Warrior Nun (2020) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.

IMDB: 6.9
Stars: Alba Baptista, Toya Turner
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 121 out of 585 found boring (20.68%)

One-line Reviews (277)

Absolutely dull as.

What a waste of money they spend money and still couldn't make a good tv show .

Slow narrating and plot development in first 3-4 episodes can discourage lot of peoples to keep watching further.

The start is a little slow as the creators have spent time building the characters and premise.

I absolutely LOVED Constantine, and if you liked those types of movies, this show is absolutely enjoyable after you get past the first couple episodes.

Get over the banal narration.

Poor acting, worse dialogue and cliche girl power pc garbage.

There's nothing original here, plot holes abound, "surprise" actions are woefully predictable, characters are recycled from other shows, and everyone is shallow.

The Plot is entertaining .

so boring!

Was bored after 20 mins...

She wears a hoodie, a trench coat, has cornrows, and carries you guessed it, 2 shotguns because hand to hand combat is boring.

boring stuff

I also found this show very boring (as did I for most of the other aforementioned shows).

The show was overall enjoyable...

Show is slow and boring like 95% of the time and it is frustrating in the fact that every now and then something cool or interesting starts to happen then...

The story could have been better written with more focus on the main plot, instead of very drawn out character development.

Of course there are still things that can be improved, but still it is worth watching.

The characters are well developed, and each episode unfolds at a reasonable, suspenseful pace with a believable plot (within a science fiction genre).

The middle of the show drags on with plot going nowhere.

This was probably my biggest waste of time in 2020 and with the way this year is going that's saying something!

Slow, attrocious, unlikeable characters...

It felt like two different shows, the first half was slow and boring, then the second half had good action and some charisma.

Don't waste your time .

Feminism is mixed in; a love story is contrived and then abandoned; the real story about the halo isn't even learned until late in the first series; no god ever makes any appearances or answers for the reason these characters are even thrust into this reality in the first place.

An exciting climax in episode 10, which viewers have to endure until season 2 for sure!

Boring Boring Boring.

Very Very Slow screen play, average acting and performance.

The pace of the show is soooo slow and there's so much boring talking.

here are my as-spoiler-free-as-possible thoughts so far:The premise for the show is really good and extremely compelling.

This show is the result of a discussion between someone who wanted to do a Teenage TV series Netflix-Style and someone who wanted to do a dark gory comic-style action packed tv series.

The dialogue is snappy and it was nice to see some other languages thrown in very naturally.

The concept of portals and all that is pretty boring now.

Entertaining .

By the final episode you find yourself scrolling ahead just to see what happens, and find out that nothing happens.

Even though this show starts slow it begins with enough questions to keep you watching.

So if your bored with nothing to watch sure watch this its not terrible just not great either.

Worth watching

Text book scripting for girls coming of age.

So slow .

I really enjoyed it hope there will be a 2 season Great scenery and good acting with plenty of action

The story was a little slow paced, I expected to have some more action in a series like this .

This show has the most boring and generic writing ever.

The emerging story line is quite intriguing to this Catholic girl.

plz dont waste your time over this confused,erratic plot.

So I found it fresh and entertaining.

Really enjoyed it.

A most intriguing story with fabulous sets.

When does it get exciting.

Boring .

I watched the first 4 episodes with my girlfriend and the teen love story, the predictable action scènes and long and unnecessary dialogues felt like there was too much fill in to stretch time.

Without giving anything away, the "reluctant protagonist" trope is abused for way too long for a character who given her motivation probably wouldn't have it at all.

Engaging and clever .

slow, plodding, silly voice-overs, bad acting - missed opportunity .

And the banal narration is forgivable.

Kind of slow the stories, lag of excitement and alot of useless talking.

There are about 6 episodes were nothing happens.

Too many long nothing conversations, too many ridiculous twists, too much repetitive scenery and backdrops, characters who are set in their mode but are boring, I actually started to prefer the devil.

So boring.

Except for the occasional unnecessary foul language (such as nun Mary taking the Lord's name in vain and everyone saying f*$k), I found the series quite entertaining, even for a 69.8 old fart.


Watching ava mess it up everytime, gets boring.

I have watched 7 episodes in two days and those episodes have been mostly solid, and one was just a little slow.

unexpected .

I don't give more stars because the show was too slow paced i expected more action and darker show we will see if there is a next episode or season.

I get bored with the teenage angst and some of the drawn out life lesson dialogue.. more action and shooting or do a better job of building this world and developing the characters.

Thumbs up for Toya Turner and Lorena Andrea for their stunning performances!

Good star cast, great set design, almost uptight script, and those terrific fight scenes are worth watching.

The writing for this is terrible, if you are over 30, the story predictable and a distinct lack of action.

Ongoing religion vs science plot is overdone and extremely predictable.

This show is super boring.

A few scenes feel repetitive and unnecessary.

At first, I was kind of scared that the series would evolve into a stupid teen drama, but fortunately it got quite exciting and the plot got better and better.

Could be entertaining to younger viewers or those who have no knowledge of religion, history, or the world.

It was confusing - as if someone stopped talking mid sentence.

The show is soooooo slow, how much time do you really need to spend on some teen love story, which by the way makes no sense in the plot line.

I read the super brief synopsis during a moment of boredom, and went for it.

The story was engaging and characters generally well written and well played.

But I feel like her getting involved with the semi-criminal squatters (who have ZERO personality btw) and immediately developing an intense crush on this dude fits poorly into the overall story.

Extremely boring and prolonged.

But when you accept the story as part of the same genres like the Protector it's really entertaining.

But it's still very exciting and a huge amount of fun.

The mix work for a while; but then every possible cliche happens and the movie spend more time in vacuous moments like some kind of half baked love story or unnecessary characters or situations than in the main story itself.

First Warrior Nun than Cursed, one after the othed dull series.

However all takes second place behind her being a super annoying, mouthy and unfunny teenager mostly doing teen drama stuff and involved in 100% predictable lame cliche dialogues.

The visuals, costumes, filming, shoot locations are very stunning and captivating.

Others say it's slow and whimsical with bad dialogue.

Slow .

Entertaining with lots of twists .

Well worn dramatic and/or "teen angsty" cliche that it is, it truthfully conjures religious patriarchal stereotypes inflicted on women that lead to difficulties navigating a first sexual relationship from a position of powerlessness.

Having said that, the show is enjoyable.

Ep 2-4 were a little disjointed which seems to be where it lost most people.

Negative points: -lead character: her jokes tend to be annoying, when she is serious she is very good though -pacing was not very good, there were many boring moments

The plot was engaging and well paced.

Was looking forward to this show but its so empty and generic.

It gets more engaging, with the two warrior nuns Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) as the absolute highlights, with some great comedy added in the mix.

Utter waste of time .

Confusing, slow, exciting, cliche....

Way too cringy and cliché.

I love the genre, yet the main plot is too slow.

finishing season 1 on a unfinished note,,,,but the conlusion in last part and 2nd half of the 9th episode was engaging...

Just boring!

As a combat veteran, I got bored.

Don't waste your time with this, another Netflix teen movie, same as all the others .

It's original, fun and I think the stories and characters are very entertaining- a good blend for those who enjoy fantasy/sci-fi delivered in a mature way with plenty of humour thrown in.

Massive confusion .

I swear to "god" this is worse and a bigger propaganda film to make religion look relevant realistic and understandable than top gun was for the military.

The show is slow, the protagonist is just horrible...

I made it through all ten episodes, and found the constant switching of characters from bad to good, or good to bad, tiresome.

Only the last episode had so so action but the rest was a snooze fest.

But you'll notice they take this show down a horrible boring rabbit hole...

i Just a boring nun party.

There was little to excite, but I decided to give it a shot due to my boredom.

Very enjoyable, love how the series grows, great twist at the end.

Mary and Lilith were very enjoyable.

Boring lead character who spends all of her time crying and stealing from merchants.

All in all the show was an enjoyable watch.

If you thought this was going to be a Buffy type of show, be ready to be disappointed and bored out of your mind, its so slow (which I find typical of Netflix shows) I will watch to the end just so I can get it off my watch list.

I'm trying not to give anything away, so I apologize if this review seems a little disjointed.

Was hoping the series as exciting as the trailer .

This show is unbearable to watch just based on having to watch her eat.

very slow start.

Great series, many great moments but also many boring moments .

You just wait and wait maybe something adventurous will happen soon but nothing happens at all.

even though it was very predictable, i was still entertained.

Unfortunately, the dialogue is horrible, and the plot is unbearably slow.

For those who think it was "unbearable" and "devoid of life" and "infuriating" (????

The story line is a snoozer.

This show has good potential to be a decent show.. it misses by being a little slow with not a lot happening between scenes.

Good mystery but a little slow in first half .

I watched it but dang, its just boring.

All in all very entertaining.

This show has potential but it just felt cheesy and drawn out most of the time.

Really enjoyed it .

Very entertaining and it ended on a big cliffhanger.

I gave up after 4 episodes of one cliche after another.

I watched it because, while the pace was far too slow, there were some moments of humor and good for fight scenes.

Ultimately, rather than the usual romantic subplot, those involving friendship, personal development and loyalty are what make this story so engaging.

Beyond this obvious point, the show is religious conspiracy, and more than anything, a coming of age story.

I found this to be a riveting, binge worthy show.

Also, while Some elements are a bit cliche (tho lets be honest at this point any storyline is derivative of something) like the hero overcoming obstacles, mean girl humbled etc etc, it's not overtly noticeable and doesn't effect the enjoyment of the show.

Boring and a pathetic dialogue just didn't justify another minute of my time.

It's action packed and the story keeps moving along nicely.

Ep 1 I thought was engaging enough.

We are then left with an entertaining ride.

It's a joke and waste of time.

Too slow.

It was worth watching it for sure.

Mind blowing!.

Whilst the banal internal monologue lessens, having now watched all the episodes I really should have stuck to my first impressions and gone and watched something far better (almost anything else would have been).

Very slow, silly, bad writing and annoying at times.

Still the performances by Toya Turner (Mary), Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superior), Olivia Delcán (Sister Camila), Kristina Tonteri-Young (Sister Beatrice) and Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Duretti are exceptional and gripping.

The story is the most cliché of all, science is bad vs religion is right and good.

The show has so much potential, some moments are extremely atmospheric, and combined with great music, but they are too few and stretched far from one another by boredom or soap opera.

It makes me mad that with all these little things, the silly moments, long-drawn out plot and underwhelming CGI....

Totally worth watching (watch trailer instead of reviews to make decide on watching) .

With the overall mind numbing dialog, and the snails pace on which the series moves along, dont waste you time...

This was an unexpected surprise.

But even though its very cliché, there's enough to it that keeps you drawn to watch more.

Very original very smooth very entertaining very tight script.

Simple but entertaining .

The most exciting thing about this show is it's trailer.

It then became obvious this show was going to hand out endless pointless dialogue scences throughout the show puntuacted wtih the occasional scene where something actually happened.

Too much drama that makes me boring.

Because the main lead is a 19 year old, the series does have a coming of age story to it, creating teen drama and dialogue that follows.

Lot of potential but first 4 episode are to slow .

Don't waste hour time with this show just because of the flashy trailer.

This definitely threw some unexpected twists.

What is 10 episodes could probably be condensed to a more engaging 5 episodes if they cut out all this.

RATING: 4/10Only gave 1 star for some randomly entertaining scenes and +3 stars for Spain; the setting and architecture is beautiful and makes me want to visit again soon.

Stop the banal naration .

Basically Buffy with demons instead of vampires, very nice acting and fighting scenes considering it's a tv show and not a huge budget movie, I highly recommend it!

The plot is good qnd entertaining.

The rest is just full of digression, cliche and filler, and a waste of my time.

In my humble opinion it deserves one - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As such it falls into pretty much every possible atheist trap out there and it just becomes a bad polemic more than anything worth watching....

8 out of 10 episodes are very boring.

On episode 2, am already getting bored .

The dialogue is stunted and empty.

Totally action packed.

It's fine to watch while playing games on your phone but don't expect something gripping, funny or exciting.

The show was pretty good but it did seem slow at some times, overall its good.

It is a good series, enjoyed it a lot.

Soooo slow to get to something of interest .

Another problem for me is The pace, this is too slow for The lack of substance...

The first season is so boring that I watch it to help me fall asleep.

Overall the story is cliche and not very exciting.

There are scenes where the pacing is very slow, and the dialogue takes forever to get spoken.

Dont waste your time in watching this.

How many new series do you watch because the first episode or 2 is really interesting and exciting, yet the next 4-6 episodes are full of dull storyline completely unlike and unrelated even to the first couple of episodes ?

It's just a waste of time.

Dont waste your time .

Any super(or extra) natural show can be tedious if you just have a band of heroes engaging in one fight scene after another.

Despite these main flaws (as distracting as they were), I found the show enjoyable, definitely more so towards the latter half where the show starts to pick up steam and even Ava becomes less annoying.

I watched all of season 1 to actually give it an honest chance but what a waste of time.

Seriously, gripping and entertaining.

Nifty premise, but ruined by overly slow pacing, juvenile BS, LOTS of unresolved threads, and a horrible cliffhanger ending that absolutely requires a second season -- which may never come -- to make sense of the story in any meaningful way.

Story The story is that of a coming of age tale for the main character and it is handled pretty well.

It's tiresome listening to their sob stories constantly.

Don't waste your time.

When I finally got to watch episode 1, my rating dropped to an 8 because of the slow start and the boring dialogues.

This is about Ava (yeah, could've been Eve but that would've been too cliché).

The story or the idea behind it is good, the opening episode gets you in, but by Episode 3 or 4 you start to get bored.

More kiddy shows from the woke propaganda machine.

Snore fest.

Yet, i have been pleasantly surprised and i have found this show addictive and intriguing with a talented cast and the special effects and cgi have been done quite well so i would highly recommend.

All in all an entertaining watch with a surprising crescendo.

So many precious seconds wasted just 'standing' there looking intense...

Buffy updated buy enjoyable .

I enjoyed it a lot.

Kudos to Simon Barry, really enjoyable to watch, very good photography, and a nice mix of dialog types.

I'm only at episode 6, tired of watching BORING so far, too many characters introduced at once - a "just figure it out" show.

I like the idea of the Plot but the show is to slow and drawn out.

I really wanted to like the show and the mini Ellen Page lead, but it dragged on with no focus or plot.

REVIEW:Filled with nearly every cliche regarding religion and then tries to go further with them by making them into plot lines.

This is a solid series with good dialogue, characters that are shades of grey rather than good or bad, some great action scenes and a really engaging star.

This serie has a lot of potential, but the first 4 episode are moving way to slow.

By Episode 5 I was hoping that this was just a boring lull in the middle of the season and there might be some action if I kept watching...

Very watchable & entertaining .

Boring .

Worse, the twistS at the end are totally undeserved, but nonetheless predictable.

Serious, funny & lots of thrilling action!

The first half of the season is pretty much just a bland origin story of aforementioned edgy teen that stumbles along quite awkwardly at times (Shannon's origin story was way cooler).

Kinda boring...

Worth watching .

This is a great series with a lot of unexpected humor.

I really tried to like it and suffered through four episodes, but it's a terrible blight on the genre and a complete waste of time.

I'm disappointed it was so slow to ramp up.

A bit predictable.

It's just getting tiresome.

Actually quite entertaining!...

Slow, boring, then maybe a chance...

Overall was good episodes 7 , 8 and 9 were really slow and bad

Another Netflix series with potential but dragged down by poor script writing.

Not going to lie, the first four episodes are REALLY slow and hard to get through.

Boring .

This series has so many long, slow, drawn out dialogues that you can literally fast forward and it has zero impact on following the story.

Warrior Nun is really so much exciting fun.

All our characters have a nice dynamic; Ava with her energy and snark and sarcasm, Beatrice who is grounded and intelligent(sometimes cold) but is also warm and friendly, Lilith who is rather intense and driven, Mary who is passionate and really doesn't really care about other people's expectations, and Camila who's fairly new and is still trying to figure out what to do with all the events happening around the sisters.

The concept is so original and intriguing and the acting is great.

The idea of the story is exciting, they could have done so much more.

Most enjoyable .

This show has poor acting and unnecessary drawn out episodes.

I might even use the word boring, so, I will, it's boring.

I can even ignore the bad acting, don't mind it that much, but the script is so cliche and embarrassing to listen, I would rather save myself the pain and stop watching.

Starts well but gets dull .

Absolutely boring run of the mill characters.

Slow .

So boring and I was annoyed with leading actress.


Not to give anything away, it is a complex story that does a decent job of bringing in a character with just enough origin to make them entertaining.

Not Fantastic because some moments are too slow but it stays entertaining.

Unexpected and very good .

Don't waste your time on this.

Boring show .

Boring as hell .

Each character, nun or not, has a very fascinating story and background.

Vatican mystery's and secrets are always intriguing to learn about.

Bit skittish with the flash backs and non nun related scenes but overall very enjoyable.

Quite a few incoherences but enjoyable .

The series trying to address the issues of the lead character became slow paced, other than that the storyline was pretty nice

Very boring, long and too slow.

I'm sure the writers are trying to focus on character development etc etc bla bla bla but there are so many boring, slow conversations with infrequent action sequences I started to get fed up by episode 3.

Biggest continual modern fantasy cliche - teenagers/young adults that are tactically trained and/or super powered with the abilities and destiny to 'save the world'.

nope back to being slow and boring.

With low expectations I found this series really entertaining and fun to watch.

Nothing happens.

First I do support leading female roles, but the stupidity of the main characters, bad writing, anti systemic and progressive propaganda killed a good history.

I could whatch only 2 episodes.. too chaotic and pointless for my taste

I wished it would be a modern buffy, but it's a coming of age story of a teenager.

So, the show has some good fighting scenes the coordination was there but Execution of dialogue was too horrible, we deserve better writing these days, they're just repetitive with the dialogue, lazy writing if you ask me.

Episode 6, boring not going to watch any further.

Lets be real, the title is terrible, it feels campy (think CW series) and predictable.

Overall, good and entertaining show if you are willing to wait for it to warm up.

From the trailer it seemed like a fun action packed series and instead I got some sort of Sex and the City stuff where one girl is trying to find herself or something like that.

Entertaining if you don't expect too much of it.

I can't even describe how bad it is: acting, fights, plot, dialogues, special effects, the way they are trying to tick all the nonsense propaganda that is present everywhere in order to avoid the comments from the frustrated hoard.