Untraceable (2008) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Stars: Diane Lane, Colin Hanks
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 59 out of 267 found boring (22.09%)

One-line Reviews (251)

Untraceable, Unimaginative, Unbelievable, Unwatchable .

Propaganda Piece Disguised as a Suspense Thriller .

This film is too intense for most audiences.

Playing safe, being conservative, "what's work in the past will work again in the future" theory are all detriment to the reason why 80% of Hollywood films are so cliché.

How cliché can this movie get?

If you except a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, also turn away.

All in all, a very solid, well made, and suspenseful thriller in the vein of "Seven" and "Silence of the Lambs".

Thank heavens, then, that our every click on the world-wide-web is being monitored — or so the authorities would dearly like us to believe: Untraceable is thinly veiled propaganda for the F.

There are probably sick people who would get a thrill out of watching something like a torture killing and there are others who would tune in out of curiosity and some who would visit the website to plead with the killer to stop.

I was glued on the edge of my seat for this one.

always in the back of the viewers mind that it is all possible to happen in real life and this is one of the aspects that helps to create a good thriller and keep the viewer on the edge of the seat as they are never sure what is going to happen next.

This could have opened up a huge door for being diverse and interesting and they do a half decent job and the murders are grisly and disgusting but everything else around it is so tame and boring that you forget about these horrible murders.

The film appears to realise this, diving headfirst into an extremely cliché and conventional ending and hoping we'll all forget.

Eerily compelling .

The premise is intriguing.

While some scenes draw your attention and leave you with a queasy feeling in your stomach, others draw your attention away because they're boring.

Yet, its' portrayal of the general public who logged on to this site, as no better than the killer committing this inhuman crime, was pointless as you witness everything they did, making you feel no different than them.

mildly entertaining.. I was expecting MUCH MUCH more, The ending was NAFF Overall slow film, boring and not action packed enough!

another quiet comic cliché is that you have the killer getting "serious" and she is running to see it for herself holding a coffee-latee or something.

propaganda issues in this film :This film is riddled with Hollywood anti piracy propaganda, there's even parts of the film in which they portray the idea of "net neutrality", as something evil, no doubt something that was being debated in congress at the time ?

Untraceable is a riveting thriller, starring screen queen Diane Lane.

Every scene was so formulaic it was comical.

This gets lost in the mix, and despite a very good performance from Lane, it become very boring and very by the numbers very quickly.

Dull horror thriller.

Predictable .

It kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time.

Thought it was REALLY intense and suspenseful with some really cool set-pieces.

Her work is for the most part predictable until one case turns everything upside and becomes very personal.

Unwatchable .

Soon everyone around Jennifer becomes immersed in the case, and she finds herself the target of the elusive killer.

A few minor black holes within the movie, but none the less, enjoyable.

Intriguing idea turns into a generic and unbelievable thriller .

It was so predictable that a times I thought the director did it purposely.

The torture and death of Colin Hanks' character is simply awful and just a bit tedious.

All in all, Untraceable is a thriller that possesses an interesting premise and also a good leading star turn, adequately sustainable suspense and some moments of thrills, but is ultimately hammered by a cliché ending and some pure bad acting from the key villain.

I was hoping for a little nudity from Misses wonderful, (Lane); All in all the movie won't disappoint anyone, the final minutes are intense and well written, and the ending will satisfy all.

Naturally, Ms. Lane dished out a stunning portrayal of Cyber Crimes FBI Agent Jennifer Marsh and the performances of her counterparts, Colin Hanks (Agent Griffin Dowd) and Billy Burke (Detective Billy Box) gave strength and credibility to the movie.

Directed by Gregory Hoblit this forgettable psychological killer thriller reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs (1991) with it's female FBI agent tracking a serial killer & throw's in a bit of Saw (2004) style torture & gore but ends up surprisingly bland & routine, there's nothing particularly good about Untraceable despite being competent.

Especially this lack of story development gave me a hard time to keep concentrated.

Don't waste your time going to the cinema, if you really want to watch it wait for it to come out on DVD.

Good solid thriller that is very intense and suspenseful.

Untraceable is a pretty boring & disappointing horror thriller that fails to deliver on either count, I can't say I enjoyed it & the hour & forty minute running time felt like a real chore to get through.

Other than that the movie has a very good plot in the acting is decent my only issue was at the end was very quick and the choices of the main character was very predictable

The whole film comes off as very very professional and well made and the story is very engrossing and thought-provoking.

Really at a loss at her being associated with this contrived filth.

It was so predictable and lame.

So much potential is ultimately wasted on a cliché' story and execution.

Silence of the Lambs meets Saw in this contrived hi-tech serial killer thriller starring Diane Lane as Jennifer Marsh, an F.

The predictable occurs which is means that Agent Marsh herself is kidnapped by the murderer of Dowd and the other men (and cat).

Save your money and especially your time!!!

But the movie is however very predictable.

The fairly predictable premise is that Diane Lane, your average movie policewoman, a widowed single parent because it would be too awkward for the filmmakers to allow the husband to be the homemaker or whatever, is led to a website that features live videos of people being tortured and killed, that is after the site's debut with the torture and death of a kitten, which fortunately is tastefully depicted by mainstream thriller director Gregory Hoblit.

This movie is complete propaganda!

A stunning movie with a great performance by Diane Lane.

Unwatchable .

The movie reeks with propaganda.

The reason why I didn't give it a 10/10 is because there were a few parts that dragged.

It is really intense.

unwatchable .

Engrossing and very horrific in parts.

Horribly predictable and clichéd but still enjoyable if you try not to think too hard...

The movie ended up being completely the opposite with a very slow beginning building Diane Lane's character as an FBI agent in the Cyber Crimes division.

If you want to see a completely boring film with a totally wasted cast then this is for you.

To much borrowed plot and Hollywood propaganda, basically if you take the plot of seven, remove the religious motive subtract 4 of the killings , and place the activity on the web, you've got this film, it also in some senses, could be said to borrow from "SAW" type films, with its egg timer torture type motif.

And in way this films sub conscious and unwittingly revealed subtext is that Hollywood feels threatened by the web, and is more worried about losing its control over video distribution, IE the thing that worries them about the net is losing control of the propaganda they were telling to the public, and making profit with.

No makeup needed, no sex, just a fantastic exciting nail biting movie.

Lane gets in touch with her inner Ashley Judd in this ho-hum cyber-thriller .

While it is a very engrossing and intense movie it is also very entertaining.

This film is quite a bit better than one might conclude from the more savage reviews of it, but it is nonetheless a foundation for a strong, gripping story upon which a ramshackle house has been built instead.

This film like all others is filled with predictable clichés that we've all seen in thousands of other movies before.

Its not a complete wash I mean there are moments where you slide forward on the front of your seat as they dangle this murder in front of you and you think "All right, here we go" and then the next scene sends you slouching back into 'this is boring' mode.

Aside from being too predictable and a tad slow in the beginning, this movie is a slight "Saw" rip-off.

UNTRACEABLE is simply unwatchable.

This film combines elements of horror movies such as Saw and Hostel with a straightforward cop/thriller format to deliver a surprisingly engrossing flick which manages to overcome most of its plot holes during its running time by subjecting the viewer to a fast pace and a series of inventive murders.

the movie was entertaining in the genre of fear dot com.

It totally ruined the credibility of the character just to put in a pointless filler scene in of the psycho stalking the little girl with a webcam.

But it turned out to be one of our more enjoyable finds.

The idea for "Untraceable" is probably better than the movie itself, yet, despite its weaknesses, this is a reasonably engrossing and gripping thriller, provided one can stomach the sleaziness of the material and the too-clever-by-half "ironic" ending (the movie is at least more believable in its approach than the similarly-themed "The Condemned").

It was pretty engrossing for me and it could have gotten a bit higher rating, if it wasn't for the terrible ending which basically said "It's super awesome to murder someone as long as you have a badge.

keep the film interesting all the way through overall good, exciting and well worth watching

It is very well made and is so effective, creepy and suspenseful.

Creepy, effective and suspenseful.

These are compelling and important themes, and I frankly couldn't care less if it could actually happen or not.

Like the many films released these days with the same message, "Untracebale" is hypocritical, but still, it's a really enjoyable film with some suspenseful moments.

They're slow as hell to even web browse.

Untraceable is a dark and gritty film, real and compelling.

Not original, full of propaganda.

Entertaining thriller about a crazed young computer geek who becomes the deranged moderator of his own "Kill With Me" live internet feed where he displays new victims being slowly tortured to death.

Who could turn down the opportunity to see this veteran Oscar nominated actress in an intriguing thriller about cyber-crime, a true issue in today's society?

Despite being very formulaic, this by-the-numbers serial killer movie relishes in reflecting the most hideous core of the contemporary masses.

The acting in the movie was very strong, and this was the first time in a while which I have seen a movie with a happy ending - but a happy predictable and pointless ending.

The idea itself is as compelling as it is disturbing, and the first hour of the movie was really promising and interesting.

Overall "Untraceable" is not a bad flick nothing great, yet it's enjoyable and does hold interest by making us aware of the web crime and hacking identity problem.

It was also a little boring at a few different scenes.

So goes the usual cliché storyline of cops, led by Diane Lane's FBI Agent Jennifer Marsh, Colin Hanks' Agent Griffin Dowd and Portland Detective Eric Box (BIlly Burke), going after the elusive killer whose only presence is online, until it becomes personal and hits closer to home with the obvious plot development involving family and friends.

Which I'm sure is a scenario all agency's would love to achieve, real time gestapo style spying on the entire population, but believe this morsel of propaganda and you would believe that net neutrality and privacy were already sunk and done for as an issue.

The killer was terribly uninteresting.

Worth watching if only to see how deadly serious computer 'games' can be.

)"Untraceable" has a good director in Gregory Hoblit, a man who is probably never going to win any Oscars, but is a skilled practitioner in the art of making entertaining, twisty thrillers ("Primal Fear", "Fallen", "Frequency", et al.

The trailer made this film look gripping and fantastic.

Still, the concept is compelling enough on its own to keep "Untraceable" a few steps ahead of the psycho-thriller pack.

interesting and thrilling .

It is really really suspenseful.

The movie is very slow and the climatic scenes were not that scary or suspenseful.

Certainly, Neo have seen a lot worst thrillers, but it goes back to the current site's cliché saying, it is once again the case of what could've been… (Neo 2008)I rate it 6/10www.

Rest, the movie was entertaining showing how everyone is a potential criminal and how the internet is the place where everyone releases the demon inside.

Another predictable serial killer movie .

First of all, entertaining movie, says a lot about what internet is these days.

From the perspective of the technology being displayed, this might seem a little bit dated - but the story is excellent and makes this well worth watching.

Predictable an just plain bad .

Director Gregory Hoblit's pacing is much better than his direction of Ms. Lane; Anastos Michos's cinematography is spot on for a dreary, menacing Portland.

Very creepy and dark, but entertaining and thought provoking.

Nevertheless, the direction, pace, and performances, especially Lane's and Bill Burke's, draw you in and by the abrupt conclusion, you are on the edge of your chair.

The torture scenes are gruesome and carry on for far too long.

Intense thriller with much violence .

Joseph Cross cannot act and a better line to say is that his performance is neither compelling nor scary.

The movie was okay but it was boring to see the way that cybercrime details were treated so sloppy.

Hoblit has captured an exciting flick about a computer genius out of sync with society while on a revenge streak.

Anyway if u are up for an enjoyable no brainer thriller then this is the way to go.

Don't waste your time or money!

The film soundtrack is very well composed and creates a nice suspenseful mood for the film.

A very well done thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Don't expect to be surprised by any "twist" in the plot, it's as predictable as a Disney movie.

A predictable, dull & overly preaching film that doesn't even have any decent twist's to keep you awake.

The movie itself is not a total on the edge of your seat thriller, but worth the watch if you get a chance.

It's a little bit of a commentary on society, but moreso, it's just an entertaining movie to watch.

It is formulaic and predictable from start to finish, and you're not even wondering who will live or die, cause it's pretty spelled out for you.

The film is genuinely frightening and suspenseful.

All in all, nicely packaged if somewhat contrived; The story hinges on the fact that this "wunderkind" killer can continually crack every computer in his way, stay one step ahead of the law, and continue to capture victims for his morbid shows without skipping a beat.

The creative ways of the serial killer however were quite entertaining.

The ending, when it comes, is entirely predictable, and hinges around a contrivance that doesn't ring true.

Otherwise it was very entertaining.

If you like predictable poorly written scripts and movies with no character depth and sanitised death scenes you will like this.

If you like adrenaline, a great story, superb acting, have ever used the internet, or just like to be entertained and on the edge of your seat...

A truly effective, creepy and suspenseful masterpiece .

The thing is I like Diane Lane and am happy that women over 40 are getting lead roles in various genres, but this movie is formulaic crap.

The killer reveal is too early rendering much of the investigation uninteresting.

The movie was fairly predictable - it was very obvious that the woman would get captured herself and then escape and kill the murderer.

Movie is not my cup of tea,i found it just plain boring.


With a commentary on society that is as obvious as it is pointless, Untraceable somehow manages to be an engaging thriller with some fine performances.

The film, one must admit have its moments and remains steady tension throughout, until the typical cliché Hollywood crappy ending kicks in.

It had a decent story, decent acting and a thoroughly enjoyable and believable runtime.

First of all it is too long.

So, was it worth watching "Untraceable", just because it featured the gorgeous, sexy, babealicious, hotness that is Diane Lane?

Boring, derivative, full of technical holes .

DEFINITE PLOT SPOILERS The idea is intriguing and it does bring up the disturbing question-- would YOU watch someone getting killed online?

Every aspect of this movie is sensational, and more than anything its entertaining.

I like slower movies, lets you think as you watch.

I found myself interested in seeing this movie as it was portrayed in previews as a scary and suspenseful movie.

intriguing premise overcomes indifferent execution .

Its viral marketing was mildly intriguing, whereby accessing the killer's website led to a series of flash puzzles ultimately leading to the film's trailer.

The only entertaining scene was seeing the psychopath get it good in the end.

They are put into a slow killing mechanism which is controlled by the number of Internet viewers watching.

The slow rising action gave way to a moderately tense climax, which did not compensate for an abrupt and disappointing resolution (or lack thereof).

The villain is incredibly weak, the script is tepid and uninspiring, and the ending is as predictable as anything that has been done badly before.

Death by a slow infusion of nitric acid into a bath tub.

It was very suspenseful though, and kept you on the edge of your seat.

But if you're looking for a fast paced action movie, don't pick this one up.

Everything was unnatural and cliché.

So, instead of a cool- headed intellectual analysis, we get cheap thrills and a dull headache.

Very suspenseful, engrossing and exciting.

This is an intelligent and suspenseful film all the way, certainly quite a cut above average and the best film I've seen so far from director Gregory Hoblit.

This movie was a little slow...

Pretty Boring .

The action scenes were intense and at times you are holding onto your chair and gritting your teeth.

Entertaining .

" Diane Lane is intriguing to watch.

Predictable .

In short it was a waste of time.

"Untraceable" is a stunning movie.

The plot is predictable and uninteresting.

Of course Untraceable never stops to balance this constant scaremongering out with scenes of how the web can be used for good & can be so enjoyable in so many ways, the makers of Untraceable seem to have a real anti-internet agenda going on here & it gets quite boring & repetitive after a while (just like the rest of the film, actually).

Although the film tries to elevate itself from the dilapidating horror/thriller pop-genre of mainstream entertainment by pushing the "creepiness" envelope as opposed to the "excessive-unnecessary-gore" one, it does so in vain: the twists (if you can even call them that anymore) are predictable, the evolution of the plot is overall-hackneyed, and the dialogue is too bare-bones to be of much use, often restating obvious sub-textual intentions.

It's quite engrossing and NEVER boring or dull.

:) I really must say that this film is too intense for most audiences and i can't recommend it to some people.

All this is interwoven in an exciting police chase for a mentally unstable individual who is seeking revenge for what he considers unreasonable use of the net.

"Borrowing" someone else's idea and ruining it with cat and mouse claptrap, it should be solidly entertaining to all those mildly proficient with computers, who can spend its running time tittering at the unforgivable technological silliness it displays.

Other than that, worth the watch.

An Entertaining Movie .

The weakness of the film lies in its story that becomes predictable and has huge holes in it that take "Untraceable" to just an average or below average thriller.

It is not an action movie, does not have any nudity, no car chases, no monsters, no sex, no love triangle, no street fighting.. so the average movie-goer will find it lame, slow, and boring.

Here is a quite scary and persuasive thriller from Gregory Hoblit which kicks off with a simply breathtaking scene or two, as an ordinary woman - Jennifer Marsh, as played by Diane Lane, leaves an ordinary house in an ordinary part of Portland, drives off in an ordinary car to an extraordinary place in which she joins a close-knit team doing an extraordinary job.

All in all, Untraceable was an awesome movie and was very entertaining and engrossing.

As I have said, the performances are excellent, and she of course gives the best and she made the movie totally believable and enjoyable.

This movie is a propaganda piece against net neutrality.

5 - The film is gripping and suspenseful.

Untraceable (2008): Dir: Gregory Hoblit / Cast: Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks, Joseph Cross, Mary Beth Hurt: Fascinating thriller referencing advance technology in society.

A stunning move!

I would say that this movie does't let you getting bored, its pretty much watchable.

Thirdly, it honestly kept me on the edge of my seat for a good portion of the movie.

which is more intriguing, a brilliant, clever and playful world-famous psychiatrist who out-thinks the FBI or some young techno-geek played by a Doogie Houser look-alike?

thrilling and suspenseful .

I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end -- It had a "Silence of the Lambs" sort of intensity.

Ho-hum collage of thriller elements.

One of the more simple points of propaganda, is when they bust an evil net user, they sling a recorded DVD into a player and quip how his copied DVD still has an FBI anti piracy warning on it, and he cant say he didn't read it.

The lack of common sense and forced scene after scene and break-downs in logic, place this movie firmly in a category of awful and an utter waste of time.


The fact is this movie is utterly predictable from the very first opening scene to the ending credits.

That said, its fast-moving plot winds computer technology, the Internet, and society's fascination with serial killers and voyeurism into an edge-of-your-seat thriller that delivers.

"Untraceable," the new R-rated, FBI Internet crime melodrama, is un-thrilling.

The writers deserve credit for resisting cliché.

It's strictly by the numbers and very predictable.

Refreshingly, the filmic style is even vaguely evocative of those wonderful 1940's Film Noirs, with rainy nights and a generally dark patina.

this movie freaked me out just because i think people are really like that(meaning they would go to a web site to see someone being killed even if the web site said this person will live if nobody watches, if thats confusing , I'm sorry.

"Untraceable" is Un-Thrilling.

I found this to be a tense thriller, and well worth watching even if I wasn't particularly dazzled by the technology.

She's a wonderful little actress, every line and scene perfectly believable and engaging - Perla as usual is so appealing without an ounce of over-cuteness.


Untraceable was a suspenseful thriller with great action, fun death strategies, and wonderful acting, that has a ridiculous amount of unappreciative reviews and hate aimed at it in all the areas that a lot of people have no problems with in other movies.

Slow-moving, there really wasn't any true suspense, you just found yourself thoroughly disappointed in the so-called "plot" and totally disgusted with the "killings.

I was on the edge of my seat for a good portion of the movie.

A nice average thriller, good for an enjoyable evening of movie watching .

This is the second Diane Ladd movie I've seen that was a total waste of money (the other being Unfaithful).

A very unique idea which takes the good parts out of Saw and Die Hard, and yet manages to pull of a pointless movie.

Overall, worth watching if you can tune out from all the lecturing going on.

but the more ruthless she gets in hunting him, the more thrilling killing becomes for him.

The movie then goes on to predictable events.

Good movie and thrilling moments in the movie make it watchable about a serial killer who hunt down and make nice and live videos of the victims.

BUT still this movie was very entertaining.

Director Gregory Hoblit (of Primal fear fame) gives us a mildly engaging Horror/Thriller that could have been so much more.

Pointless and Predictable.

As cops that sit before a desktop, the action is pretty minimal and uninteresting, offering nothing to assuage the continuing onslaught of maladroit mediocrity.

Untraceable has to be one of the most intense and suspenseful thrillers of the past ten years or so.

The plot is very fast paced, and you will find yourself playing detective while watching.

More lilke Unwatchable .

I was totally hooked from the get go and really enjoyed it.

Very intense thriller!

The action scenes and the death scenes are very exciting and more than a little effective.

Nevertheless, the direction, pace, and performances, especially Lane's and Bill Burke's, draw you in and by the abrupt conclusion, you are on the edge of your chair.

Add Diane Lane's extremely competent performance into the proceedings and you have a thriller that is vastly more entertaining than you could imagine.

You really don't care about nothing in this movie, the characters are empty and clichés are banging everywhere.

The daughter sub plot is pointless.

Intense, disturbing and engrossing...

It builds very nicely to a suspenseful and intense final 15 minutes.

I can honestly say that once the action began, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

UNTRACEABLE an enjoyable find .

Nevertheless, there are some pretty awful things (above all deviant ideas) shown, and one could question whether the work in some way panders to the very thirst for on-screen unpleasantness that it is condemning, and that the anti-hero villain (as played by Joseph Cross) is also condemning, paradoxically by engaging in dreadful acts of torture, in his sick way apparently seeking to demonstrate to America how low its Internet users have sunk!

Unbearable .

Slow, shouldn't have been an 18 and just a bit boring Mildly entertaining at best.

) kidnaps selected victims and streams their slow, agonizing deaths live on-line (the proviso being: the more people who log on to watch--the faster the victim dies).

The pace and action is gripping and the story is entertaining and thought-provoking as well as being totally engrossing.

As I've said the film has flaws, the film does seem to get very slow in the middle section, its only in the death scenes in the middle the films pace picks up again.

She leads the film in a boring manner without ever really getting into the case besides showing a lot of perseverance.

Intriguing topic, no?


There are some flaws but Untraceable in basically original thriller that will keep you on the edge, always guessing what comes next and adds criticism of the society on top of the package.

Well not so great, but entertaining enough ,keeps your attention .

It is a bit predictable, but still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat and involved in the movie, which to me is what a good, entertaining movie should do.

exciting contemporary thriller .

It was a complete waste of time for anyone that thinks a movie should have a realistic story.