We Are Your Friends (2015) - Drama, Music, Romance

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Caught between a forbidden romance and the expectations of his friends, aspiring DJ Cole Carter attempts to find the path in life that leads to fame and fortune.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Max Joseph
Stars: Zac Efron, Wes Bentley
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 95 found boring (16.84%)

One-line Reviews (65)

I gave it a 7 out of 10 because it really caught my attention for a Saturday afternoon flick, but I fell it is definitely worth the watch if you have the time

Max Joseph's "We Are Your Friends," named after the 2006 techno song by the duo known as Justice, is an intriguing film about a quartet of young adults who know they're too smart to fall prey to society's "9 to 5" lifestyle and decide to try to turn their passion into a profession.

I can relate in many ways to Cole and his story is actually kind of compelling.

When the kids start to walk out of the building, the camera starts to shake, without any reason.

I can barely remember scenes because they were so dragged out and, by the way, if you hate EDM and House and whatever this music is called, you're going to wish this movie was never put in front of your eyes and ears.

Zac Efron leads the cast in the latest film about partying and friendship, in hopes of entertaining the masses in what looks to be some half-baked movie.

The cliché story lines are as such: the temptation to date the boss's girlfriend, a Wolf of Wall Street-like subplot involving working for a shonky guy (Jon Bernthal) who preys on people who have their homes foreclosed by the banks and Cole's quest to make the ultimate music track because he believes that you only need one to be a success as a DJ.

The former is kind of a commentary of how youth are living in the facade of their actually meaningless lifestyle, while the latter is just a predictable love story that becomes a backdrop of the main character's inspiration.

Really enjoyed it as did my other half who actually hates dance music.

The film on its own is worth watching just to lend an ear to the wonderful music it contains.

I had a really hard time getting into this movie at first cause off all the swearing and the characteristic of actors that just played giant American cliche pricks that we see in almost every movie coming from The United States of America these day.

The pacing is glacial for a revved up film about partying and life in the fast lane and the only major stylistic touches implemented involve the bombastic music, montage images and a gimmicky trip scene involving splashes of animation—whereas the rest of the film is blandly textured with dull white sterile tones.

It's fascinating insight to how a DJ operates because they are either (a) emptily criticized at parties or (b) taken advantage of more than the barrage of alcohol and mixers present at your average nightclub.

This would also allow the mundane & poignant moments to learn about these characters and develop an attachment.

It is such a fantastic film and i highly recommend it ti anyone who; loves beautiful women who make your heart melt, crazy parties and well anything that's fun.

Now although this was never going to get any Oscars, it's still a good and entertaining tale of coming of age tale, and what it lacks in originality, it makes up for with a great soundtrack and pure heart coupled with a great performance by Efron.

An exciting and fantastic portrayal of a DJ's life .

Worst movie ever .

The acting was average and the storyline became a bit predictable after a while.

Being A fan of the Genre and lifestyle its based around, I knew what to expect; a generic 'party' film with an interesting story line and enjoyable scenes.

The ending, was one of the best parts, maybe because the movie overall was pretty boring?

I kept scrolling past this on Netflix thinking it wouldn't be worth my time, but I actually really enjoyed it.

Immersed in his mentor's drug addled lifestyle, Cole starts using and disconnects from his friends.

In all, it's a watchable movie but I was left feeling a bit empty when it finished.

Where I have issues with this movie is the long lasting feeling that some movies give you when you leave the theater.

This is a great movie even if it's a bit shallow and disjointed.

It might even be the predictable plotting - spiked with occasional off-kilter moments such as a memorable art gallery trip.

The most moved by his music was Sophia(Emily Ratajkowski) which made for an entertaining three way love affair which was NOT overdone or harped on thought the film.

I left the theater feeling empty, and as if the story didn't really impact upon me at all or make me think.

There's a throwaway plot about the gang working for a real estate agency, there's an attempt at a moral to being true to yourself in order to make it big, there is just a bunch of predictable nonsense that clutters this film which is a shame.

All in all if you are looking for an entertaining way to spend a few hours, We Are Your Friends will provide you with exactly that.

Fortunately, I like electronic music so I enjoyed it a lot.

In short: A great film, airtight script, good soundtrack (yeah, forgot to mention that), and some exciting moments until, at the end of "We Are Your Friends" makes a really cool message and fulfills its role, showing a different way of see music.

I found the party scenes quite dull as they consisted primarily of questionable people dancing in clubs to electronic music.

) The movie's subplots are contrived and unnecessary, then the climax of the movie plays out as unrealistic and fairly anti-climactic.

Even though it sounds like a cliché love triangle, for some reason it works.

It's extremely dull because Cole is a flatly written character with no backstory, except the vague impression he's fallen out with his parents.

Cole finally gets his music break when an older, more established DJ named James (Wes Bentley) The film has some good moments but is dragged down with the subplot of the real estate job they get into, as well as scenes involving Cole and his friends.

The movie doesn't stray from the darkness of their reality, and that makes it compelling.

Empty .

The acting is compelling; with Zac Efron carrying well with this flawed character and Wes Bentley backs him up charmingly.

I always say that every movie that gets a 6 or higher on IMDb is worth watching, and as far as i am concerned is this movie worth watching so it at least should get a 6.

Starts off good, middle is bland, ending isn't to bad .

His films are either having no story or a silly concept and his roles among the worst.

The overall sense is a bad superficiality when a darker, deeper tone would have lend some compelling realism to the movie.

Too slow narration, and it is being a music genre, a little soulless.

The acting of Wes, Zac and Emily is the only part that keeps this movie moving, the other things are or annoying, or just boring.

Cliché story works in brief parts .

Its typical and a little bit slow .


It has unexpected events in it that I did not expect at all.

Although there are some gems there, it's been done many times before and the ending of that storyline is very predictable.

My other half was dreading watching it as he hates dance music but at the end he said he really enjoyed it.

Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

Like I said, it is all pretty cliché.

Predictable doesn't describe how easy it was to pick apart the plot and know what was going to happen next.

Sure it wasn't heavy with mystery or intrigue, its a coming of age story of 4 friends trying to live out their dreams.

Also, the plot is predictable and it's all kind of superficial.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend it, probably written for a late teen / early twenties audience

Too many love scenes way too boring.

Now to come back to the title of this review, music makes certain parts of a movie much more intense just like "see you again" did in ff7.

Its extremely engaging and connects with the viewer in many various ways throughout.

The scenery was spot-on and exciting, taking you on multiple roller-coaster rides of cartoon drug trips, wild dance parties and of course, sexy time.

It is a very cliché and predictable story, which has been done before but in some parts it works and is quite enjoyable.

Directional debute for a documentary filmmaker and he should make a couple of things right for his next film, including casting right actors and preparing an engaging screenplay.