Unhinged (2020) - Action, Thriller

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After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Derrick Borte
Stars: Russell Crowe, Jimmi Simpson
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 168 found boring (22.02%)

One-line Reviews (142)

Who will rate this boring out of time unrealistic flop 6 or five or even 1.

Everything was too predictable as well, "where are my candy cane scissors?

This is the most intense road rage movie since Spielberg's "Duel" in the 70's with the pressures of life, marriage and death at its core.

Oh man a creepy guy is stalking a poor helpless woman zzzzz...

Very entertaining in parts from a shock brutality petspective.

Maybe predictable, but enough surprises to keep it more than entertaining.

I saw "Unhinged", starring Russell Crowe-Man of Steel, Gladiator; Caren Pistorious-Mortal Engines, Slow West; Jimmi Simpson-Westworld_tv, White House Down and Gabriel Bateman-Child's Play_2019, Lights Out.

Good sound effects and intense music.

Yes it is paint by numbers filmmaking but if you want something well acted, enjoyable (if you like film violence) and looking to pass the time - you'll leave happy enough.

Otherwise reasonable acting , fast paced tension.

His performance alone is what made the film worth watching as a whole.

Intense, brutal and unforgiving ride .

Its fun its fast its furious and its intense, strongly recommend to check it out

Whenever there is someone driving too slow, we are all become extremely irritated.

She has just talked to her lawyer, Jimmi, who gave her some unexpected news about her divorce, and it's not good.

A nail biting and suspenseful 90 minutes.

Most intensely violent enjoyable movie iv seen in a long time.

Is the plot predictable?

Save your money!

The plots are so predictable as you can see on trailers.

An entertaining run of the mill thriller.

Crowe is fantastic and gives a very intense performance without ever going too far over the top and becoming campy with his performance which is often the case in films of this type.

Very entertaining thriller .

Total waste of time, bad acting, bad story, full of inconsistencies.

waste of money waste of time .

This was the first new movie I saw after the cinemas reopened after lockdown, watching it on a double bill after inception, for the sole reason that the showing of empire strikes back was cancelled, this was an entertaining movie that was adequately tense and didn't overstay it's welcome.

Predictable .

Entertaining and grilling thriller .

This is the worst movie I've seen besides "The Intruder" last year.

Finally, the final act was truly fantastic, the went all out with the tense tone, gore and intensity of the performances, leading to a extremely tense, entertaining and satisfying ending.

Overall, if you are looking for an exciting thriller that is an edge of the seat thrill ride.

" Writer Carl Ellsworth also wrote Disturbia and Red Eye, both super intense movies.

Russell Crowe is intense as hell, though probably could have done with a trip to the gym beforehand

It's a very fun ride, and thoroughly entertaining.

I wanted to leave the cinema and the only thing that made me watch this till the end is that it's hell-hot outside.

I can understand the tone they were trying to set with the grey and blue colors, but the cinematography as a whole was just boring and drat.

Power act by lead actor ,create intense feel throughout the whole film.

Ok, you know wait you are getting when you are going in, but it's just a tad too predictable for me, there about five things referenced early on, that you know will come back into play later on.

Pretty intense.

Nevertheless this is still a watchable and entertaining flick to fill some time in your quarantine blues.

Unhinged is very exciting .

"Unhinged" is one of those movies that as you watch you know is a little predictable with the story and plot as you know where it's going.

In fact, her character is so passive and uninteresting that I felt very little sympathy for her plight.

As me and the wife we're exiting the theater i overheard two other couples saying the exact same thing that the movie sucked, made no sense, etc.Save your money.

The next scene is just some annoying family talk which I find repetitive, and which is typical of films in Gen-Z which I have trouble relating to.

Save your money!

worth watching to me.

This movie is adrenaline charged from the moment the curtain opens and rarely takes it foot off the pedal.

This is a very tense thriller which even in the simplicity of its plot had me on the edge of my seat with a nervous knot in my stomach throughout.

The direction does well in putting you on the edge.

Clichéd, predictable waste of time .

IN A NUTSHELL: Starring Oscar-winning Russell Crowe, this gripping road-rage drama was written by Carl Ellsworth and directed by Derrick Borte.

so predictable.

Definetly worth watching .

Predictable, and 0 ⭐ Rusty must be hard up $, The lead actress insuffrable, the kid did a good job playing a terrified kid.

What a waste of time!

Just appalling in every way, no plot, no background to the characters, worst Crowe movie ever, couldn't wait for it to be over.

The first half of the movie is extremely entertaining.

This movie was a complete waste of time and after having just come off a long period of no new movies and finally being able to go back to the movies, this was a terrible first choice.

A fast paced thriller that doesn't drag on.

Predictable, lots of mistakes, exaggerated and stupid.

It was also a good-looking film; it had a dreary look with a lot of dark blues that helped establish a consistent tone throughout.

Usually a film as stupid as this wouldn't score as high as a five but despite the story being a farcical mess; the script and the level of acting was so entertaining it's hard to tell if this was supposed to be unintentionally funny.

A lot more entertaining than I expected.

Most intense road rage movie since Spielberg's "Duel" .

Bad acting, predictable, unrealistic, poor continuity.

Really thrilling story, doesnt get boring.

We really should slow down be reflecting on what really making up like this.

The special effects were great in this film, the film is entertaining and enjoyable despite some issues.

Predictable, lots of mistakes, exaggerated and stupid.

Director Derrick Borte does well to keep the film as entertaining and exhilarating as possible even when it does go to darker lengths, though he fails to craft a more palpable tension that could have made this even more exciting.

Intense, fast-paced and exhilarating throughout, it's a darkly entertaining watch with unrelenting violence that genuinely shocked me throughout.

Fantastic movie, exciting every minute .

But the thrilling experience throughout the whole movie is truly the reason why I enjoyed this movie so much.

Waste of Time .

I had a lot of fun watching this movie, its violent its intense and crowe is very watchable as a maniac!

Like those, this movie will grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end.

Borte had a tough time crafting his own style, feeling like a complete recycled "action/thriller", that had one of the most boring color palatés, and really choppy editing.

We are all thinking : what's wrong with this person driving so slow?

It was one of the most intense films I've seen in a cinema and the visuals were amazing!

It may go a little far at times, lacking the dramatic depth to back up its intensity, but there's something undeniably entertaining about just how dark a movie it is.

On a stressful morning of trying to get her son to school, Rachel (Caren Pistorius) blares her horn at a driver who's too slow to move away at a green light.

It's very intense and I thought the plot was excellent with many twists that you wouldn't expect.

Worth A Watch But Predictable .

I like a good battle of character like everyone else, but when the action and suspense start feeling stale because I'm no longer emotionally engaged, then it's just mostly a waste of time.

Scissors, cliché.

A suspenseful and nail biting 90 minutes .

Of course, his acting was brilliant in this film but the movie itself was predictable and corny.

Predictable & weak .

I personally had experience in both roles, being the one that drive too slow and being the one road range.

This thriller will keep you entertained and on your toes with respect to the level of suspense and action despite its very formulaic plot.

Yes, it's relatively predictable and above-average on the gore rating but nonetheless enjoyable.

worth watching.

Russell Crowe stars in the new Thriller "Unhinged" and gives an intense performance which has become a staple of his career.

The film was intense and compelling and Director Derrick Borte keeps things from become too over the top especially in the last part of thThe film wisely relies on the strength of Crowe and the supporting performances and provides a welcome return to cinematic features for viewers as long as they are willing to overlook some minor things and focus on the intense story and compelling performances.

Now for my only two negatives for the film, I thought some of the characters were fairly dull, and I would have liked more development with Russel Crowe's character.

It's fair to say that Unhinged doesn't quite bring those ideas to life in the most eye-catching fashion, but in harking back to those films it certainly makes for an exciting watch.

The movie is insane with its prolonged car chases and Russell Crowes menacing performance is intense.

Highly predictable, bad script, bad acting, full of plot holes and mistakes in every area.

Fast Paced and Action Filled .

Bottom line: I had slim to none expectations for this film, and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

I wanted to escape for a couple of hours and have an entertaining time and, I did.

It's all confusing in the end.

#Unhinged was the 1st movie I have ever walked out of at a cinema!

This is one of the few movies, that are exciting every minute.

On the edge of my seat the entire time.

I hear people praising this movie as super-suspenseful, so by all means, try it out.

This is the road rage, or just rage movie that keeps coming at ya, and really doesn't stop for anything in this highly entertaining, engaging, perfect 90 minute time frame, of film.

He is unpredictable and unstable.

It may not hit home on a deeper, dramatic level, but with parallels to cinematic classics and its own excellent intensity, it's a thrilling watch all the same.

Unhinged is a great thriller film that will put you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Fairly average movie but exciting constant edge of the seat moments, that will keep you engaged.

Worth watching .

He is a compelling adversary who commands the attention of the viewer and one can see that he is an individual who has simply snapped from the pressures and reality of life and believes his actions are justified.

Stupid, predictable, boring, lots of errors, poor dialogs.

An exciting Russell Crowe thriller .

Don't listen to the negative reviews, it's definitely worth watching!

Predictable cheesy and unrealistic .

A very convincing performance from all actors deliver for a horrifying experience in this action packed thriller.

The film is intense.

It is unpredictable, the whole time I was stressing out and can't stop think about what I should do in that situation.

I was literally on the edge of my seat as were other people in the theatre.

That said it was still intense and enjoyable enough.

I was enthralled and on the edge of my seat throughout Unhinged.

Bland, lifeless, and predictable .

Darkly exciting and often terrifyingly violent, Unhinged takes a simple concept and turns it up to eleven, with rapid pacing, unrelenting performances and an impressive shock value right from the start.

Worst movie in 2020.. What was everyone thinking on the set.

Watchable but predictable .

Road rage is quite the insane thing, but it seems like people do tend to be on the edge and even more so with all the waiting on the road (too many cars and all that).

Overall Unhinged is a fantastic movie, that is one of the most fun and intense experiences of the year, and apart from a few character issues ticks most of the boxes.

I thought the characters of Rachel's brother and his girlfriend were fairly bland members of the cast that didn't really do anything for me whenever they were on the screen, They just lacked personality and no effort was made really to make the easy to connect with or likeable which was a shame.

The formulaic car chases ensue, well done as usual, with a scene in which The Man visits her lawyer waiting in a café.

Although formulaic, and at times extremely violent for a '15' certificate, "Unhinged" made a welcome and entertaining return for me to the multiplex after the Covid break.

1st time I have walked out of the cinema .

Another sexist, predictable, cliche boring movie.

But wow is this movie god damn intense!

No story line whatsoever.

Crazy people, cliché.

What follows is not bad, exactly, but it is mundane, predictable and surprise-free.

Unhinged, directed by Derrick Borte, introduced a pretty interesting premise, with a handful of okay moments, but due to the sloppy execution, it shortly became a bland, by the numbers film, that was quite predictable.

Had me on the edge of my seat.

A movie that's worth watching as a one off.