Vanilla Sky (2001) - Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

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A self-indulgent and vain publishing magnate finds his privileged life upended after a vehicular accident with a resentful lover.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz
Length: 136 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 254 out of 1022 found boring (24.85%)

One-line Reviews (712)

The final twist to the story is indeed unexpected, even if it is a bit too bizarre and causes the film to drag on longer than it should.

I love intellectual films along these lines, however this was a confused attempt to make a film as engaging as Memento.

However, in my view, all of the confusing details are wrapped up quite nicely so that the few questions one might have are answered very well.

Reticence is also on show in the denoument which is too drawn out and overdone - every loose thread has to be sewn up, which is a pity.

This movie was pretty fun for about 45 minutes, but as soon as it ventured into the film noire/sci fi angles, it become trite and boring.

They are unwatchable, badly acted, badly edited.

The movie was very slow, incredible slow.

I won't explain anymore of the plot, because it's far more compelling, the less you know.

The ending is surprising yet predictable.

This is a bunch of pretty people (Carman Diaz being the prettiest) getting together and making a very confusing nearly impossible movie to follow.

"load of rubbish", "boring", "brilliant", "bad ending", "really good ending", etc. So with a bit of coaxing I went along to see it last night.

It is creepy, shocking, sexy, funny and utterly compelling.

Plenty of scenes are still haunting me, from the Times Square opening to the breathtaking finale, through countless other great moments.

The first 10 minutes were thrilling but the rest was so twisted and boring that...

It's just exactly the same as the stunning and brilliant original, Abre los Ojos, so in fact it's nothing more than an ordinary rip-off.

The only disappointment is the slightly bland Kurt Russell.

This is one film where the cover of the book is more entertaining than the story within.

Hard to follow, no real plot and made no sense at all.

It started out slow, and didn't really pick up.

If this is the type of movie you are looking for, then don't watch this movie, because while the story is easy to follow and it is highly entertaining, you will be challenged to think after viewing.

Whatever the answer, unfortunately most people will hate it: finding it dull, uninspiring and only mildly thrilling.

i found this film boring, pretentious, and silly.

Still, worth watching Cruise and Cruz.

The first time I saw 'Vanilla Sky' I found it a combination of exciting and mind boggling.

It's a Surreal, Complex, and Confusing Movie that can be Painstaking to Penetrate because the Film has Multiple Layers of Reality and Existence.

Save your money, and wait for DVD or VHS.

A movie worth watching, good acting by cast, good direction by Cameron Crowe.

Spooky and intriguing .

Visually stunning, it still managed to grip both based on plot and character.

I thought it was interesting, but things got confusing after a while.

The lasting impression for me is the unexpected ending.

Absolute Waste of Time .

It did go on and on and on when the film could of finished 3/4 of an hour earlier, but it was enjoyable and I did understand it.

Carrying the plot on his back is Tom Cruise's engaging character, which plays a successful businessman, which can't resist a beautiful woman or an everlasting dream.

She brings in some light to this overdrawn boring movie.

It drones on and on endlessly, and if you actually care to figure out what's going on, it will never let you get a thought in edgewise.

A mind-twisting, suspenseful drama about conceptual thinking challenges viewers' knowledge in a subtle way .

it kept me on the edge of my seat......

Beautifully, inventively shot with a gorgeous New York of classic brownstones and enormous, empty spaces, it is a true visual feast.

After all, groping, even with pretty people like Cruise and Cruz and Diaz, is basically tedious.

For those who thought that "Eyes Wide Shut" was Tom Cruise's most compelling film, take a look at this surrealistic 2001 fantasy/allegory directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire).

This movie is very enjoyable, and if you can bring yourself to make the jump at the end, it is very worth it.

4) The incredibly boring stretches between anything happening.

The ending explains it all, makes everything so perfectly clear, but many things leave you feeling pointless about the movie now, and that is why I don't like the ending.

When you see a very empty Times Square, keep in mind that there's no computer animation here, that's really Times Square on a Sunday morning-it's amazing that they were able to do that.

Cameron Crowe's stunning VANILLA SKY is one of the best films of the year!

Just when you think you've seen the worst movie .

Don't waste your time!

Engaging and innovative narrative, powerful performances, especially from Cruise and Diaz and stunning cinematography.

David's death is contrived pathos.

) and at least one red herring too many, but the main complaint that I've heard logged against the movies is that it's too confusing- which confuses me since the last 20 minutes of the movie are designed to carefully explain the previous 2 hours.

The film itself can be confusing as the plot unfolds in a backward manner that makes it hard to grasp exactly what is going on.

The only problem with the explanation is that it explains the mechanism of our confusion, rather than telling us for sure what actually happened.

I must say that I was 100% bored during the movie,it didn`t give me ANYTHING.

Is fascinating to learn how many people just can't stand his face.

empty searching for something...

It's rather interesting movie really, but it does have very poorly written and boring beginning as a romantic drama starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz.

boring .

It accompanies the film really, really well and the subtleties in the film are stunning.

Crowe proves clumsy when trying to weave an engaging mystery while doing the things he has always done to make a good movie.

Then movie get so much intense as he lives in dream life .

Ignore all people that call this film too confusing to follow.

)Sad conclusion: It was just an uninteresting film with some good music.

What the hell is so confusing when you are done seeing the movie?

Ignore all people that call this film too confusing to follow.

Confusing, mindbending did I miss something.

The story is more exciting and with more suspense (yes, even with the same script!

Very Entertaining .

American Beauty even seemed to be confusing for some, while crystal clear for me the first time around.

I just think he's a voyeur, a voyeur that wishes he was Tom Cruise and this is what we get out of his neurotic obsession with pop culture - this harrowing tale of confusion that is at times inspired and at other times haphazard - together with Sugga Ros and The Chemical Brothers and Jeff Buckley and Paul (stop now!

The only part of this film to stir any emotion in me, other than confusion at the plot and anger at the ad industry for misrepresentation, was unintentional and very much relied upon having a theater full of moviegoers around me.

Fascinating film .

Crowe has a terrific and unique way of crafting his films that is very engaging.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Oh well on a more specific note this was a mediocrely crafted psychedelic version of The Game (another waste of time) with a sort of Crowlian twist, and you either see what a sad soulless mess Crowley was or you idolize him as he idolized himself .

And it kept going on and on, but going nowhere.

Many will criticize this film for being too bizarre, too pretentious, too confusing.

I was intrigued where the story would lead but characterisation was confusing.

kinnda boring, and not every movie from him is good.

To anyone who thought they liked this film: watch the original and you will see how much of a bland and lackadaisical remake this really is.

It's an uninteresting and dishonest puzzle that says nothing new.

I'm glad I did buy it, so I enjoyed it more and more as I watched it again.

As more of the world sinks into poverty, starvation and despair, and this country rapidly transforms itself into a hyper militarized Rome, what more could we expect from that great engine of propaganda (that Hollywood unwittingly is) than one more slick lifestyles of the rich and famous in search of relief from the tedium of the idle rich.

For me it's too bizarre and confusing for my liking.

A highly enjoyable "drama" that really is something else in disguise.

Underrated, Mind blowing Masterpiece .

It comes across as a vein, confusing, grandiose hybrid of Sliding Doors and Citizen Kane.

The films great cast and script make it well worth watching and in my opinion this is probably Tom Cruise's best performance to date.

Slow moving.

Kurt Russell is amazing as always and is amazing here as the Doc, he is extremely likable intense, had some great scenes with Cruise, I just wished he had more screen time!.

I think it's certainly better than the average Hollywood tripe and scores fairly high in the "enjoyable" category, if I can get past the flaws.

If you don't get entirely wrapped up in the exact sequence of details in the plot, or at what particular point his dreams are scattered throughout, this movie becomes a fascinating exploration of a human on a journey to find himself and what that means in today's pop-culture society.

The movie was entertaining although not as entertaining and twisted as Ubik (or Cosmic Puppets, Time Out of Joint, Eye in the Sky and dozens of more mind-bending stories from PKD, for that matter) and the soundtrack was quite pleasant, too.

Mysterious, fascinating study of identity and its meaning .

Colorful, imaginative, interesting, confusing, and all nicely wrapped up at the end.

Not your typical love triangle, but an engrossing storyline nonetheless.

Waste of time .

The Acting is simply stunning!.

While the plot is occasionally difficult to follow, Cameron Crowe has delivered a highly original movie that stresses the control of our own subconscious over how we take in the world.


"open your eyes" seemed incomplete to me, in "vanilla sky" the story is because of everything being good more touching, more intensive.

This is a bizarre, pointless movie that seems to take delight in its tortured script, wallowing in its own nonsense.

Too artsy??

a strange and fascinating movie .

WASTE of time and money!!!

Long, winding and ultimately pretentious and empty dud from director Cameron Crowe has New York publishing giant Tom Cruise recanting some odd events that took place just prior and after his 33rd birthday.

Then I watched it again and and enjoyed it even more.

Another thing is the beautiful Cinematography by the great John Toll (who also did Almost Famous, Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, The Thin Red Line, The Last Samurai etc.) with the "Monet-like skies" and so on he presents a visually stunning experience that is both viscerally and cerebrally affecting.

I am a fan of Cameron Crowe's earlier works ("Almost Famous", "Jerry Maguire"), yet this movie was very complex and confusing.

I find myself listening too much to Gabriel's fascinating lyrics and trying to figure out if they have any connection to the scene, and I missed half of the dialog between Cruise and Cruz.

The remaining 91 minutes is filled with boring dialogue and endless character development.

Modern, alternative, weird, suspenseful, fresh, intelligent, a worth while watch.

Honestly, the plot was way too boring to follow.

Apart from being extremely frustrating to watch, it is far too long to sit through.

How can anyone say it is hard to follow.

I just love the whole concept of cryogenics and the issues it raises and I thought this film brought many of those issues out in a fascinating way.

"Abre Los Ojos" is quick, intelligent genre movie that Cameron Crowe turned into some sort of overblown, boring, pseudo-romance.

Sure the setting is surreal, but they still follow the predictable Hollywood formula.

There's nothing happening there.

I thought I was going to be watching a compelling murder mystery.

another waste of time!

so yet another crowe disaster, god,this man, like soderberg and speilberg, is now rightly in the most overrated category of film makers, medium sized talents who are pretentious and self important.

I found Vannila sky fascinating as hard as this is to believe considering how far fetched the story is, i could actually relate to some of the things that happened.

Although I have to say that director Cameron Crowe made a brilliant movie, at times the story seemed to jerk, and the pace changed rapidly, and on occasions was very difficult to follow.

Only mildly intriguing...

I will give kudos to Tom Cruise and his stunning performance - he does passionate scenes of anger, confusion and remorse.

His empty posturing negates any erotic energy that could have been between his character and Cruz or Diaz.

but very confusing .

If, however, you want an intellectual film that's both straightforward and confusing, this is a good movie.

Relatively Pointless Remake .

I found it boring and a waste of talent.

long but enjoyable .

A bit confusing .

3/4 crappy 90s noir, 1/4 crappy 90s Sci Fi, 100% pretentious nonsense.

A bunch of ill conceived, drawn out, disjointed sequences that has no irrelevance, to the point where the story itself is lost??

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It gets 7/10 for me because although its very good in places, its rather drawn out in others.

Amenabars version was an intriguing reality-warping thriller, that was very effective.

While watchable, I was left with an empty feeling when exiting the cinema.

Why this movie is bad:1) 80% of it, we find out in a predictable ending, is a dream.

A waste of time.

Terrific opening scene of a empty Manhattan.

Also, it was most confusing.

The movie keeps you on the edge (not fast paced though).

good cast going nowhere.. .


I'm purposefully being vague and poetic as not to disturb the veil hanging over plot and resolution, for the surprises which lay in wait for you are a riveting rop-a-dope and should be explored with a blank canvas of expectation and complete lack of any previous knowledge about the story.

Challenging but intriguing .

fascinating film .

Truly like 'opening your eyes'Vanilla sky on the other hand was a pretentious self indulgent exercise both for Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe.

Awful, terrible, a waste of the time your life has left.

VANILLA SKY (136 minutes in length) was far too long...

All in all, an enjoyable movie which should be really be paid attention too.

VANILLA SKY is one of the most strange and bizarrely-fascinating movies I've seen in quite some time.

Since I missed the last 30 minutes of it (I fell asleep.

As I said it is partly very weakly written, especially the beginning, which is just boring and mundane.

Enjoyable for the most part, but may just be a little too confusing for some.

Worst movie ever!!.

The performances are uniformly magnificent and Cameron Crowe has done a stunning job of creating a dreamlike world where anything is possible.

I think Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz do a great job and are absolutely stunning, especially Diaz.

It was just painfully dull & went against everything that good cinema is about.

oh you get the picture (pardon the pun), this was an entertaining flick.

) to explain itself at the end is a waste of my time.

It's probably what makes the movie as enjoyable as it is.

It's basically the director saying "I'm sorry for having let you watch 2 hours of something that might seem confusing.

I was lulled to sleep during some sequences in the movie as the plot became abruptly disconnected and the characters seemed lost or preoccupied with some irrelevant chatter.

The story involves elements of romance, morality, murder-mystery, suspense and sci-fi and is generally an entertaining trip.

Vanilla Sky is a brilliant, complex, and thrilling movie that existentially explores exactly what the tag-line says: LoveHateDreamsLifeWorkPlayFriends.

A total waste of time.

Vanilla Sky is a waste of time and money.

Kurt Russell is terrific as his attorney who tries to help him sort out the confusion.

" People actually walked out of the screening I attended.

A frustrating and ultimately boring, pedantic experience.

Don't waste your time with Vanilla Sky, especially if you are a Cruise fan, as I am.

It's all a waste of time.

Before seeing this movie I heard that it was just too confusing.

I watched this film recently and judging by some of the comments on here frankly I was expecting a film that was a bit up itself and completely confusing.

I enjoyed it, a lot more the second time around, helped by the vague memory of what was going on.

This film is even more pretentious than most people realize.

This is slow, boring and full of random chunks which don't make sense until the last five minutes.

And so, after several paragraphs of self-indulgent guff, we come to the actual subject of this piece, Mister Cameron Crowe's "Vanilla Sky".

Just two cons are there:-1) As I said before, it might seem long and boring in the starting.

It twists and turns the timeline which is very useful to create confusion.

However, I did very much enjoy "Abre Los Ojos" and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I "got" more of it the second time through and I think I may have enjoyed it less.

I saw this movie when it first came out, and I didn't think to much of it, it was kinda confusing and I didn't pay much attention to it.

So same your time and save your money.

Besides that, this film was entirely engrossing for the full 2 hours and left me with that knotty feeling in the stomach...

It's a bit of a puzzler but makes sense in the end and thoroughly enjoyable all the way through.

Visually stunning, highly ingenious .

Visually, because the film is soft and delicate at times (early scenes with Sofia) and at other times powerful and intense (Times Square, post-climactic scenes).

Vanilla Sky, for me at least, was much more deserving of an Oscar nod than Beautiful Mind, just because the story was so intriguing and you genuinely wanted to find what happened to Tom Cruise's character Aames.

The movie get more intense when his girlfriend drove along with him caught in accident as she becomes crazy as she loves him so much and jealous of another girl named Sofia.

This one kept me on the edge wondering how it would all get tied together in the end.

Vanilla Sky is a very confusing picture.

But this one was awful lot confusing for me and I couldn't distinguish between which is dream and which is reality.

The whole movie starts out interesting enough but then it gets a little bit slow for a while.

It is a pseudo art film, so disjointed, it is barely coherent.

An intimate affair with his female friend Julie Gianni (Cameron Diaz) proves to be ultimately his undoing and lead to a turn of surreal, confusing events.

The characters aren't fleshed out, the relationships are never made believable, and the surprise ending has no weight - it may indeed be unexpected, but it is also rather uninteresting.

The film was, in actuality, a ponderous 2 1/2 hour affair.

You can save your money.

(2) Handsome etc. Cruise is involved in an accident in which his face is disfigured and he degrades himself by being drunk and hiding from the world and engaging in first-degree self pity.

The Cinematography was stunning and the acting was incredible.

I cannot stress enough to you to PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS FILM!

I won't give away what happens after Cruise gets into the car accident with Cameron Diaz, because the outcome is utterly unpredictable.

) and obviously this is the intention, no fault of the 'Cruiser', its Cameron Crowes' (writer/ director) for having such a bland view on relationships and the even more irritating Penolope Cruz, whom you want to place faeces on her head and smack more than you'd like to make love to.

I cant tell you what was going on i watched this movie three times and every time the confusion got worse and worse.

Although the dialogue between him and Penelope Cruz is somewhat stilted, the visual collage throughout the film (notably the opening scene) as well as the progression of Aames into insanity makes it worth watching.

After Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire, guess he had only Tom on his mind, who plays David Aames, as a spoilt Rich brat who inherits New York's Super seller Magazine named "Rise" The Movie begins in the streets with his Black Ferrari, where he sees the entire Times Square Empty!!!

but found this late arrival relentlessly contrived, pretentious, narcissistic, vacuous, tedious...

I haven't seen "Abre Los Ojos," but I've seen Vanilla Sky and I really enjoyed it.

I got dragged Christmas Day 2001 to see this.

The story is good and surprising enough for everyone to enjoy even though at times it tries too hard to be confusing.

An interesting film filled with plot twists, worth watching twice...

I understand why many viewers feel deceived by this movie, because their expectation is about to watch an entertaining light movie.

It's an interesting movie if you can accept the disjointed plot and get past those somewhat grinding shifts of gear.

The relationship between Kurt Russell's psychologist character and Cruise's masked "killer" David is far more interesting and compelling than his friendship with the Lee character, and even perhaps arguably than the central romance between David and Penelope Cruz' Sofia.

Vanilla Sky is simply put, a boring movie, especially towards the end.

The plot is very good, something most people can relate to, and it moves along at an pretty good pace, but on repeated viewings it does get a little boring.

Vanilla Sky is a shoot out the lights , blow your hair back, mind blowing experience you have just got to see.

The plot is screwed up, way too confusing, and the pace of the movie is far too slow.

Predictable, boring, and violent.

Lots of language and a pretty intense and disturbing scene near the end.

I was bored by the profusion of dead ends and red herrings.

Don't waste your money or your time- it was drawn out and way longer than it had to be, as well.

The film was also way too long, if you want to make a confusing film you shouldn't go over 120 minutes.

The cinematography, the soundtrack, the acting, the plot, everything comes together to create one hell of an engrossing ride.

The only positive thing what I can say about the remake is that an empty Times Square at 9 o`clock in the morning is for sure far more impressive than Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, and I liked the opening scene of Manhattan`s view from above.

Great Acting, Confusing Movie!!.

Strange but completely enjoyable...

I Found this movie way too confusing and overrated....

It's alsowildly uneven, pushed to the point of confusion, almostpointlessness.

It's like an unexpected mixture of juvenile wonder and adult innocence that appeals to me about his films.

Hollywood version of a "mind blowing" experience .

The story line for Vanilla Sky is too hard to follow and after a while you don't really care.

This film is one of the most confusing and ridiculous I have ever seen in my life, and I hope I never do again.

Arty, pretentious,and carrying just plain stupid dialog like:"She's the saddest girl who ever held a martini".

Well Ive got a question for you ladies - Who do you think your husband was fantasizing about during that mind blowing sex session ?

Many have commended the opening dream sequence, which shows us an empty Times Square in New York City.

Replete with plot turns and unexpected developments, there was no way to know what to expect.

I wasn't impressed by "Jerry Maguire," which was overly long and clichéd, nor by "Almost Famous," which I found slow and uninvolving (although I know I am clearly alone here.

Abre Los Ojos was a great film, with solid performances, haunting atmospherics and a unexpected, original ending.

I think that the end of the film is unpredictable, original, and damn entertaining.

The music for the "derangement" scenes were all-out annoying and inappropriate, and seemed to last far too long.

The 'Jules et Jim' references are tedious and don't quite fit- I take it the freeze-frame love scene is meant to be an allusion to the classic Truffaut film?

This was a truly compelling movie.

It starts off very good with ***SPOILER*** a totally empty Times Square...

interesting confusion .

Some parts were a little boring.

The movie is definitely worth watching.

The movie is actually a painfully slow jumble of disjointed segments that only make sense in the very end, and by then you don't give a crap anymore.

Suffice to say there are weird things and unexpected twists going on, beyond the initial superficial "Tom Cruise screws around with multiple women" plot.

They really shut down time square; for intense.

It can also be seen as a generic statement about life and taking advantage of second chances, but more specifically it is advice given to David when he begins to despair or become afraid of the chaos, confusion, and insanity he is experiencing.

Cruise, Russell, Diaz and Cruz were all believable in tough situations, and compelling.

Here again we have another fascinating story to tell (a la `Abre Los Ojos') and 'Surprise!

I found it to be a confusing, overrated, over-acted mess of a film.

Everything in the movie, the storyline, the drama, acting, music makes every second absolutely enjoyable and wholesome.

Vanilla Sky is either a disappointment when viewed against Indie Film standards, or a happily confusing lark when compared to the unending deluge of big budget / low-minded Hollywood that's released weekly.

needless to say I fell asleep half way through...

I was completely sucked into this intriguing story and then sideswiped by the surprise ending.

But the point is, Cruise must give up both of the assets to express the confusion and anger of David Aames.

Cameron Crowe's revisiting of 'Abre Los Ojos' is a breathtaking.

Kinda cross a bad LSD trip with stunning visuals and a credible ending that neatly ties the pieces as to the why of what we saw and it works very well.

The story takes forever to get going, and when it does things gets very confusing until the end.

Many have commented that "Vanilla Sky" is a boring, confusing film.

The story gets complicated and confusing.

Crowe manages to keep me on the edge of my seat, scene after scene waiting to know what will happen next.

The perfect example being the nightmare scene at the start with an empty Manhattan – Crow fills this with quickly cut visuals like a pop video, taking away from the tension of the scene.

I found this movie very hard to follow and it seemed to be bizarre for the sake of being bizarre, rather than in the interest of enhancing the plot in any way.

+Acting+Poses interesting questions-But takes too many twists and turns for those questions to mean anything-Dull script5.6/10

The last movie I saw with Cruise was Eyes Wide Shut and I walked out of it in the middle.

The 'it was all a dream' style ending really ruined the film which had already been confusing enough up until the end.

Writer/Director Cameron Crowe should have rewrote the ending in order to make the film more enjoyable.

I found Tom Cruise's character to be really dull and he left me detached from his interactions with Penelope Cruz.

The movie, as it is, is confusing enough.

Definitely worth watching .

Yes, I know the film is basically a collection of pop-culture elements, but does that justify this film being this simple and empty?

-Secondly, his performance is very average, I didn't find him as convincing as he could have been, but then again with such a boring and depressing plot line, what could you expect.

A must see love story with compelling twists.

Strong performances all around and a lot of whoa, that's cool moments following Tom Cruise as a self indulgent publishing magnate whose life of privilege is changed forever following a car accident.

First this film is boring,and the story is impertinent.

Similar to Mulholland Drive in that it leads a twisted and confusing path that nonetheless still intrigues.

Last point i shall make, as no doubt, anyone who has had the capacity to read this far is probably bored out of their skull, and is wishing they had strayed over to the message boards to find posts 'not-by-me' (Which sadly, won't work either, as i've been vividly expressing the parts i dislike about this film) The other thing i loved was Mis-En-Scene, which ties in with my last praise for the film.

And one of the most entertaining too.

The Lucid Dream concept and how his subconscious interfered with what could have been a wonderful "dream" life, all fascinating.

However, by the middle of the movie, the plot was quickly reduced to being a high-class cliché.

One of the most incredible movies I have ever seen, as it's absolutely mind blowing, with a mesmerizing story, and stunning performances!

and you really thing, I am going to like this movie, but then it becomes rather dull.

As luck would have it, I'm not five anymore, but it's nice to know there's still an audience out there for "mock-fascinating" skill-less storytelling.

Pretentious, unbelievably self-indulgent film that crawls at a snail's pace whilst going absolutely nowhere.

Certainly, it was a stunning movie—-at least with the first viewing.

far too often exasperatingly confusing for the "message" it had to deliver.

The story is outstanding and entertaining, it'll make you laugh, bite your nails and cry.

It's Quite Innovative and Highly Engaging .

Don't waste your time.

Overall this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Vanilla Sky is a very strange, difficult, somewhat confusing, and different type of movie.

long and boring .

A very dull movie...

Very intense .

The whole movie is extremely intriguing and explores the depths of the mind of David Aames and the state of mind he really is in.

Why didn't I just watch Friends instead, saving myself from this boredom.

This is one of the most incredible films I have ever seen, as it's absolutely mind blowing, with a mesmerizing story, and stunning performances,and if you haven't seen it please do so immediately, every movie buff should watch it!.

A depressing, glossy, superficial waste of everybody's time and energy.

Tom Cruise is stunning in his role, asking you to forgive daddy's little rich kid and you find yourself feeling sorry for him.

No doubt, many people who go and see this movie will be disappointed by this fact but nevertheless, you still get to see that winsome trademark grin and Cruise manages to evoke sympathy through his character's confusion and torment.

People who see this movie as artistic, creative and "fascinating" must have been watching a different flick than I was.

Penelope Cruz was bland at best.

The trailer for this movie made it seem like an exciting murder mystery, action packed, full of twists.

But still the ride can be entertaining as Tom runs away and into trouble as he often does in quasi-action films that are laced with mystery and intrigue like Sydney Pollack's 1993 "The Firm", Brian De Palma's 1996 "Mission Impossible" and even the more cerebrally dark, "Eyes Wide Shut" from Stanley Kubrick.

Its main problem is that it is too long - it could have been a much better film if it was 20 minutes shorter.

" Now, in conclusion, if you are a fan of Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, or Cameron Diaz, I highly recommend this thrilling, romantic, and heart-warming romantic thriller, that is, if you haven't seen it.

Beautiful and Thrilling .

The ending is given a ridiculous happy spin and is dragged out.

After that, it was complete chaos and confusion.

Hands down worst movie I've ever seen .

Even so, the length of the plot and some of the flat acting (Kurt Russell for example) are compensated by the intriguing development at the end of the movie.

Waste of time.

VANILLA SKYWhichever you chose to watch, the original "Abre los ojos" or the Hollywood remake "Vanilla Sky", this is a great Science Fiction Psychological Thriller and if you like this genre, the first time you watch it you'll often be on the edge of your seat with your eyes glued to the screen waiting for something unexpected to happen: and it will.

And in this film, we indeed open our eyes to the bizarre and intriguing life of millionaire David Aames.

Perhaps this is for the benefit of the slower audience members but it made the ending drag out too much (again like "AI") - certainly I knew there would be a "surprise" ending and correctly guessed the main device that would be used (since Crowe made it quite obvious earlier on in the movie that it would be used - again too heavy).

A thinking audience is what makes this movie enjoyable, and almost interactive.

Scenes that go on and on and on, serving no purpose, rather they are embarrassing, almost all the scenes with Cruz are unwatchable, with trite dialogue, that thankfully is forgotten as quickly as its said.

I have found myself watching a film almost purely because Cameron Diaz is enjoyable.

Cruise, disfigured and imprisoned, tells a confusing story of lust and possibly love to prison psychiatrist Kurt Russell.

It seems there are a lot of people expect movies to only be entertaining/relaxing by allowing you to be near brain-dead without having difficult to follow the story line.

Fascinating film with so many layers .

My summary is that if you like movies that are intellectual, frustrating and have unexpected endings you must see this one.

In "Vanilla Sky," scenes were drawn out way too much, and important scenes lost their impact to the hip music and style that populated the remake.

Vanilla Sky has all the elements of what it takes to create a magical movie with its delightful chemistry shown between Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, and to the breathtaking visuals we see.

Love the mind journey it provides, New York is fascinating backdrop.

This confusion is signified by the lyrics of R.

I highly recommend it.

Ponderous remake .

Yes, everything was explained at the end, but I found this film too disjointed.

Tom Cruise relaxes his acting muscles, having been typecast as a vain, fickle playboy, and his supporting cast follow him through one bland, baffling, too-glitzy-to-be-surreal scene after another.

Personally, I didn't find the intellectual elements especially intellectual, which is a shame; but it doesn't make Vanilla Sky, a boring film to avoid as there are some redeeming factors.

completely confusing.

Don't waste your time.

A quirky, unpredictable thriller that has plenty of surprises in store.

)Tom Cruise was, I thought fine for the part, namely because, along with frustration and confusion, Cruise always has a natural confidence that matches perfectly for the arrogant rich boy he plays.

Cameron Crowe's remake (regardless of what it owes to the Spanish film) has its weak spot but is fairly enjoyable.

This has been the worst waste of time that I have experienced for several years.

And one of the aspects I check when I watch a movie is the time I find myself bored in a movie and I can say that in this movie I wasn't bored for one moment.

The film is jarring alarming, and poorly conceived in a very elaborate and richly designed way that is worth watching at least once.

A movie that is certainly confusing at first sitting, it is that rare commodity: the movie we like to talk about later.

job here with amazing camera work, outstanding angles, giving it a really dreamy like feel to it and keeping the film at and incredibly engrossing pace.

Vanilla Sky is filled with twists and turns that will keep you watching in confusion all the way through,you will find out what's going on in the end,and you wont be mad you kept watching.

It's fascinating how this man cannot tell a story.

In fact, most of it is just a dull mess.

I thought it dragged on and the ending was a total copout, and I was immediately interested in seeing what the original version (made only four years earlier) was like, as I had heard it didn't have the terrible ending.

If you like long, boring movies, this one's for you.

The movie then turns into a pretentious hodgepodge of philosophy and virtual reality that by this point had me shaking my head.

Overall, I sincerely wanted to thank Crowe for directing an exciting and surreal film.

If anything Vanilla Sky is worth watching only to feel the way the music saturates the emotional landscape.

Anyone who is thinking of watching this film, I say don't waste 2 hours of your time on this pitiful garbage!

A mind-twisting, suspenseful drama about conceptual thinking challenges viewers' knowledge in a subtle way, while conveying a message that seems to be ubiquitous in contemporary films: what you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste is not what exists, it's simply what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste.

It was more annoying than confusing or blatant.

Many good things like the witty Cameron Crowe retrospective soundtrack that is weaved into clever culture references and tributes which are indeed enjoyable and even necessary to solve the riddle presented in 'what's is going on?

A completely entertaining, thrilling and philosophical piece of film.

So yes, i say that if one enjoys story and unexpected twists more so than firey car chases and overdone gun battles, please give this film a chance.

The eclectic soundtrack mirrored Cruise's confusion.

Bottom line: Don't waste your time or your money on this movie.

This movie is worth watching just for the incredible filming of it.

However the main reason I found Vanilla Sky so boring was that the crux of the film, which is supposed to motivate you to unflinchingly sit through this 2+ hours of teeth and hairspray, is the undying love that Sofia inspires with such kooky bon-mots as:'I'll tell you in another life when we're both cats', 'I believe if you're a good person good things will happen', 'Every minute is another chance to turn it all around'I mean, please, buy any 3.99 self-help book and save yourself the bother.

This movie is the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

But be warned, some people I know found it too confusing.

*An extremely entertaining and engrossing film, with images that will stay in my mind for some time.

dull in 'Vanilla Sky.

far too tedious...

At first sight it might seem boring and usual romantic melodrama.

It's really entertaining and makes you think a lot of life and love.

But that plot gets wrapped up with a tedious pulp-sci-fi explanation at the end that almost sours the preceding two hours.

At any rate, look past Tom Cruise's celebrity and see this for Cameron Crowe whose vision of a virtually real future is intriguing and reveals that he did his homework.

It was also very hard to follow.

The writing was BORING!

It is also too long and confusing.

Intense, frightening, pathetic ,underrated and psychological .

And if you mean it is boring as in there are no guns going off, then yes it would be considered that.

Excellent movie, makes a brilliant innovation of a worn cliché .

Boring self-indulgent.

Thrilling, romantic, and heart-warming romantic thriller .

"Vanilla Sky" has an intriguing and interesting plot that sincerely kept me guessing until the last five minutes of the film, something I was not expecting from a Cameron Crowe film.

great bizarre entertaining movie.

Penelope Cruz looks stunning and her acting is of the highest order and charms the viewer nearly as much as she Charms her on and off screen boyfriend.

This film was so boring, it put me in my own dream state ;)This film moved like molasses and just wasn't very good.

Well worth watching because you're given quite a puzzle to be entertained with.

The music is breathtaking.

This lightweight philosophical theme is set against a confusing story that doesn't have any real progress or goal.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Complex, brilliant, stunning , grand, outrageously entertaining; need I go on?

I thought this movie was boring, confusing, and wasteful.

It is such an intense moment when that happens, that the person can't even realize whether he is dreaming or not.

Although it does improve towards the end, when the explanations arrive, most of the narration is too restricted and the acting performances are wooden, one-dimensional and basically downright boring(except Jason Lee).

Intriguing subject matter with unsettled resolution .

This is the worst movie ever.

The increasing insanity of the movie is perfectly executed by Crowe (the brief sequence where Cruise walks through an empty Time Square is incredibly effective).

I had started watching this movie some time ago and found it a bit too slow and boring in the first 15 minutes or so.

Random sex scenes, that didn't make any sense, and confusing dialogue, coincided with a really slow beginning.

The problem is the story is quite simplistic and is presented in an annoying disjointed manner.

The questions I have just mentioned and a thousand more will pop up in your mind when watching this fascinating movie.

It left my on the edge of my seat as I questioned my own sense of reality.

Jason Lee is awesome as Cruise's best friend he was funny and intense at the same time I really liked him.

Unnecessarily convoluted and tedious romantic thriller .

For the first 40 minutes it's a witty, romantic slice of life with a thrilling finish.

I find him fascinating.

One minute it is a heart-felt love story, next it could be a tense erotic thriller, an engaging suspence picture and finally even a slight hint of sci-fi here and there.

To reverse one of the film's leitmotiv, since you got more into the sweet early scenes, the sour elements hit even harder, and when you don't expect it no more, "sweetness follows" and you leave the theater still on a high, wondering what it is that would make you most happy.

Vanilla Sky could have been shortened 15-30 minutes or so, especially in the beginning when it's painfully slow and doesn't really say anything interesting.

All the actors are perfect in their roles, and though the movie is purposely confusing, it is interesting and holds your attention.

This film felt like a complete waste of time.

I really enjoyed it.

After watching probably one of the worst actors in Hollywood (Mr Cruise, in case I needed to clarify) present one of the most obnoxious uninteresting characters I have ever seen, what's with this stupid boyish grin the whole time.

The majority of critics were underwhelmedand since I was passing through a particularly intense phase ofanti-Tom Cruiseism (based primarily on resentment, jealousy,and siding with Nicole), I was relieved at the lukewarm criticalreception.

The movie itself is a like a lazy Sunday afternoon - slow, relaxed and slightly surreal.

I'll also say that the film is intriguing at the beginning and lulls toward what seems to be the conclusion.

Cruise shines in his role, giving a performance which ranges from - dashingly smug, depressed, in complete love, confusion, frustration, etc etc. Yep, it's all here (almost!

The first break are the shrink sequences (played by Mr. Kurt Russel, who looks completely out of place here), these scenes are ruined by Mr. Cruise' dull display of self-pity and heavily exaggerated body talk.

Very stupid movie , don't waste your time in seeing this one , its a waste of time and money .

Was I ever wrong, Vanilla Sky is the bastard offspring of Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama and Arthouse, and instead of revealing bit by bit of the plot, leaving you on the edge of your chair in suspense until the end of the film, it is contrived and ridiculous.

Mostly Misses The Mark - But The Film Was Oddly Compelling To Me .

Too interesting to be called bad, too pretentious to be called good," says Gary Paton from the online Movie Gazette in his review.

Save your money.

This movie, is older and seems to be a Love/Hate type and I hope that people who check here get a chance to read this because I think it's worth watching solely because if it connects to you, it will probably instantly become one of your top ten fav's.

A happily confusing lark .

Besides beeing overlong and dull, Crowe effectively kills the potential tension by layering pop songs over virtually every scene.

A shame really, because, up to the last half hour, we can enjoy a story that is absorbing and well acted, if rather convoluted.

Amazingly, in trying to do all of that it STILL finds a way to come off as boring.

But he has still made a thoroughly entertaining and sometimes debatable film with quite a few memorable scenes.

This movie was genuinely feel-good, even though it's difficulties and events were heavy-weight and intriguing.

The film is confusing throughout and then the twist at the end is terrible.

VANILLA SKY, in my opinion, is a thrilling, romantic, and heart-warming romantic thriller.

The original was great, amazing and engaging.

Then there is the intense car crash scene that leaves Tom Cruise's character with a horrendous facial disfigurement.

Proving that the greatest asset a film can possibly have is a strong screenplay, "Vanilla Sky" is a series of half-hearted whims and self-indulgent larks.

For that purpose it tells a confusing story where the main character is led to question reality, his sanity, what's important in his life, friendship, love and all the usual clichés.

The music used in the film helps to propel the narrative and gives an insight into David's confusion.

I worship Cameron Diaz though, because she looks so stunning and got such a fabulous acts.

Toms hair owns in this film Toms car is rad in this film This movie has a mind blowing ending.

Pretentious, boring, lengthy, incomprehensible, Spanish: the bad words keep spilling out.

From the moment their eyes meet, the audience can sense the chemistry between Cruise and Cruz, but the MANY instances of deja vu in the movie will keep you guessing until the gripping end.

Its 'mind-bending','confusing' reputation is overrated, and stated by movie and book neophytes .

Disturbing; worth watching.

It's a breath of fresh air at least and is that bit "different" from your average formulaic 5 act movie.

the worst movie I've seen in my life .

( not 10/10 cause its not THE greatest movie ever, but WELL worth watching.

Definitely worth watching!

In the end, Vanilla Sky does manage to conjure up some interesting images and meditations, but falls short of being compelling.

Greatly directed, and Suspenseful, great for positive minded intellectuals and a great popcorn flick to watch with the girlfriend.

What truly dragged me into the film was the way the emotions were expressed by the characters.

Penelope Cruz gives a solid performance and Jason Lee was enjoyable.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever made in the history of making movies.

I rate this Tom Cruise venture in the same insomnia-beating league as The English Patient and Dangerous Liaisons.

I thought Tarantino was the ne plus ultra of pretentious narcissism.

Watching the clothes tumble around in the drier is equally, perhaps signficantly more, fascinating.

Tom Cruise does the most breathtaking performance of his career as David Aames.

>Worst movie since Mulholland Drive .

Later I would tell my wife that, sometimes, I wished that I could wake up from the mundane and banal aspects of my life as well.

I never got to a point where I cared about any of the characters: Cruise was shallow, vain and selfish in both personnas; and the two women who revolved around him were completely uninteresting and predictable.

I wont go into to much detail about the plot or whats going on in the one because I felt that more people have a much vivid and better review than I could ever done on the IMDb and it is also pretty fascinating to check out peoples perception of what they thought .

But I enjoyed it and it surprised me at the end.

Gripping cinematic experience .

That said, "Vanilla Sky" is one of the most thought-provoking, intelligent, un-patronising, unpredictable, un-annoying movies to come out of Hollywood for many years.

Crowe's direction, Cruise's excellent performance, breathtaking cinematography and an ingenious, original plot make "Vanilla Sky" one of the best films in years.

Cameron Crowe's films are nearly unwatchable!


Much of the dialogue was horrific and pretentious.

Why was Time Square empty?

All that matters regardless of the plot outcome, is that David is one of the few lucky people in this world who finds his match, and that notion in itself is something intense.

It is definitely wild, reality bending entertaining experience.

I would say that the story is one about life, not life as in birth to death, although that comes into it but life from the emotional view, of happiness and contentment through to angry and confusion.

The most intriguing was the brutal reality of seeing just how crudely vital is our physical appearance.

I found this movie to be in turn challenging, frustrating and intriguing.

Unexpected disturbing movie .

And whatabout the "empty Time Square" scene ?

To begin with, to promote a movie for the fact to have shot a scene in an empty times square to me doesn't sound the only content that a movie should contain.

Well, I say this movie is simply mind blowing.

As slow as this awful film was, and even as useless an exercise in time wasting as watching Penelope and Tom fall for each other is, I had just that tinge of intrique.

I found Vanilla Sky to be just short of a passable watch in the end and while it might be a decent mind-trip of a film, if you want to choose between this one and the Spanish original, I highly suggest the original, a far more compelling, even if problematic, work.

" I was finding it very difficult to follow and in all honesty not particularly interesting.

Complete waste of time.

The confusing aspect about the story was Tom Cruise's character' a successful millionaire who's claimed everything only one could ever dream of and then meeting the girl of his dreams (real-life love interest Penelope Cruz).

Insomnia, The Ring, The Vanishing to name a few others.

A really unexpected movie where dream and reality are mixed for the greatest pleasure of the audience.

I'm telling u this movie is worth watching...

The cinematography and make-up were very good, though, and about the only positive in an otherwise pointless film.

However Vanilla Sky is a flop, watching it was like torture DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

If anyone found the plot intriguing, I highly recommend you read Ubik by Philip K.

It deals with interesting topics, has an engaging and intriguing plot line as well as excellent acting.

It is definitely one of the best movies I have seen since a long time - both because of the magnificent actors (Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, just to name a few) and the thrilling story.

VANILLA SKY is an eerie, operatic, and entertaining science-fiction thriller!

The cinematography is just stunning and the views of New York (including the famous empty Times Square shot) express the city like never before.

Empty inside.

Anyone interested in the science/theory of Cryogenics will find this film fascinating.

But this was awesome, second time watching was even better; you know the deal but it's still an intriguing story.

Vanilla Sky is a brilliant movie with a really well written and extremely well developed storyline with a very talented cast who clearly understood the script to this very confusing and beyond strange movie,take my word,the moment it ends,you are going to feel very weird.

The film is a bit too long and bogs down slightly in the middle, but just when we are about to get bored, Crowe throws us another brain bender to keep it interesting.

Apparently Crowe felt that the only way to keep an audience interested is by attempting to tie up every loose end to the point where it becomes redundant and completely uninteresting.

It became quite fashionable in recent years to make confusing movies, with many of them changing perspectives or moving back and forth in the story.

A Mix of Confusion But Very Entertaining .

But highly recommended if you suffer from persistent insomnia.

Very offbeat, and a little confusing until the last twenty minutes or so of the film when everything comes together.

Super, fascinating, devious, ingenious, innovative.

As a portrait of a man losing his sanity after a terrible car crash, this is actually quite intriguing and I didn't see the end coming, which is unusual for a big budget film these days.

Director Cameron Crowe reunites with mega-star Tom Cruise from their 1996 collaboration of the romantic-comedy "Jerry Maguire" to give you 2001's most erotic, complex, and thrilling film that is surely one of the best films of the year.

The prison scenes are so confusing that it's better to have it explicitly stated in the end that they weren't real so that the second time around you can watch it knowing that.

The movie is both entertaining , and it makes you think.

This is a confusing movie.

Because of this and the fact that it has so many pointless subplots put in it for no real resounding reason, the film becomes purely an exercise in cinematic vanity.

The twist at the end is superb and really made up for the slow start and progression of the film, athough this is essential in order for the film to unfold in the way it does.

Can movie critics be anymore pretentious.

She told me that she didn't like it when she first saw it because it was confusing.

The bad parts: A little too long, a little slow, and some rather bad choices in musical moments.

The old screeching cat jumping out during a contrived suspenseful moment is one of the cheapest shots.

Crowe and Cruise team up for a pretentious, minor mind trip for the easily satisfied.

This got me on the edge of my seat, and why not?

Its up to you to decide if you want to waste this much time, I can't tell you what to do .

Crowe succeeded in making the originally charming and fascinating girls look like teenage cheerleaders.

A confusing,head spinning mess.

The film is littered with fantastic character performances in fact; Timothy Spall and the always-riveting Tilda Swinton are among the best of these.

Which, in order to be compelling needed all of the tension it could get.

It was a relief to see a movie that explains itself after a confusing story; unlike some other movies I could mention(The matrix: revolutions) Overall I'd recommend waiting for this one on television .

This smart, entertaining story of what happens to a man when reality seems to slip away is magnificent.

Very Enjoyable .

A thoroughly enjoyable experience, with challenges of conventional thinking worthy of a philosophy class.

Well, I started to watch this movie, and about ten minutes later found myself playing with the thoughts of slitting my wrists out of boredom.

I've read comments like it was "long" and "boring".

In these final minutes, however, Cameron Crowe does manage to give Cruise's character a soul in just a few clever seconds: when he reveals that his waking dream world has been based on the album cover for The Freewheelin Bob Dylan, Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and Truffaut's Jules and Jim, the choices are so pitch-perfect, that Crowe is able to transform the impression of Cruise being just an empty vessel.

Without giving anything away, i would have to say this was one of Tom C's best and most compelling performances.

) He has a fabulous high-powered job, that he didn't have to slave for, he is fabulously wealthy (In reality he's just a poor, average looking commoner like most of us), he has a beautiful woman in his bed, a space-age high tech television in his bedroom--- also, a red Ferrari, going down an empty Times Square, then some other fabulous vehicle ---- Obviously he's dreaming (Obvious To everyone except maybe Warren Buffet and Bill Gates).

" But, I would argue this could in fact be seen as a sly comment on the whole thing - Cruise's character is so perfect that the slightest imperfection makes his life unbearable and the whole fabric of reality falls apart.

Cameron Crowe is the perfect director for Cruise - they come from the same Hack school of little-kid acting and sentimental-empty directing.

"Vanilla Sky" is, then, the ultimate cliché of the America/remake fascination inherent in most mainstream Hollywood films these days.

Again, without ruining anything, I will say that once the audience realizes what is going on, this movie opens up a very intriguing philosophical discussion about life and death.

Not since "Apocalypse Now" has there been a film so beautiful, so breathtaking, so moving and so successful in its ability to transform the viewer into the lead character, as opposed to merely being a admission-paying spectator.

the first 45 minutes or so were quite entertaining.

For two day I walked around in a state of miserable banality.

From "Richard III" to the "Hunchback of Notre Dame"; actors find it hard to restrain themselves when the heavy make-up is applied and the foot is dragged.

The delight is in the unexpected .

Until then, we'll just have to deal with unwatchable re-makes of true masterpieces and watch films that were created by accountants, lawyers and the hackneyed filmmakers they keep on the payroll.

This movie is thrilling, tragic, sexy, endearing, sweet and of course..has some great dialogue.

Vanilla Sky is one of the films that is quirky, and unpredictable enough to keep you at the edge of the seat till the end.

Too Slow .

Aames's yuppie life is turned upside down when he meets the engaging Sofia (Penelope Cruz).

..sorry..just can't get past Tom's hard not to bail out of this one during the first hour or so, when every line of dialog is smug, contrived, and designed solely to prop up Cruises character as God's gift to women...

Enjoyable .

It has all the great elements that could make a movie both entertaining and thought-provoking - sex, love, morality, questioning reality, hip soundtrack, great scenes and twist after twist.

Interesting, but confusing sometims .

Cameron was cute in this movie, but a waste of her time.

This film was overlong, poorly rewritten and ultimately ponderous.

Casting Cruise is a bit too much of a cliché to be true.

A weak and confusing film.

This is a great film, and worth watching more than once (if not just to understand it) but is visually rich, and yes, Tom Cruise (of whom I am not a great fan) does act well - he is, as yet, no great master of the art, but executes a compelling performance.

Think about it after you leave the theater- because you will!

I fell asleep twice before I could finish it.

The theme song by Paul McCartney is nice, though, and the visuals of NYC (especially in the opening) are stunning.

It makes you think from beginning to end, the cinematography is amazing, the Directing and Editing are outstanding and it is very entertaining.

Confusing and frustrating at times, it keeps you thinking throughout.

This wasn't one of the best movies i saw but, even so, was entertaining and worth the money i paid.

Vanilla Sky is one mind boggling plot twist after another.

What is it all like a guy, David Aames, who was at the top of the world suddenly gets bored and invents a little dream to himself a girl of his dreams a girl that can be 100 percently good for him as he wants a girl to be this is Sofia and then falls into cirlce of unexplainable.

Having a sudden twist of plot in the form of resurfacing of repressed guilt is confusing if it is a) not explained right then and there b) never explained.

The plot is so confusing so boring you just prefer to kill yourself than continue watching it.

Pretty Actors making very confusing hard to follow film.

too bad Spike Lee made much more compelling use of the same trick a decade earlier in "Mo' Better Blues.

Good for those who like to analyze movies, boring for the rest of us.

Don't waste your money.

Needs a few touches, but I enjoyed it .

All the performances are flat and much of the dialogue is as annoying and pretentious as most reviewers say it is.

It is only worth watching for the babetastic Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz and also for the great soundtrack

Again, this is just pointless melodrama because tragedies don't sell.

Certainly it's entertaining as it rolls along, and there is wonderful chemistry of two quite different kinds between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on the one hand, and Cruise and Penelope Cruz on the other.

A big part of it is the heavy-handedness - it's over-long and certain scenes are dragged out to painful lengths.

This newer version is actually more enjoyable to watch, the visuals are fantastic and the story is pretty much just as it was in the original, which everyone said was great.


It's more than intelligent and fascinating, it's very spiritual as well.

I don't usually post to these sort of forums but I felt by the sheer volume of people that went into this film expecting Hollywood, then came out complaining about it being confusing, and claiming that it was too Hollywood!

Ms. Diaz and Jason Lee (as Brian Shelby) are most enjoyable, in supporting roles.

the story if a little confusing at times is great, the actors play their parts brilliantly and once again the soundtrack is one of the best i have ever heard.

I still enjoyed it and appreciated the romance and found it to be strangely magical in an urban kind of way.

A very interesting and fascinating film, though the original is better .

It's a film you can't miss at all it's amazing, breath taking, dark and so entertaining to watch.

If you're looking for this movie to be another hollywood clone, with a standard plot, simple, straightforward characters, and uninteresting dialogue, then this movie will sadly disappoint you.

If you enjoyed it, see it again with the Director's comentary on, its WELL worth it!

As a viewer I was rewarded by the sentiment that I saw something different than the usual banal stuff, even if my patience was badly tried.

Please don't Waste your money to go see this movie.

The photography is breathtaking and I loved the music (although it does seem as if Cameron Crowe just threw in all his favorite songs on a CD and pressed 'shuffle'...

Be ready for a surreal ride with many unexpected turns.

So boring so bad !

(I wonder when directors will learn that most sex scenes are in fact very boring.

His blending of Nancy Wilson's (his wife/ ex heart guitarist) compositions and the intense visuals flow together beautifully.

), but everything was predictable from one scene to another and even often the dialogues were predictable, and I believe that's a very bad thing for a movie which is considered "brilliant", "imaginative", and so on...

I didnt think it was confusing like most ppl think, I actually found it pretty striaghtfoward, It was a greta movie that can best be describes as "The Picture Of Dorian Grey" By Oscar Wilde meets The Matrix meets Romeo & Juliet.

When I walked out of the theater after seeing this movie, I was amazed that I had only lost two hours of my life.

Its action packed and fast.

The screenplay is all over the place and the resolution is predictable, unsatisfying and even a bit dumb.

It was painfully slow watching the plot develop and the ending was a bailout.

It did bore me at times and I really don't like to be bored inside a movie theater (especially not when the movie has already started).

I didn't like all of the plot turns and a couple of them don't make any sense, even after finishing the film, but the premise is fascinating once it gets going.

When Recall is done, you are left with adrenaline overload, with the feeling of having seen high adventure.

"Vanilla Sky" is two and a half hours of utter confusion leading up to just such a letdown.

His calm, drab monotone and white suit were so irritating, I wanted to throw my coffee at the screen.

It is one of the most boring ways possible to finish a film just by having a character you have barely met lifelessly explain it all.

No plot and no continuity.

"vanilla sky" owes "open your eyes" many parts of a good story: the rising action to the climax changes the movie from a love story to an exciting thriller, which ending touches every time, especially because of the fantastic music of sigur ros and the beautiful vanilla sky, which is to my mind well chosen.

If you want to be entertained without having to guess which nightmare flashback you're watching, don't waste your time on this piece of trash.

Quite frankly, he bores me.

It's a dull screenplay that feeds off your attention span, or lack thereof.

I heard that Vanilla Sky is a poor remake of a foreign film, but that's much better than a formulaic film.

A film can easily be confusing without being intellectual, and Vanilla Sky is a case in point.

I remember liking it when I saw it way back then and I enjoyed it again upon recent viewing.

I took about seven attempts on DVD to watch this pretentious load of tripe!

And the movie was for the most part entertaining enough, though I wouldn't rate the acting capabilities of Cruise, Cruz or Diaz very highly.

THIS film just added a completely contrived and stupid ending without giving any sort of hint as to what might happen earlier (unless you count the constant references to that snap frozen dog).

**Warning*Spoilers**A number of films in recent history have been released concerningwarped realities, dreams and mental illness - Fight ClubAmerican Psycho and Mulholland Drive to name just three - whichattempt to undermine the viewers belief in the protagonists realitythereby providing an entertaining plot twist.

the only problem might be that in some scenes it was kind of awkward and boring.

But despite that, the movie was quite enjoyable, with some good surprises.

What a waste of time and money...

From then on Aames' life spirals off into a confusing and at time mildly diverting exploration of life, love and reality.

Instead, he has produced a boring, plodding (though well shot) film.

I finally got the DVD and the ability to slow down and analyze scenes and structure as well as hear the director comments really enhances the experience.

It's colorful, beautiful, a little disturbing and above all, it's deeply fascinating.

I admit it may be sometimes hard to follow.

vanilla sky is one of the worst movies i have ever seen and I watched batman and robin and I watched hellraiser 5 and i have watched spider man 3.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that I have finally seen the worst movie of my life.

It is a little complex and dark, but it's a compelling, disorientating story none the less.

What I hear over and over again is that the movie is hard to follow, I have to say, I have no idea why.

I enjoyed it thouroughly!!

The whole premise is based on the old, cliched, and utterly boring "is it real, or is it a dream?

Some call it confusing and it can be.

On my review about "Abre Los Ojos" (1997), I regarded "Vanilla Sky" as a poor and pointless remake.

The street scene where he runs down it with it empty is absolutely amazing and breathtaking cinema.

What a waste of time.

an ever engrossing surreal drama which will leave you on the very edge of your seat for a whole 130 mins .

) Even if you're familiar with many of the themes and techniques used, it's a refreshingly confusing whirlwind and refuses to hand you easy answers.

overlong and dull .

What does make sense, at least to me is that he fell asleep on her couch and everything between that moment and the last scene was a nightmare.

But even then, some parts were a bit boring.

I seem to be one of only a few people who found the ending predictable, trite, and most of all, irritatingly unresolved.

Breathtaking .

Anderson in 'Magnolia,' where the character either matched Cruise's persona--Ron Kovic, the Vietnam vet Cruise plays in 'Born on the Fourth of July,' is, like Cruise, a small, scrappy, intense, highly emotional overachiever--or was designed with Cruise in mind, as is the case with most of his post-'Top Gun' ouevre, including his role as Frank T.


In the first hour and an halve it's still mainly unclear where the movie is heading to and makes perhaps a bit of a pointless impression.

Spoilers This movie is a complete waste of time.

If Memento is too confusing, then sure, Vanilla Sky is totally made for you!

All the techno-crap and time-jumping were really unnecessary,and the heavy-handed clues throughout were tiresome.

Sorry, this movie is a waste of time, dazed, confused and all over the place...

The aggressive filmgoer, should find himself or herself rewarded by a viscerally entertaining psychological thriller by the end of the film's over 2 hour running time.

This was a silly remake of Amenabar's brilliant masterpiece "Abre Los Ojos", complete with all the cocky, cliché "Sho Me da Money"-type lines so famous in Jerry Maguire.

The film manages to tackle some big ideas in a really entertaining way, and it's a nice film to look at.

It is a mad rollercoaster ride of image and boredom.

A sixth emotion: Boredom .

Although I have to say that director Cameron Crowe made a brilliant movie, at times the story seemed to jerk, and the pace changed rapidly, and on occasions was very difficult to follow.

Yes, it's a pointless remake.

I found the story gripping and I never quite knew what was happening.

Beginning of the movie is very promising, since it opens with an stunning wake-dream sequence (Tom Cruise driving & running on completely empty Times Square!

The plot twists were contrived; the twists almost felt like a cop-out by the writer, who needed an explanation for the lunacy going on.

It's a mysterious, fun, surreal, mystifying, and highly enjoyable movie.

Crowe, after incomprehensibly trying--and failing--to position himself as Billy Wilder (you can't be Billy Wilder without mingling romance with cynicism and Crowe doesn't appear to have a cynical bone in his body), seems to be setting himself up as a mixture of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch, but he's far too pedestrian a filmmaker to capture the essence of either director and the result is a trite, talky, open-ended mess that ends up becoming little more than an ersatz science-fiction mess--albeit with a great soundtrack.

It is true that as the story unfold various "clues" are given as to where the plot is going but unlike for instance Matrix which can be said to be in the classic category, Vanilla Sky is a victim of its own confusion and that dilutes much of what ought to be a thought provoking theme.

I would say that the story is one about life, not life as in birth to death, although that comes into it but life from the emotional view, of happiness and contentment through to angry and confusion.

It was more unexpected.

I liked it, it was worth watching.

Long and boring and a general waste of valuable time.

The most intense parts of the film included a montage of images and sound, mixing various songs from the film, lines the characters said, as well as noises I have been unable to identify.

However, after the first 2 hours I started to get really bored and just wanted it to get to something, some kind of ending.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

So predictable!

"Vanilla Sky" is too long, self-indulgent and a mess.

Cruz is captivating, Cruise is compelling.

This film reminds me of the following conversation: Guy1: You are so predictable...

Engaging psychological tale .

So boring so bad .

The ending, that is bitterly unpredictable, could be better.

Cruz's puppy-face treacle was unbearable - I'm ready for Adam West to do Shakespeare before I suffer through another movie with her.

Vanilla Sky (2001)Plot In A Paragraph: A self-indulgent and vain publishing magnate (Cruise) finds his privileged life upended after a car accident.

Despite this, "Vanilla Sky" remains a complex, intriguing story that breaks away from easy formulas.

I admit that it got a little predictable.

Worth watching, twice!

Rather Confusing .

Moreover Vanilla Sky is captivating and intriguing and will therefore have you and you're friends discussing the film long after the closing credits.

This had to be the most head blag movie of my life but a thoroughly enjoyable one.


A painful waste of time.

It has an absolutely fascinating story that, for once in a long time, left me wondering what was going to happen next.

The whole film just seemed so pointless.

Just because a movie is completely confusing, doens't make it intellectual.

just go rent the original, "open your eyes" and skip this pretentious flick.

If you want a movie to tell you what to think, and be obvious and clear cut, you may find this one hard to follow.

pretentious .

The concept for me back in 2001 was innovative and still now I find the film entertaining.

Whoever goes to their local multiplex would definitely expect to see the usual Harry Potters and America Pies, so it's basically pointless to ever try introducing such movie-goers to a movie whose roots lie in European arthouse(although one can't really say Abre los Ojos is a typical European movie).

sadly, cameron crowe is starting to become one of the more predictable directors around.

Abre los ojos was very dark and edgy, while vanilla sky leaves a more bland taste in the mouth of the viewer.

This is one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen, as It's absolutely mind blowing, with a mesmerizing story and stunning performances!.

) are excellent, and the plot premise is fascinating.

During the first and second acts, the film poses questions about vanity, sanity, morality and reality, and answers them with the modern equivalent of the oldest cliche ending in the book - "it was all a dream" for the 21st century.

Yet another pointless remake.

All in all, it is a very enjoyable film, a change from the usual Hollywood fare, that deserves to be watched more than once.

As usual the Hollywood remake has simplified the plot, drained away the cinemotographic beauty and replaced them with shallow overdramatisizations, an oversimplified boringly predictable lineariarized plot and to paraphrase the American director in Jean-Luc Godar's evermemerable "Pierrot le fou": «Sex, Violence and Strong emotions».

A big name cast is totally wasted here in this confusing mess of a movie.

He clearly felt guilty about it but in the end Crowe made his guilt seem pointless because he never rectified the situation - he merely redeclared his love for Sofia.

Vanilla Sky has an intriguing plot and a premise.

Another Pointless Hollywood Remake (chicken breasts) .

Don't waste your time on Vanilla Sky.

To sum up, the problem with this movie is that the story is uninteresting and boring, and with an unimaginative conclusion.

At two hours and thirty minutes, the movie is too long for its own good and it does drag at times--a few scenes really didn't seem necessary and could've easily ended up on the cutting room floor.

Usually there would be some suspense created upon this permanent pending state, yet Vanilla Sky just gets boring over time and manages to make you angry.

The dream within a dream, could have made for great philosophical possibilites, but all we get are boring cliches, takes on love and how to get it and lose it.

cameron crowe is determined to prove that he has good taste in music, but in this movie, the music only serves to lull the audience to sleep...