Vivarium (2019) - Comedy, Horror, Mystery

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A young couple looking for the perfect home find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood of identical houses.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Lorcan Finnegan
Stars: Imogen Poots, Danielle Ryan
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 226 out of 584 found boring (38.69%)

One-line Reviews (439)

After enduring an hour and 20 minutes of boring nothingness and frustration, and you're 10 minutes before the end, there's a 2 minute intense sequence that kind of explains the situation.

This is partly what makes Vivarium so fascinating: It is keenly aware of the smothering expectations placed upon people to adhere to societal norms, even as they become more unattainable and less desired by younger generations.

Don't Waste your time .

How it is possible anyone feels this movie is a masterpiece is like watching paint dry on a wall.

Trailer is much more exciting than the film.

dont waste your time.

Interesting setup, then nothing happens.

I thought it was intriguing.

Instead I got a dull boring movie if nothing.

Strangely entertaining .

Waste of Time.. .

Dull Boring Rubbish .

It is absolutely predictable and so incredibly slow and boring.

Wanna be Twilight with Black Mirror but falls FLAT and DULL STORY.

The movie has a relentlessly simple message that is told at the beginning and is repeated at the end in a gross, repetitive, and perfunctory depiction.

Predictable sub standard B movie IMO.

The uniquely mundane production design and attention to diegetic reality assists in creating a dread inducing atmosphere.

Intriguing, bizarre and original.

Their basic needs are taken care of, but they are given an unexpected task that grows increasingly onerous.

After first half, it becomes boring without much activity.

Garbage, no story, no twist, no explanation nor revelation, no need to watch it and I am pissed!

This is a joyless, boring piece of nonsense.

But honestly at the end of it, I was wondering what it all meant and did I just waste my time watching this?

Enjoyable flick .

Copying their movements he is quite fascinating as all children copy their parents to learn.

predictably boring, waste of time .

The only reason I can think of to have dragged this story out is so that the audience could experience the same slow agony that the main characters do.

I found this quite enjoyable because I feel it's relatable.

Don't waste your time .

Extremely boring.

The movie is a waste of time.

This movie is absolutely waste of time I don't even know what is going on

A waste of my time .

OMG this was like watching paint dry!!

Discovering that this isn't the home for them, they get in their car, ready to leave the land of identical homes behind them, only to discover that they are lost just trying to get out.

Pointless with a stupid non ending.

This movie is clearly propaganda targeted towards millennial discouraging them from having kids.

Waste of my time .

Worst Movie I Have watched.

Predictable and lazy story.

Utter waste of time, as simple as that.

Definitely the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life !

believe e this movie has no story, you will clear anything and at the end no story ending,

no story just one line script lol .

Even though I can tell this generally wasn't a good movie, I just enjoyed it for what it was and ignored what it was trying to be.

What were those people thinking when making such an idiot,boring useless and time wasting movie!!!!!.


No Story .

What a waste of time.

it's a total waste of time, the acting is equally awful, it's just rubbish.


Stupid movie just dont waste your time to watch the movie.

I only watched because it was free ..and I'm currently Quarantine just like the rest of the world .. the movie is plain old boring.. why the hell it has 5.9 rating..only the lord knows.. no clue why the dude keep digging and in the end it doesn't make any sense whatsoever..pls skip this and watch money heist or parasite or knives out or joker or whatever movie not this one alright

Nope folks what we have here is a totalitarian Turkey-burger in the same vein as Mother and other tedious pretentious tales that the equally ever so clever filmmakers will try and dupe you into believing are mind expanding and so intelligent you should like it and feel small and embarrassed if you don't - Sorry NO thanks!

This is the worst movie I watched in the year 2020 .


Predictable, stupid, the ending very predictable and not interesting.

Worst movie ever.

Pretentious garbage waste of time.

That life itself is pointless.

This film had so much potential, but the story lacked substance which meant that it was all just a little bit too predictable.

The whole movie is empty.

I had to come back and edit my review to address others viewers comments about how bad, meaningless and a waste of time this movie was.

But well worth the watch anyway.

Humours, Scary, Intense.

A short and thrilling watch.

Lots of good elements, entertaining moments, and so on but it didn't really say anything in the end, rendering it pointless.

It is slow and boring as hell.

The reason I am giving this 5 stars is because the story is original, engaging, unpredictable and the acting is above average.

Pretentious drival.

I think it's a fairly low budgetted film which is made very keen and turned out to be worth watching.

Don't waste your time .

Extremley intriguing and weird .

Worst movie ever seen .

Now, I can say is one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

A waste of time .

Some folks got a job making a really pointless movie.

If you tolerate the utter boredom and keep watching to see something amazing at the end, youre done boy, you are done.

It was dull.

I honestly dont now how people make films like this,it was a complete waste of time.

A waste of time and money, an extra headache 🤕 and things like that await you when watching this movie.

Jessie character was a total waste of time until he dies.

Pretentious metaphor....

but he does not deny these facts are true, it is slow and there is no definitive end.

Poor acting, slow moving story line, bland production.

Don't waste your time.

Horrific, slow ride to hell.

I feel like a lot of the reviews are negative, Vivarium isn't really that bad of a movie, it has nice photography, lighting, has some cool commentary on relationships and the mundane everydayness i guess.

Worst movie ever!!!

The entire thing is fascinating, including the ending.

An interesting film, purposely slow to build the dread.

A dribble of interesting ideas hidden in between long periods of boring garbage .

While many people complain that 'nothing happens' in this dark tale, it is the set, mood and character studies that are on show.

Vivarium, is an intriguing film that builds a lot of interesting pieces throughout its story, the performances from Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots are solid.

Interesting but predictable .

Interesting premise, dull main characters .

I've seen a good couple bad movies, but this one is such a trash, it made me make an IMDb account just to say how insanely waste of time this creation is.

Objectively, it should have a 5 or 6 rating but I enjoyed it so there is that.

Boring, empty , meaningless, awful , disturbing (you will scratch your head in finding meaning) .

Nothing happened.

I would go crazy tooWhile the journey is interesting to see, it is also drawn out and seems to have an inflated sense of self.

If you forgot about the cuckoo scene, the message of this movie would probably be unclear because the middle part of this movie was quite too slow.

Even in a boring lockdown, this is not even a 1 star movie.

One of my top worst movie ever .

The movie is quite slow and very strange and I pretty much had no idea what was going on throughout the entire film.

The whole thing is an allegory for the banality of suburbia and the quite frightening nature of becoming a parent for the first time.

Waste of time.

Please don't waste your time!

Believe me guys this movie is just pointless!!

Interesting premise, cool visuals, good first act and setup then nothing, paper thin metaphors shoved down your throat, cardboard cutouts of characters and an utterly underwhelming climax, I felt numb and empty at the end of the film, this is a totally brainless film.

Creepy but boring .

Pointless .

Intriguing and discomforting .

Don't waste your money or your time...

You will only waste your time.

Thin reedy plot, rubbish story, only watched it because of Jesse real waste of time.

This movie is an absolute waste of time.

But after going through a lengthy and dull 90 minutes of predictability a subtext just isn't enough.

yawn again....

We're left with a explantion-less, tedious, thoughtless film that focuses on suburban child-rearing of an artificial human being that goes nowhere, suggests nothing, and frustrates from start to finish from the raising of basic questions that could make the characters' dilemma interesting.

Waste of time .

What a waste of time .

What an awful weird boring movie that was, totally pointless.

Pointless movie .

Using metaphors works to add depth to the story, but when they talk about problems that belong to the 2000s, it makes a boring and predictable story.

It's a metaphor about the meaningless of bourgeois life, where the man works himself to death, the wife taking care of offspring and society around them doing the exact same thing in the exact same environment under the exact same boring conditions: one long stretch of meaningless boredom, no wind to bring change, no rain to give it all a refreshing well needed rinse.

7/10 nice but predictable....

Vivarium is the most fascinating film so far this year that I've seen.

It's super boring and nothing happens in it.

Story is also very cliche.

Intriguing idea, good performances, good tone.

Another promissing film with flaw plot and confusing directing!

The worst movie I have ever seen!!!!

Pointless .

I think he wanted to shake off his "nerd" image and be more of a butch in this role; however it comes off as being very confusing.

A complete waste of energy and time.

After the first half hour the movie was already boring, there is no story.

The next 75 minutes are dull boredom, only interrupted by some screaming fits of the child, who obviously knows no other way to demand his needs.

But it was actually entertaining, and I don't regret watching it.

But overall a more intellectual version of a Twilight Zone episode (compelling you to think how the pieces fit together, or if they do).

Painful to watch, had I been in a theater I would of walked out - grateful I got to watch it at home so I didn't spend a dime on this.

So slow, with a terrible plot and basically no script written.

Completely agree with other reviewers who say this is a waste of time.

Its worth watching though

Shame that the movie dragged on and on.

On the one side it illustrates the main characters struggle, on the other hand it's tedious pulls you out of the story.

Plot aside.. it's just boring and has no purpose .

I would rather have watched paint dry.

Waste of your time.

Waste of time.

In couple words-looks alike one (very boring) episode of The Twilight Zone.

And boring.


Might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Entire film full of boring overuse scene!

The worst movie I've ever seen , it is a waste of time The worst movie I've ever seen , it is a waste of time

I almost did not bother because of the unjustified negativity of the other user reviews, but this story is compelling, mysterious, great acting and musical score.

Well it's confirmed that Mark Kermode has become Barry Norman whereas anything he says is worth watching then give it a massive wide birth.

Nothing happens after the first 20 minutes, no ideas are put into pictures, I'm actually surprised that the movie is even able to show us anything, it does a good job at sustaining its own emptiness.

An utter boredom at the time of corona.

No plot.

This movie gives us a glimpse in the mundane, difficult, isolated life of a family trying to cope with an impossible situation with no relief from this horrible existence.

Vivarium is a strange yet compelling story about a couple who are lured into a labyrinth like neighbourhood of identical houses by an odd real estate agent with otherworldly motives.

As much as some ideas were interesting here, this movie is a dull slog filled with overacting, not convincing special effects, constant waffling on vague philosophy and mostly just bored, grouchy looking people in dimly lit rooms staring into space.

If these words ring true to you then trust me and the similar reviewers who categorize this movie as a waste of time, and move on.

Boring nonsense from beginning to end.

Don't waste your time!!.

But from the middle to the end the movie start going nowhere.

There is no story, no plot to this movie.

My first review on IMDb and I feel its necessary to post the review to warn others that this is possibly the worst movie I have ever endured.

As annoyingly boring as it can get .

I understood the social narrative and the cuckoo in the nest metaphor but the film was boring, nothing much happens and the dialogue was tedious and hardly mind expandingly existentially deep; apart from the fact it has been done to death in many other better and more in depth movies!

What an utter waste of time :-\ .

This movie did not have a strong lead male role, he is flat boring and lack progress.

But also because of the repetitive character of the film.

I only installed this app again to warn you not to watch any of this, nothing happened, There was no explanation of why this event was occurring either.

It could have good great, but it's pointless.

It was so slow.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Pointless .

It is the worst movie that I ever saw.

The acting was good, the premise was great, but the movie just went nowhere.

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Scene .

Definitely some memorable moments and therefore I felt it was worth the watch.

The ending was haphazard, and after 1.2 hours of boring around the maze, last 10 mins try to give an idea of what it might be (even that wasnt properly explained)Writers should understand, that its a good thing to confuse the audience till the extent that eventually you reveal them the idea behind confusion, which vivarium doesnt do.

Completely waste of time.

Dont waste your life on this.

This has to be THE worst movie ever made.

No plot .

The worst movie in the world .

However, I was particularly bored from watching the same scene over and over again.

Waste of time.

So damn boring plus no answer for any puzzle.

This movie is extremely boring and has no point.

I've endured the 1.5 hours waste of my life watching this garbage pretending to be a movie.

The story lacks in coherence and, honestly, it was dreadfully boring.

It was rather boring, though there was some mystery in it.

The ending is horrible and the second part of the movie was boring af

Simple story setting, followed by unexpected development.

Boring, pointless and a bloody waste of time.

Watch the Movie and find out only at the end that you watched a nonesense movie with no message or reason at.

A horrendously boring moving, slow paced and pointless, with no payoff what so ever at the end.

What a waste of time, even on lock down.

It's an absolutely fascinating film, in months the child grows into a cookie cutter callous young man, now played by Eanna Hardwicke, who Gemma follows when he goes out for his Escher style daily walk.

Nice colour palette, well shot, ultimately empty.

I completely enjoyed it.

Nothing much happening, just pointless.

That was a waste of time, no plot, felt nothing for the characters.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

So confusing.

Creepy suspenseful.

Either way, don't bother, well acted but so confusing to the average bear that is just wasn't worth it.

Vivarium turns the picture-perfect family life into an enstranging, horryfing, repetitive prison.

There was no plot, and Lorcan Finnegan (the director) himself said that there was no plot, he wanted to leave as much as possible "open to interpretation".

It leads absolutely no where, it only thrives on it's sickening and pointless violence.

Suspenseful .

Weird, pointless, annoying movie.

I preferred the slow building of tension and unraveling of plot.

Waste of time .

This is in absolutely going to be in my top 10 worst movie list,the first 1h was good and very promising until u start to realize that nothing is going to happen its just a waste of time nothing going to appear no answers like how?

Boring .

The story itself is horrible, predictable and 100% spoiled in the first 10min of the movie.

Pointless .

Very little in the way of story and plot devices move the film forward and the ending is underwhelming and contrived.

I expected sooo much more but this is such a waste of time.

The acting was great, I was left feeling so creeped out from time to time but I was also so curious to see what happened next, it was so unpredictable.

this is going nowhere ....

Don't waste your time people you'll never get that time back.

Honestly I think I would have rather have watched 90 minutes of paint drying than this utterly pointless movie.

What a waste of time .

This movie was so boring & dull.

yawn yawn yawn.

Absolutely pointless..

90 minutes on my life was wasted to watch a story of a bland couple who sits, waits and eventually the movie only ends because their lives do.

What a waste of time and money 😢 .

Having watched the trailers, I thought it was going to be intriguing and different.

It's just full of metaphors and pretentious messages.

Borderline unbearable, incoherent and in the end, inscrutable .

Original plot, awesome actors, very unpredictable end....

Sadly a waste of time .

There are too much movies with repetitive stories so to see one with an interesting plot it gets my attention.

Don't waste your time .

SLOW buildup with no real ending/explanation/closure.

Just a total waste of time watching this movie.

It's very confusing and probably boring to some.

Don't waste your time .

At first the movie very good and make me wonder what will happen to them, but in the end nothing happen.

Jesus this is dull and at best a circle jerk for the director and his chums.

Full waste of time although I have a lot of free time due to lock down still this time could have been used for something else.

Waste of time.

Complete waste of time.

When finally some more movement comes into the matter, it is so confusing that it brings no satisfaction.

Waste of time.

The movie is dull and slow, and they fail to explore the possibilities of human effort of getting out of maze (even maze runner movie did a better job).

From there, the viewer is going to become irritated, annoyed, and just completely agitated by this creative, stylish, and yet boring film.

Without spoiling as it is fun watching everything play out, towards the end Poot's character goes through a sequence which was incredibly trippy and visually stunning.

1) it is boring - because the story is very predictable 2) it is annoying - because the characters make decisions that make no sense.

The tasteless food also represents how bland their life is.

Nothing happens in this movie .

Waste of time .

The characters are dull, annoying and without traditional arcs.

They are now stuck on a path for life that is both mundane and horrifying - one that ends in their deaths, with their bodies left to rot on the grounds of the house they hated.

characters were dull.

Complete waste of time.

Truly sadistic, worse than all the other propaganda movies so far.

Odd tale, strangely intriguing .

Predictably boring, waste of time.

Too many boring conversation, and overuse scene!

Absolute waste of time.

Most boring...

Skip it and spend that 1.5 hours of your life watching paint dry !

Its worst than boring.

What starts out as an intriguing mystery with funny clouds eventually devolves into a monotonous and achingly vacant story of imprisonment in an endless maze.

Waste of your time .

Even the characters acted decently at the beginning, but they quickly became dull and stopped doing anything to help themselves.

Visually it is stunning.

What sense of urgency the film lacks is compensated for what the viewers themselves, in a state of confusion about what is actually happening, project up on the film.

An empty irritating and pointless film.

This film is pointless & of no value.

Just slow, depressing and the absolute worst ending you could imagine, trust me.

Worst Movie .

What a waste of time.

Waste of time.

1/10 reviews have dragged the overall rating down unfairly.

I still cannot wrap my head around, how an director can make such an empty movie like this.

This is one of worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

The dialogues, like the one written above, are at times repetitive, shallow and unintentionally funny.

Don't waste your time.

Extremely pointless

This social experiment from hell takes a bit too long to puzzle its way through what in the end seems like a waste of time, and is perhaps just a bit too real to be considered a bad joke, or as we call it, life.

It is not even a good movie because basically nothing happens, and both characters die in the end.

The directing was well done but the script was so dull and boring that it leaves you wondering why on earth would this get made.

Waste of time!!

and if you complain about it being pretentious, you just don't know how to have fun!

The movie was very boring and absolutely no point or explanation

Tom's digging of his (and her) own grave is a poignant moment only realised when they are being dragged to it in the final scenes.

It's boring in a unique way, even the hole (the recent one, Spanish) had more "action" and it was more entertaining than this one.

There's no plot other than them trying to make sense of their situation.

The movie looks good and the concept is intriguing.

Don't waste your time!

At approximately 2 hours in length and packed with long drawn out scenes of basically nothing, it felt like an extended, albeit, uneventful episode of The Twilight Zone.

A serious waste of time .

NO story.

Biggest waste of time I've ever sat through in my life.

I'd rate it -0/10 what a waste of my time.

Pointless nonsense .

Waste Of Time .

It is like a Truman show except imagine getting stuck in the house the entire time and literally nothing happens.

Waste of time .

dont waste ur time .

Make the film unwatchable!

It gets too complex thinking about the intentions and gist of this movie, and rather confusing mostly.


Creepy waste of time.

Simply put No Story here.

Watching paint dry is more entertaining


Long version: The whole movie is the slow unwinding of a single premise that is already exposed from the beginning.

However middle part is a little bit dull and older teacher and her boyfriend do not look older while boy grew up younger in full.

#yawn It's not.

Deffinetly the worst movie I've ever seen, and I seen a lot of movies.

The deterioration of the two main characters is fascinating to watch as is the rapid development of their adopted son.

Lorcan Finnegan's film (which he co-wrote with screenwriter Garret Shanley) doesn't give our couple much to do, beside roaming the empty streets of suburban purgatory in a depressive state of mind, until a baby in a cardboard box gets dropped in front of their new home.

It is a pretty suspenseful film!

Pretentious trying to cover up its lack of originality and lack of ideas in this piece of boredome.

You may even die from boredom from watching it.

Even with a plot as dull as a sledgehammer they still make good characters.

Quite frankly the most boring movie I've watched in a long time.

Total waste of time, don't bother .

Its pace is at times excruciatingly slow despite a rather compact running time.

So boring, don't recomment to watch .

No story, nothing.

A lack of contents and a waste of time.

pretentious movie "hiding" its boredome and kliche in a false notion of being "unique" - its not .

dont waste your time plz .

Boring last half an hour ruined the movie .

I had my hopes up with the trailer and the idea, don't get me wrong the idea of the movie is interesting and it got my hopes up high, only to be disappointed by how poorly this movie was made, the plot was slow\stupid, boring.

It went nowhere.

No plot twist, that world is just never ending misery.

Not only because of the painfully slow pace.

It's small, it's simple, it's well-acted, and intriguing.

Waste of time .

No story, no plot, no explanation, no commitment no surprises, no entertainment (except the looks of Imogen), worst ending, no satisfaction, no logic.

Unfortunate waste of money and time.

even-though I wouldn't recommend that you waste your time watching it at all.

The plot of this movie has potential, which is unfortunately wasted on overlong storytelling and a shockingly predictable ending.

The ending does have an exciting chase down a rabbit hole.

Both of the lead characters are fascinating to watch as they handle the situation in their own unique ways.

One big jumbled indecipherable bore fest.

Some good points: acting is good (some weird characters though) Jesse Eisenberg is good as always and I did like the (somewhat limited) soundtrack, but it's too slow for that length, it should be 45 mins tops.

but theres nothing in it, you turn around, the ice cream truck is gone, and you realise, your alone in an empty street, no idea how you got there.

This is my first movie review ever, and this is the worst movie i have seen in my entire life.

Yawn - another one of those.

My main issue with this movie is that somewhere in the half of its runtime, it just runs out of a story to tell and then we get absolutely pointless scenes with no plot or character significance.

What a waste of time.

Was looking forward to this but its a dreadfully slow disappointment.

Waste of Time / No Logic .

The worst movie I've ever seen , it is a waste of time .

At first I think this is some extensive and ridiculous metaphor for life and the mundane reality of convention and bourgeois.

The movie is like an extended Twilight Zone or Black Mirror episode but the pacing is rather slow.

Is he supposed to be assertive or mild mannered, smart or dull.

This is literally waste of time.

It's an empty glass that's pretty to look at when you're thirsty.

waste of time .

And honestly, the whole movie is a little pointless...

It was drawn out to the point of nasuem.

It's a long drawn-out bore that doesn't feel like it has much purpose.

This was unbelievably boring.

This film is a waste of time.

Instead of a 97 minute badly boring theatrical film, they could have instead made it into just as boring in 25 minutes for TV.

One of the most waste of time dumb stupid movies I watched , it can't get more boring

An entertaining, mysterious watch which holds the viewer prisoner purposely, just to leave them feeling frustrated.

Unequivocally one of the worst movies I've ever seen and it's not that I didn't "understand" it.

It could be a good movie but unfortunately they went to the wrong way, one of the worst movies I've seen it this year :(

An endless loop of monotony and boredom and predictability.

Boring waste of time .

I really enjoyed it......

The movie was slow and I generally like slow movies but the acting was not as profound and this could have made a big difference in such a small production (all scenes must have been shot indoors and in limited time - common guys, let some beard grow, play real, play dirty, people can take it now-As a said earlier the topic was not very original but the idea is genuinely interesting.

It's just a empty movie.

Overall, I enjoyed it, though.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

the incredible boredom that I had watching it, really wondering WHEN it was finally ending (sadly too late).

The film does offer some character study allegories but that's as pointless as the film itself.

Nice Production, Empty Story .

Other than that it was good, maybe I enjoyed it a little more than other reviewers because it is more relatable to my perception of life, who knows.

Instead we're left with ponderous and self-indulgent shots and staging that go nowhere.

What a stupid pointless waste of time this utter mess is.

And more, while this is slow burning, it also is quite classy.

Boring and Annoying .

Waste of time or money .

Refreshing slow burn sci-fi thriller .

Just saying I hated it and it was a complete waste of time.

No story no nothing.

Vivarium is a rather ingenious film about a young couple, excellently played by Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg, lured to a bland housing development by a salesman (a hilariously weird Jonathan Aris) where they are forced to raise a child.

Very strange film but it was an entertaining watch.

The movie plays off its cast's content and realistic little performances, a top-notch, eye-pleasing production design and various atmosphere-setting devices, trying to be an intriguing survival drama that's swimming around the surface while continuously hinting on a something deeper.

So, it is just a waste of time.

It is visually stunning and well shot, taking you into the characters and the annoying kid that grows up watching his parents as if it's a creepy version of Data without any of the charm.

The director made up for poor writing by adding in pointless B-roll and unnecessary scenes.

If it was supposed to be entertaining don't make it so plodding and self-impressed.

Very unique film, odd tale, strangely intriguing.

Weird Borefest .

It's just such a pointless film.

Do not watch this movie, it's the worst movie i have ever seen.

Poots, on the other hand, is amazing, well worth watching the film just to see her performance as she goes down into the depths of her soul.

The ending was predictable.

Predictable, poorly scripted, boring as no other movie out there at the moment, should i go on?

A thorough waste of 1 and 1/2 hours, hard disk space and two good actors time too.

I have lost hour and a half life beacause of this very stupid, dull, boring movie

Nothing happened...

The car is the vehicle that could bring the couple to another life outside of suburbia, but they get stuck, energy drains and is running on empty.

But it's not a total disaster, it's a slow burner worth watching if you are a fan of odd mystery flicks.


damn its just a waste potential and waste of our time.

Slower and more boring than the worst documentary you can think of.

Don't waste your time.

No story No explanation No twist No proes A presentation of meaningless dribble.

Waste of time.

Mind-numbingly boring, pretentious, a joke...

DON'T waste your time it's a first time to me to write a bad review because it really Deserves

Complete Waste of Time, Don't Bother .

A waste of time and effort.

A complete waste of time.

pointless .

Plot-less with no endearing features.

Such a waste of time .

Would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't a monotonous relentless grind.

I found the whole film a slow, plod.

Worst movie of the decade.


but it's really just a contrived dog's dinner.

Waste of time.

It had potential and then it goes slowly down hill.

While the filmmakers of this slow-burning dramedy succeed portraying the banality and danger of suburban life, at the same time the audience can identify with the couple enough to wish for their release.

You would think it builds to some sort of climax and wow moment but it was just dull, dreary, boring, even guessing what happens next is a chore.

just an utter waste of precious life time.

A fortune cookie with no message inside.

I enjoyed it.

A personable young househunting couple are abandoned by a creepy estate agent in one of a development of identically uninspiring empty houses.