get that vinyl craving.

This whole City-of-Dreadful-Night thing is becoming a cliché .

Besides the fact the movie had no story whatsoever the (sound)effects where horrible.

The movie was sold short it had no good dialogue between the characters, and the action scenes were entertaining at most.

before that i thought that it was kinda a boring film.

I'm not an expert of Vampyr mythology, but I was always under the impression that Vampires had a physical, as well as mental edge over Lycans, so it was confusing (although visually appealing) to see a leather-clad Kate Beckinsale swirling in her black cape (a la Matrix) shooting from a pair of inexhaustable handguns at physically larger and more powerful werewolves.

Underworld will undoubtedly impress younger viewers who may get taken in by the garish visuals, but for mature audiences or for anyone with half a brain the dreary tone and weak story are going to serve more as an annoyance and make one wish that they'd left the Underworld well alone.

I cant decide whether this or The Matrix Reloaded was the worst movie ive seen this year.

The script by Danny McBride is far too drawn out & takes all sorts of ideas & themes from other (much better) films like Blade (1998) & The Matrix (1999) in particular.

Stolen and cliché-filled .

The setting was dark enough for there to be a sombre, threatening atmosphere, and although, like many films of the genre, the plot line was a little self-indulgent, Beckinsale carried the film with style.

The plot is seriously contrived, at times downright confusing, and the acting is deliciously bad.

It was hard for me to find an enjoyable vampire/werewolf movie until this came along then I decided to give it a shot.

The plot tries to throw in a couple of twists & turns but I found it all pretty straight forward & a tad predictable.

I can't reveal the ending, although I want to, to save you your nine dollars, because I walked out early.

However, the story, such as it was, was only mildly intense and completely failed to grip me at any point.

It's totally boring after five minutes.

At times Underworld's vicious, blood-thirsty story of betrayal & revenge was definitely something of a gratifying adrenaline-rush where everyone (vampires and werewolves, alike) were getting royally clobbered, one and all.

This film is epic, exciting, and overall just a damn good movie.

Mundane dialogue with insipid delivery serves to bore rather than grip.

That aspect of the story isn't all that well built-up either, and rather than showing the two sides really going at each other with an intense hatred, the confrontations aren't that heated until the end and the ones that happen in between are really lackluster when compared to how a war is supposed to be.

The cinematography was amazing, the fight scenes were visually intense, and the mythology was complex and for the most part held up under closer scrutiny.

This movie wouldn't win any awards, but it's fast paced, it's entertaining and it has a very pretty woman in tight fitting vinyl, you can't ask for much more in an action movie.

The action set pieces are way over the top, yet always entertaining, and since vampires and werewolves don't really exist...

it was action packed and Definitely worth going to the theater to see!!

Lacking Character Development but Otherwise Enjoyable .

Overall Underworld has an intricate story, intense action, some suspense, cool special effects, and good performances by the cast who make this sci-fi movie worth watching at least once.

) The two creatures are so clichéd that the very mention of them is a cliché.

Controversy and lawyer bait aside, this film pulls on every cliche in the books and fails to bring anything new to the genre.

Those who have no interest in vampires etc will not like this film but for those who do, this film is well worth watching.

But apart from that, it was very entertaining, and I am looking forward to see the sequel i the theaters.

The fight scenes had some cool parts, but it also had some really contrived cheesy parts.

The third piece of criteria, action is met throughout Underworld because it's intense and realistic.

The plot is pure action movie fodder, but provides us with only two weak action scenes; one at the beginning and one at the end; with a whole lot of boring material in between delivered by the least talented and least charismatic cast in recent memory.

Apparently, the makers of the film felt the boredom was insufficient, because they have delivered an extended cut that replaces eleven minutes of existing footage while adding another twelve.

The Last Word: Unfocused and Bland.

This only intensifies the confusion of the audience as to why this war is so important to these creatures and why it is taking place in the first place, and why for that matter are we as the audience witnessing it at all.

Interesting and Worth Watching .

One of the most worthless pieces of mindless, plodding drivel ever committed to celluloid.

Instead of being evocative and powerful, the sets wind up looking like relics from some 80s Bauhaus video.

"Underworld" tells the tale of a current day war in dreary Europe between the vampires and the werewolves, dating back centuries.

Every plot was so predictable and so cliché.

This is a very stylish horror film that just falls flat with its boring action scenes and slow pacing.

) The storyline is really intriguing.

The dialogue for Underworld was hokey and contrived.

but I appreciate his efforts, and when it pays off (as it does here, or in other films like his amusing and thrilling "Live Free or Die Hard"), it really pays off.

Considering that many vampire and werewolf movies tend to bite (I don't go to these kinds of flicks expecting a Citizen Kane, Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia - all great movies), I found Underworld entertaining and enjoyable for the most part.

The acting by largely unknown actors was riveting and allowed me to suspend disbelief entirely.

The editing and directing are both impeccable, and help to move everything along at an entertaining and brisk pace.

I found the movie to be extremely entertaining, full of fresh new material.

I expected it to be absurd, awful, plot-less and pointless.

What this is, is a convoluted, uninteresting mess that happens to go on for two eternal hours.

The dialogue is clumsy, wooden, pompous an and - as the whole movie - absolutely boring.

I was quite surprised at how entertaining it was.

Kate Beckinsale was a fantastic choice for the lead role her performance alone makes the film worth watching, an amazing British actress with a huge amount of sex appeal.

There is a sufficiently engaging plot.

After watching the DVD just now I must say that I enjoyed it a lot.

I found it to be entertaining all the way through,I watched it in the movie theater .


Even the visuals get dull after awhile - I'd be laconic too, if I lived in a world entirely colored black and blue.

Set amid gloomy, Gothic castles where the elitist vampires huddle in their fight against evil, "Underworld" stresses adrenaline-laced action with just enough time out for the exposition to keep audiences on track about who's who.

But apart from that, it was very entertaining, and I am looking forward to see the sequel i the theaters.

Please don't waste your time and money, on this sad failure.

This is to say, "Underworld" was good, fast-paced, and visually catching at first, dragged a little as one began waiting for a bit more oomph, and slogged to a close leaving one disappointed.

Some of those answers may be present in the feature but the main focus becomes so confusing that anything else is pushed out of your mind to even ponder.

this movie is stylish and brilliant and in no way .. was it a ripoff of either Blade or The Matrix ..Kate Beckinsale is perfect as the emotionless Selene, head of the Vampiric death dealers .. whom for nearly 1,000 years have been at war with the LYCANS .. in a squabble that we learn later in the movie has been waged over a personal matter .. neither involving the main characters .. but all war must have a genesis ..BUT .. to make it all the move confusing .. the screen writers have thrown in some quip about the main hero .. Michael .. bearing both the blood of Vampyre and Lycan and the main lupine .. Lucian .. seems to think that his blood will end this war .. and give them supremecy over the Vampyres once and for all ..They never really follow up this storyline with any train of thought ...

All the characters are pumped up on adrenaline all the time, all they do is scream at each other all the time or hysterically fire bullets at each other.

Save your money go see something else

There's no point, no plot, no point, no nothing.

Very Enjoyable .

I hope Kate got paid a kings ransom to do this film, because she was mind blowing in Serendipity and even though SHE did a great job here, it just was a really tough movie to get through.

I thought it was quite a nice and intriguing flick.

I went into Underworld hoping to see a great, classic match up between werewolves and vampires, and instead got an annoying bore fest.

the trailer for this film would have you believe that this is an action packed, intense, gripping story about vampires and werewolves.

Don't waste you're time, go see a classic.

One other thing working against the film (other than Beckinsale's performance) is the unrelentingly drab and gloomy tone.

Special effects have become so impressive in recent years that even they have a hard time exciting an audience anymore.

The storyline itself is surprisingly original and is in no way, shape, or form predictable.

Boring Gunfights in a dark movie .

Having the two main characters pointlessly hook up only gives the writers the excuse to write a pointless sex scene in the sequel(see Underworld Evolution).

I truly expected a knock down drag out end-to-end attempt by vampires and werewolves to annihilate each other with big explosions, unbelievable fight scenes and over the top special effects.

some parts of it were obvious but enjoyable.

There are several nice action set-pieces throughout the film, but the overall effect is confusing and disjointed.

But other than that, this was really a fun, excitement-filled film - kept me on the edge of my seat the whole movie....

Usually, these "war between two creatures" films are really entertaining, like Van Helsing or AVP, but this one, it's just flat out boring.

Overall, a very cool movie with an intriguing storyline and fantastic style.

Underworld is fun, intriguing and catches you with all of the side characters involved.

This is quite a stylish film except that the plot is a little cliché and thin.

But i enjoyed it, would recommend it to those kids who have goth inspirations, and more importantly, would tell them not to expect the matrix with fangs, or blade with bullet time.

And I think that is what this movie is shooting for… exciting.

I am surprised to find that at the time I cast my rating, this movie only got a 6.3/10. I think it is actually much more entertaining than that.

Underworld reminds me of the time my friends dragged me to see Blade 2.

Overall this is an entertaining, well put together film which's draws the open minded intelligent viewer in and engages them in the dark world of god damn s*** sucking vampires.

My husband fell asleep at the climax and when I woke him he replied he didn't care and would rather get the sleep than see the ending.

If you liked the ambience of the Matrix, and are tired of the same old boring vampire/werewolf storyline, then this movie should be high on your list.

Yet I didn't find the movie really breaking any new, innovative ground, except for the fusion of vampires and werewolves (an intriguing idea done well).

It's a long time since i've been so bored watching a movie.

True, it isn't the most original concept and we have oft seen similar styles of treatment of ancient rivalries, but Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen are engaging enough in this tale of vampires v werewolves.

I'm a horror movie fanatic who has seen literally hundreds of horror movies(check out my comments and be impressed)and I enjoyed it very immensely.

Because at first you already know how it will end, and second it will be much more exciting because you're imagination will produce the story much better then the guys of the special-effects studio did.

Both sides are miserable and dull to watch.

I think this movie is worth watching it, especially if you are an action fan.

But I liked it then and after just re-watching the Extended edition, I still think it's quite well-done and mighty entertaining if you just take it for the mindless spectacle it's supposed to be.

An excellent action packed thriller.

Scott Speedman was incredibly bland.

Plotwise, there's also a tepid, and entirely predictable romance between Speedman and Beckinsale, which seems strangely out of place amongst the unrelenting carnage and testosterone-charged atmosphere of the largely male supporting cast.

Kate Beckinsale was bland on screen and now we know why Scot Speedman is just known for being on Felicity.

Lack of storyline can be made up for with brilliant performances of the material available, a low budget can be made up for with clever execution, and something redundant can be given a new spin, or a different feel.

Even then, the film looks and feels drab, with characters struggling to keep their emotions in check.

I must say she looks stunning in her movie hairdo and she is totally hot in the tight black vampiress latex attire.

A vampiric coming of age tale...

I would not recommend this to blood-sucking gore junkies, as there probably isn't enough horror to satisfy you, but if you're looking for a punchy, well-executed, enjoyable film and you don't shy away from small amounts of blood or horror then this may be for you.

As a comic book fan, I enjoyed it.

A dark, Gothic, action packed spectacular.

The Vampires, on the other hand, are mostly boring and poorly acted, too similar to ordinary humans to be remotely frightening or interesting,and come through as a bunch of hedonistic toffs in Matrix-style leather; furthermore, their leader, Viktor (played by Bill Nighy) turns out to be a fascist old viper who instigated the war between the races in the first place.

i was enjoying the whole film, not just because i'm a huge vampires and werewolves guy, but this one is very entertaining.

All in all, the movie was way too long.

What bored me was the loveless gunfights.

Constant hints at a much deeper story for every character that is overshadowed by cliche's.

What do you get when you ripoff every set and costume Design From The Matrix, The Crow, Dark City and Batman, Then woefully miscast a pretty, quaint UK actress best known for her work in period pieces and throw in every cliche, plot twist and device from every vampire film since Near Dark??

Maybe it is because it is a vampire vs werewolf film and that I have found very few such films out there that have been all that exciting.

This aspect, along with the excellent visual effects makes Underworld an enjoyable experience.

The action sequences were remarkably uninvolving and dull.

Compelling, Gripping .

Another boring Hollywood script over hyped.

If I wanted to spend my time seeing boring, cranky, old people, I could do it for free at the old folks' home.

Alas,despite its exciting sequences, including the opening shot, " Underworld.

However, although Underworld is undoubtedly a case of style over content, it still manages to be pretty entertaining.

When you go to watch a movie like this, you should be expecting something stupid, but enjoyable to watch.

It took me a long time to see this movie, and when I did, I enjoyed it.

A wholly derivative romp in cinematic banality.

The men turning into werewolves could be fascinating for the viewers who loves this kind of genre.

But the attraction between these two is truly intriguing and electrifying.

The thought that vampires and werewolves have been duking it out for thousands of years right under our noses is intriguing, even if it hasn't been fleshed out that well in the film.

Yawn .

We barely even saw a set of fangs - these were simply the most boring vampires I've ever seen.

Also at the end how Viktor got his skull sliced in half is very intense and a amazing.

I watched this with my brother and he fell asleep.

The storyline is compelling and not obfuscated like some of the submoronic action flics I've watched this summer.

In my opinion, too many films in the recent horror genre seem to degenerate into comedy, and have more emphasis on gore and blood rather than an intriguing story.

Many time movies like this have no storyline or it is so weak that it gets lost in the action.

Enjoyable, but slow to get going .

I guess the best way for me to sum up my feelings about UNDERWORLD is to say it was much more entertaining and intelligent than I expected.

One of the worst movies ever made, plain and simple.

Please don't waste your money to see this film.

Yet put aside the failures in the plot and you have a highly enjoyable action flick, and, of course, Kate Beckinsale (who spends most of the movie wearing extremely tight Matrix style leather which leaves nothing at all to the imagination) to drool over.

There's some great effects, some terrific action sequences, but the story itself is actually intriguing.

This is a very engaging flick.

The result is a good looking- but mostly empty movie that isn't really always constantly pleasant to watch.

Every time you hope they surprise you with an unexpected event that changes everything.

It has some good action sequences and it is very fast paced.

However, the action itself is limited, but focuses on the storyline which in my opinion is its strongest quality, it's dark and intense with Werewolf transformation that leave nothing to the imagination.

I wish I could have slept through this boring mess, but my insomnia was acting up that day.

How some of the bullet victims can appear to squeeze their sphincter and have the bullets crawl out of the holes they've made in heads and bodies leaves me a bit curious, but it is kind of exciting.

However, the romantic sideline seems crammed in somehow, as though the filmmakers realised that there needed to be some substance to pace out the next confusing gun-battle.

The story does add some nice twists to the usual bland perspectives on the beasties, and it certainly doesn't hurt to have Kate Beckinsale running around in patent leather, butt-hugging pants.

Boring .

Specials effects are breathtaking , part is made by means of computer generator and part by make-up.

The action scenes are just bland and it's obvious that somebody watched and tried to rip off Blade prior to filming this movie.

The predominance of long, drawn-out series' of hissing at opponents both lupine and vampiric was perhaps the worst indication, though the barroom-brawl-style swings were nearly as bad.

whole story and movie was so gripping that i dint take my eyes of the t.

Enjoyable .

Entertaining, unique and updated take on a familiar story .

The costume design is stunning, as are the special effects.

I was completely into the story, which is surprisingly rich and engaging.

It's not only vaguely unsatisfying but also boring, which is a terrible crime for an action movie, they're supposed to be all-excitement adrenaline fests.

definitely entertaining and the plot was solid enough to hold my interest.

The movie, instead of being a spine-tingling horror-adventure ride, is instead a ponderous, painful machine that grinds down everything in its wake, including the viewer.

It was by far the worst movie ever!

yawn .

*Yawn*I thought that the Vampires were a bunch of prissy, lad-de-da, gothic party goers and really, really wanted them to die.

I found this to be a very entertaining movie, with a very aggressive sound track.

In another sense I must say that vampires and werewolves do bore me though.

Underworld went nowhere fast.

This movie was an incredible waste of time and money.

I can only assume that many of the US reviewers were fooled by a bunch of English accents and dreary shots of a dismal Eastern-European city into thinking that this was somehow a classy piece of work.

An earlier comment noted that: "This 30 year old has the figure and face of a magazine model, with the bored flat expression to match.

There was a surprising and action packed story with characters one grows to like.

For the most part, I found the film an enjoyable enough experience to recommend--although there are some scenes that seem to slow the film down and add nothing to the story.

An engrossing gothic flick .

This movie exemplifies the typical Hollywood "noisemaker", a film that emphasizes excessive noise and violence over a compelling story or interesting characters.

Visually unattractive, Underworld looks like it has been shot as black and white through a blue filter, causing a dull look.

Only a huge fool would say it's the "worst movie ever".

Disappointing and Boring .

Yes, it's action packed.

This movie was enjoyable enough at normal decibel-level.

Giant waste of time....

The characters are engaging.

Although the small action scenes work very well, the more elaborate scenes are disjointed, confused, and somewhat silly.

Somewhere underneath all the plot exposition and back-story speech-making there lurks an exciting movie.

Underworld is terrifically tedious.

It still was a killer movie and more than worth the watch.

It took Underworld to make them boring.

I was bored the first half of the movie and unimpressed the second.

Boring and nothing new .

Amidst a clutter of cliched sets, impossible to differentiate from each other, and heavily overused lightning and rain (I'm sure there are OTHER ways of creating a gothic atmosphere) an uninteresting and meandering plot slowly fizzles to life.

The diabolically bad 'Pearl harbour'; the tame 'Serendipity'; and the boring 'Golden Bowl'.

The movie doesn't stay on one concept, it's lower budget (23 million) gives it less CGI and smaller, reused locations, and the touted romance between main characters Michael (Scott Speedman, kinda boring) and Selene (played well by Kate Beckinsale) never really has time to develop.

Only Shane Brolly turns in a disappointing performance, unable to settle for an American, Russian, or Irish accent, and delivering all three with equal boredom.

The action overall is intense from start to finish.

Another problem with the movie was that there was so much double-crossing and double-dealing going on, it was hard to follow who was who.

But still entertains, it is fast paced film.

"Terminator 3" was acceptable but it's best bit was it's end, "Matrix Reloaded" was a poor sequel obviously building up towards an ending (which will probably turn out to be disappointing as well) and "The Hulk" had a nice twist on the Superhero Genre, but ultimately was a bit slow at times.

Firstly, the film is slow to get going, for the first hour or so the film opens up so many questions you're left thinking "huh?

Characters and it's theme plays an engaging role in Underworld.

What I got was an anemic, pretentious, "action" flick that hasn't a spark of originality or life.

An innovative, entertaining mixture of styles .

One of the main fascinating sequences is the car chase.

Has got to be one of the most pointless movies I've ever had the displeasure of viewing.

The man in it was nothin special,therefore making you wonder why the woman(a werewolf stalker vigilante vampire chick) would waste the time and energy on him,let alone fall madly in love with him and give up on her own "race" at a cheance to be with him.

But generally well worth watching!

Overall this film was reasonably entertaining.

Yet, in Underworld they make those rules fuzzy and confusing.

His character managed to achieve this plotless mess to become even more ludicrous.

Very Entertaining & A Visual Delight .

What could pass as an entertaining and visually dazzling cable watch ends up as a confusing romp of a fantasy adventure.

Speedman is too bland to really write too much about so I won't.

The dialogs are mostly predictable and shallow, and it seems the focus of this movie is on a disappointing 'cool factor' rather than absorbing the viewer into the story.

This movie was great, as is the sequel, and I must say that the only reason I rate it a 9 is because of the dark contrast and the repetitive music.

But Underworld is just an empty vehicle for slick posturing.

), abso-fricking-lutely POINTLESS!

It's a predictable twist and with all the information given to the viewer about his past and his motivations, I felt like it wasn't enough to get me on the protagonist's side.

And it was so unexpected when the werewolf walks up to the "cool" vampire and kills him right away.

After a while I didn't care who was shooting at whom or why, After another while it just became boring; it was like watching someone else play a shoot 'em up and realising they weren't going to let you have a go until he'd finished every level.

Even though some scenes do look dated (the lycans often look like puppets at times) they are still enjoyable to watch.

Too good for this vampire crap, they have an endless supply of bloodbank "food," so throw aside EVERYTHING PRIMAL about vampires - imagine them instead as spoiled -rotten rich kid types- they're actually the most boring screen version of vampires you will ever encounter.

the first time it was told a few years ago, but ripped off to make this boring and unconvincing tragedy of a film.

"Underworld"- A wickedly entertaining and sleek exercise in style over substance.

An Enjoyable Action Film .

High budget, good acting and entertaining.

Films like Underworld won't change the face of horror cinema, but at least they're enjoyable for the duration.

I hate to say it but most movies we have today are really boring and too complicated for a teenager like me to watch.

Kate Beckinsale seemed bored the whole time.

If you watch the film from a critical standpoint then you will miss how enjoyable the film can be.

Stylish and Entertaining .

The initial premise sounds very promising: Vampires and werewolves have been engaging in a secret war for thousands of years, with the aristocratic vampires holding the upper hand.

It's worth watching.

Which leads me to the next problem: there seemed to be a great deal of confusion about the exact nature of what separated the vampires from the werewolves.

This movie was extremely entertaining and I never looked at my watch or felt it getting dull.

The notion of Lycans (werewolves) and Vampires fighting it out in a modern day metropolis was indeed intriguing to say the least.

They do not, for example, sleep in coffins during daylight hours (not that they need to, because it always seems to be night-time during this film), or waste much time trying to avoid crucifixes and garlic.

The gunfight bits were also pretty uninteresting.

But if you find werewolves and vampires fascinating, and you like a good story, then this is the movie for you.

The vampires and werewolves all wear similar drab grey clothing and combined with the drab grey filming and poor editing the end result is an insane jigsaw puzzle of who's killing who.

It feels fresh, even when watching it today, just a shame that McBride's script is littered with thin characterisation and plagued with bland dialogue.

*******END OF SPOILERS******To sum it up, this movie has some problems but it still manages to be entertaining.

I thought the movie was fun and quite enjoyable to watch.

The development of the characters seemed silly and contrived.

At least that pain and horror would have a happy ending -- my death, or my health restored at the hands of medics -- but this was unbearable.

In a nutshell: every character in this movie is a cliché, every supposedly surprising turn is a cliché, they even suffer from the all-wear-black-leather-cliché.

"Underworld" is a great time, and would definitely serve well to spice up a slow afternoon when you're stuck at home with nothing else to do.

action packed engagements with unique special creature effects introducing a beautiful KATE BECKINSALE who I had the privilege to meet on an IRISH movie set in 2015 as the HEROINE death dealer who questions authority & her beginning when she discovers her past & realizes what side she fights for ultimately sending her on an unpredictable path with enemies on both sides ...

The movie is high powered, fast-moving, and dark.

They look stylish and thrilling.

Can it be confusing?

Also enjoyable to watch is the usually light comedy actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually) who obviously felt it was time to (literally) get his teeth into something a bit meatier, as he revels in the role of the Vampire Lord Viktor.

Variety is the spice of life and this movie was bland.

When, after an exruciatingly long buildup, push finally does come to shove, the action is served up music video style-fast, flashy, and utterly confusing.

SEE THIS AWESOME ACTION PACKED MOVIE on vampires and werewolves!

It was actually pretty intriguing and it held my attention during the whole movie.

Boring, boring , boring.. bad movie .

is the story compelling?

Scott is completely bland here and interchangeable with Barry Watson in my mind.

i mean seriously here people the characters in this film were ALL one dimensional, the dialog was wretched and contrived.

Underworld's greatest asset is the stunning visual work.

On the one hand, there's lots of shootouts and fight scenes that are well-staged and filmed and reasonably exciting.

However this is only a minor quibble and it shouldn't distract from the entertaining film too much.

An enormous waste of hype, time and money, absolutely underwhelming and awful.

Entertaining .

" It is the single most cliché-ridden film I've ever seen.

The second problem is drab direction.

I wanted cool action sequences, but I also wanted some compelling characters and interesting story developments.

---But hey I still liked the show from an artsy fartsy point of view!

But to sum it up, what you've got here is a whole bunch of soap opera actors playing unconvincing vampires and werewolves and a fairly bland screenplay with a lot of shooting and cliche dialogue.

In conclusion I think that anyone who doesn't mind violence in films should watch this movie, I highly recommend it!

So, it's an inconsistant, uninteresting, and a cheap remake of the matrix, with mad dogs.

Add to all this the fact that the most interesting characters are pushed into the background while the incredibly bland leads take on the spotlight for no readily apparent reason, and you have a mash that lands just this side of incompetent.

For those who find her a hot babe (like me), Underworld might just be worth watching for her alone.


Lacking the genuine horror in the vampire movie Near Dark, and with acting as wooden as it gets without sprouting roots, Underworld is nevertheless an entertaining horror flick and well worth a bag of popcorn and a bottle of your favourite fizzy to wash it down with.

Way too pretentious.

A lot of flash and bang, but it's horrendously underwritten, far too serious and as a result of all this rather dull .

Overall, I enjoyed it.

Although most of the time it builds suspense, sometimes it is charged with passion and at others provokes strong emotions from the audience, there are several occasions where it flags a little to say the least and you get a little distracted by something else, such as searching for the already half-empty vodka bottle.

I've just watched this film and found it dull, boring and dreary and thats with vamires and werewolfs fighting each other!

Thoroughly enjoyable .

UNDERWORLD suffers from an intriguing concept and little substance.

It really helps to elevate what could otherwise have been a drab, lifeless affair.

The action scenes, which were meant to entertain, were boring, more like gun fights from The Matrix rather than any creature fights from monster movies (I understand they have to save their budget).

" I just got back from seeing it and I must say that this movie should stand up pretty well in the face of all the ridiculous (read: pointless, useless) "Matrix; Crow; Blade" comparisons.

I thought it felt like such a cliché i didn't even want to see the rest.

But instead of being asuspenseful and thrilling plot development, this process ends feelingmore like something out of the ending of a beach-blanket summer flick.

Scott Speedman handles the role of Michael well, conveying the character's disorientation and confusion excellently, as well as bringing real presence to the dénouement.

The whole vampire and werewolf falling in love thing is actually intriguing to watch.

It's a decently enjoyable film when it's underway.

Insert "vampire movie sucks" cliche here...

The movie has several good points, ranging from stunning visual effects and props to having a dark quality to it like so many horror/adventure movies that are gracing our decade.

I found the whole thing disjointed and at times found myself thinking "oh for goodness sake get on with it.

Although the movie disappointed me a little, I still enjoyed it.

The story of the bitter rivalry between to two mythic characters would make a fascinating prequel, and the sequel should follow "Underworld" with real impact as well.

As I left the theater, I overheard bad comments coming from behind me- "I couldn't get into that story" "Man, this movie kinda sucked" "I don't know what that was all about" It's true that the same flock of people that came in expecting "Blade" like flick, or perhaps "The Matrix" of vampires and werewolves, would probably be disappointed.

Still, though it may not sound it, I genuinely loved it and highly recommend it to any horror fan.

Yet I found the film a little bit long and repetitive as for the fighting scenes.

The only upsetting fact of the character is the way he dies, which seemed like a slap in the face to the fine performer who worked so hard to set up an engaging character only to be kicked down so quickly.

Underworld has riveting action scenes that are fun and stylistic to watch.

Well I'll be honest, it is entertaining!

This is an action packed story about Vampires versus Werewolves.

Also in many scenes where you got armies of vampires and lycans going against each other, it just turns into a ball of confusion as to who is getting shot by whom.

The most fascinating aspect of 2003's Underworld is how thoroughly the main plot gets overshadowed by one stunning supporting performance and a back story we see only in flashbacks.

No, all together, it may look promising and fascinating if you're a 13 year old pimpled horror freak with giant braces in your mouth ( no offense if you are, by the way ) but if you're a bit of a traditional horror fan, this movie will leave you behind with an empty feeling.

I give it 6.5 stars out of 10 for the excellent costumes, makeup (including the very sexy teeth), set design, use of both a Maserati and Bentley (hard driven, too), lots of eye and ear candy and intriguing storyline.

The film starts off well with a fabulously exciting train station scene - a good premise as we see the two rival species in action.

Total waste of time .

Selene is a dull, non-smiling, grumpy girl and she falls in love with this lycan-vamp hybrid guy.

You'll be bored to death and you'll learn to HATE DOORS!

Werewloves and Vampires are busily conducting their centuries long war when Selene (Kate Beckinsdale), in her stunning PVC cat-suit, stumbles across a Lycan (werewolf clan) plot to kidnap a certain Michael Corvin (Scott 'forgot what he looked like already and it only finished about thirty minutes ago' Speedman) for some bloodline experiments that their leader Lucian (Michael 'Why does an articulate skinny English bearded geek = mysterious to American audiences but = bland drama school type to me' Sheen) is conducting.

There is no plot to speak of - all we need to know is laid out wholesale in the opening monotone monologue.

Such stupid things as "worst movie ever" and "Matrix rip-off".

Wiseman and screen writer Danny McBride, create a fascinating world and an almost timeless tale.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I've seen Howard the Duck.

The whole tone of the film is way too dark and coupled with a weak and underwritten narrative it also feels quite boring and it's fair to say that the two hour running time feels at least 50% longer than the actual run time.


One part The Matrix, one part Blade, Underworld is yet another modern take on vampires that bypasses the traditions of the genre (black cloaks, castles, striking male vampires with Eastern European accents) by embracing what are quickly becoming a new set of traditions of the genre (black leather, spandex, low lighting, lots and lots of automatic weapons) and failing to make any of it the least bit compelling.

I'm just tired of those bland and forgettable "Matrix" rip-offs that think that are cool just for having a lot of bullet time fighting scenes which are actually pretty lame, cheesy and uninspired.

The very last fight scene in the film was also great, very intense and unpredictable.

It's entertaining and the vampires and werewolves are very modern.

Underworld pitches dim Vampires against dopey Werewolves in a modern day Blade-like, urban (yawn) nighttime setting.

boring .

It really scares you, and the adrenaline rush is real.

well, like the Matrix Reloaded unfortunately did to stupefyingly boring results.

The strong and stunning Kate Beckinsale plays Selene, a Vampire Death Dealer-- a vampire warrior who hunts down and kills Lycans (Werewolves).

Overall I say that it is definitely worth watching also check out the sequel Evolutions.

Great special effects, good action sequences, a story that moves at a smart pace (though is occasionally predictable), and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As sad as that may sound about most Hollywood movies of recent times, this movie has a great, engaging story that is coherent as it is interesting.

If you can get around the negative parts and accept that it's a long, drawn-out action film with monsters as the two sides, it should provide some entertainment value.

It kept moving too, as they were on slow parts what-so-ever.

If you are wanting to see a film that is excellent example of the genre and highly entertaining, then I would gladly recommend Underworld.

All it does is slow the movie down, so that our heroine Selene can return to the vampire mansion and escape from it for about five times; so that the poor hero Michael can be captured, released, rescued, tied up and hunted over and over again without ever having a clue what is going on; so that the (admittably great) Bill Nighy can be a vampire lord and sit in a dark room holding monologues while we can witness the slowest awakening and regeneration ever captured on film.

This was very entertaining.

But the thing is boring, nothing of any real interest happens, and the chemistry between anyone in the film is virtually non existent.

Overall this is an entertaining, well put together film which's draws the open minded viewer in and engages them in the dark world of god damn shit sucking vampires.

Enjoyable .

The story line was just kind of cliché and predictable and throwing a romance element in there just kind of ruined it.

And then there's Michael Corvin…Underworld is a stylishly cast action flick, with plenty of tense action sequences and blood, and yet it suffers from that unfortunate affliction which besets so many action movies – lack of storyline.

At some points it was thoroughly engaging but at other times it just seemed drawn out.

The story is compelling.

My friend fell asleep.

The plot is overall imaginative and thrilling.


The story was contrived, the 'fight scenes' shallow except for Michael vs.

The cinematography is fluid, atmospheric and energetic; the sets are intensely Gothic and hauntingly beautiful; and, while the graphically-depicted blood and gore gets a little tiresome towards the end of the film, the special effects are otherwise dazzling, particularly the transformation sequences, which are the best I've seen in a long time.

What starts from there, is a thoroughly enjoyable dark, mythical, action-adventure film, till the very end.

You would think a lame, terrible contrived and convoluted action horror film would at least have a few scares and/or a major star to flex some charisma.

Lucian, in his dying breath, reveals another twist (which is quite predictable): Viktor, not Werewolves, was the real murderer of Selene's folks.

The plot was enticing, the action entertaining, and the characters engaging.

it's just that a good entertaining movie was made about it with lots of noir (noir as in dark/black).

Overall this film is awesome and I highly recommend it.

Also, if I had cared the least bit about any of the characters, I might have enjoyed it more.

The action is abundant and full of cliche.. like a porno's.

Sophia Myles looks stunning, and I couldn't help wishing that she'd taken the leading role instead of Beckinsale.

The attempts at making suspenseful, horror film-like scares were disappointing.. or maybe I'm just jaded.. several did incite some laughter from me though.

Want an entertaining monster film?

I think passing out occasionally would have really helped the plot along, and also would have made it much more exciting for me.

It's dark and dreary from beginning to end, which is not unexpected in a film about a war between werewolves and vampires, but the darkness gets a little repetitive long before the end of the movie.

Another example of how Hollywood can get all the right ingredients and still end up making a horrible mess that leaves a bland taste in your mouth.

If they were going to show these two fighting they would have to slow the film speed down in order for us to watch it.

Strange casting choices, "barely there" storyline ,predictable plot turns...

I had to get used to the idea that some die and some don't, and I never really figured out why because the movie was moving so quickly and was exciting, so I just forgot to care why.

Well if it doesn't, it's also got vampires and werewolves to round the cliché list off.

In the Matrix and Underworld, the first half of the movie is a little confusing.

They threw in some plot toward the end, but by then, I was too bored to care - how many different ways can you show a sharp implement entering a body?

This was an entertaining movie, taking the vampire and werewolf myth on a new path.

Putting aside all of the rhetoric about realism, Matrix rip-offs, and vampire/werewolf lore consistency, this movie stands as a rare gem because it is both intriguing and consistent unto itself.

They were either blank and mundane, or inexplicably passionate.

After the umpteenth gunfight, I started yawning.


While the script may not be perfect, the actors manage to keep a straight face and are entertaining to watch.

Ever since Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" in 1982, however, this whole City-of-Dreadful-Night look has become a cliché.

This was one of the most boring movies i've ever seen.

It was the most unbearable piece of trash I have ever seen.

This film can only spin boredom into something that should have been half of every thing that it ultimately became.

A dull ride .

I found the part of the plot relating to the Vampyre Elders rather fascinating, so I which they would've developed it more.

This is an exciting movie with great performances, dark, gothic set pieces, non-stop action and one of the best stories I have seen in a movie in a long time.

At parts it was a little bit confusing, and I had to ponder something.

Most entertaining!

In closing, this was an enjoyable action film and I recommend it to anybody who likes this type of movie in general or Kate Beckinsale in particular.

It's perfect camp and once you piece together the story, it is an enjoyable film altogether.

The action scenes were pointless, especially the ones involving the main character.

When Underworld takes itself too seriously and the story is bogged down by exposition scenes (that actually make the film more confusing) it's no fun.

Even Bill Nighy, who has done some good things, is a bland choice for the middle-aged King of the Vamps, he looks like Mr. Greenjeans in Halloween makeup, and proves a pale shadow of the character who probably inspired his casting, Corin Redgrave in the brilliant British vampire miniseries Ultraviolet.

Maybe it was because the flimsy plot, maybe it was the phony, ordinary, fight scenes, maybe it was because the huge focus of this story, 'mike', had only about eight lines, maybe it was all the cliche phrases, MAYBE it was the shallow and transparent love story between Celene(Celene?

There's no humour in the movie, thesupporting cast are hugely bland and unlikeable while the specialeffects are often cheesy and dull.

does a good job of delivering her lines and even though you can't see her very well, looks stunning in that matrix style pleather jumpsuit.

The plot is terrible, confusing (at times), and the fight scenes all have a massive sense of deja-vu to them.

Although Wiseman claims it to be creative and innovating, it falls into the same old cliché ***SPOILERS*** the origin of the war was a passionate matter ***END SPOILER**** ...

It's so exciting and dramatic.

And the action scenes, however awesome, were a bit repetitive.

Be entertaining?

with all the normal clichés aside, this movie is thoroughly entertaining.

The Bad News: There are several problems with the film, with the biggest one being that it's just a long bore-fest at times.

The director (Len Wiseman) did a splendid job setting the dark and dreary mood that was just right for this particular movie.

Kind of a new faster way than the slow hair growing you might be used to seeing.

I was expecting a Blade ripoff but I was treated to an engrossing story, excellent special effects and plenty of action scenes.

I certainly wasn't expecting a really upbeat film, and have been impressed by dark action flicks before, but it all gets so repetitive here, it just keeps going and going, which gets pretty tiresome, maybe even depressing!

' Wiseman selected quite a good cast for the movie, even in small roles, and this helps immensely in making `Underworld' entertaining.


The women are just stunning.

I was very displeased at this movie and will not be going back for seconds over all 4 stars the cheesy sex scene just made a bad movie worse, half way through the movie i had to drop a pill, thats how bored i was the main character was a joke, seemed like he was a weak p#*s take off the lead in the league of extraordinary gentlemen.

I think this makes the movie more enjoyable for a larger amount of people!

A Waste of Time .

Again, it's not gonna win any awards, but this movie is FUN TO WATCH, and if you go in expecting it to be bad, but enjoyable, then you'll come out happy.

which can of made the hybrid pointless.

Through out the entire movie, he is trying to act "intense" and "angry.

I also think that the film can be a bit contrived at times, like they tried to shoehorn in a bit too much plot to match the action.

Underworld is great and the sequels are necessary but the third one is totally a waste of money.

Although the special effects are pretty impressive and Len Wiseman's direction is technically flawless, it came a point in the movie where I couldn't identify with any character, thus the movie became boring and extremely overlong.

THank you for reviving yet ANOTHER horrible cliché.

There has been a lull in the past few hundred after vampire disciple Kraven defeated the leader of the lycans Lucian.

I mean, how many times do we need to see a super slow motion shot with the camera spinning around in a 360 degree arc while the person is shooting a gun before we just go `ho hum.

Overall, Underworld is a flawed, if enjoyable, action-romp.

The Romeo & Juliet plot arch is slapped on and so trite it will make you wince.

And even though the movie was boring, at least I got to look at her most of the time.

This one is action packed.

I've seen Underworld twice now, and I'e enjoyed it twice.

In it's best incarnations it has been used as a way to enhance the on screen action and draw the audience into a more protracted and intense visual experience.

This is the least intriguing movie I've seen all year, and the worst since THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, which at least was fun for a couple of minutes.

) All in all, this is a dull, backstory-heavy muddle with little to recommend it.

The romance is hardly touched on, there's better action in The Matrix and it's a little messy; but I really enjoyed it, Kate Beckinsale is awesome and it's entertaining on the whole.

The vampires, as a group, are petty, dull, boring and vacuous, while the werewolves are grim, grimy, well-muscled, and psychotic.

He's caught the 'look' of the vampires and the cinematography is relatively good but the film's running on empty.

I really wanted to like this movie, I really expected to be thrilled by this movie, but instead I was just bored.

As the Lycan boss, Michael Sheen creates a compelling portrait of ferocity that becomes oddly sympathetic, particularly when his grievance against the vampires is given an airing.

well there wasn't much at all so whats to say really, just very boring run of the mill action scenes WHEN they do occur,which isn't often.

Everyone else is amoral in a banal way, evil in one dimension of the word, or completely forgettable.

For nearly fifteen years now, the "Underworld" franchise has been entertaining audiences with its relatively competent action and overly moody visuals.

The story is terrible, uninteresting, and incoherent.

Shane Brolly played a great, yet intense weasel.

But nevertheless, this movie was enjoyable in a dark, vapiristic, gothic way.

'Underworld (2003)' reverses the usual 'Hollywood' gender roles in a relatively refreshing way, so it's a shame that it also conforms to the tropes of its genre in pretty much every other area, to the point that it's predictable essentially down to the letter and that some of its more extraneous plot elements feel as though they were included out of a false sense of necessity rather than out of a legitimate narrative need.

A human gets caught in the crossfire for reasons too confusing to explain.

It wasn't even entertainment - I LOVE mindless garbage movies, but the effects in this movie were minimal at best and boring at worst.

Another thing is that the story becomes unnecessary hard to follow at times, because of the very same reason.

The main problem with this picture is the acting is appallingly banal and lifeless, with absolutely cliched characters because none of the actors are capable of making their part their own.

It's so cliché these days that you even see it used on crappy TV shows.

The movie is predictible, boring and actually not interesting at all.

3) This movie is so cliche'.

The previews made it look action packed.

I really wanted to like this film, but the sort-of-intriguing plot ended up being subsumed by poor acting and an over-abundance of gun play and dodgy martial arts.

Underworld is an action packed horror movie!

or reasonable explanation ..The transmutations from man to Lycan is brilliant and breathtaking to see .. I didn't notice any CGI at all .. the Vampyres .. except for the odd blue eyed change .. don't really do much except fly backwards over their opponents and shoot a lot of bullets ..I love the idea of capturing daylight in bullet form .. I am hoping that they can make the sequel .. just as heartpounding .. and fast paced as this one ..Definitely 10/10 for this one .. I can hardly wait for the DVD to come on sale ..People .. if you only see one movie this year .. make it Underworld

However, with all its issues, the action is fairly entertaining and since the movie is rated R, there's some nice blood spatter so you won't fall asleep while watching it.

Bloody boring .

An exiting plot, not a dull moment, I was on the edge of my seat for almost two hours!

This movie, in my opinion, was very enjoyable.

The action sequences are also very confusing.

Definitely worth watching at 8 out of 10 (watch out for the uninspired sequel though).

Action monster movie with lots going on, but nothing happening .

The story is excellent but sometimes is a little tiny bit slow.

Kate Beckinsale was sexy in her tights but very dull in her acting as well as many could call this a "dull" film.

I would say the film opens with a decent narration from Kate Beckinsale as Selene, but it goes from there to a tedious battle sequence (the subway station one, in this case).

Underworld was easily far better than most of the Summer 2003 releases: - Matrix Reloaded (not bad, but really not that good) - Extraordinary League of Gentlemen (fell way short of its potential) - Charlie's Angels (so much candy I got a toothache) - The Hulk (story aims for serious, progressively gets stupider)If you like the Blade movies you should find this one enjoyable as well.

The movie is entertaining and capable of keeping its audience's attention.

UNDERWORLD does a great job of respecting known vampyre/wolven lore and adds to it and paving the road to an intriguing future.

All I derived was boredom.

Bill Nighy, who plays the ancient vampire leader Viktor, gives an entertaining performance that was still quite interesting despite the fact that he doesn't appear till relatively late in the film.