What the Health (2017) - Documentary

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An intrepid filmmaker on a journey of discovery as he uncovers possibly the largest health secret of our time and the collusion between industry, government, pharmaceutical and health organizations keeping this information from us.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Kip Andersen
Stars: Kip Andersen, Larry Baldwin
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 58 out of 813 found boring (7.13%)

One-line Reviews (186)

This type of rabid propaganda recruitment crap clearly shows just that.

Worth watching.

This very poorly produced piece of vegan propaganda will fail to reach anyone outside the grass munching community due to its complete bias and creative interpretation of the word "fact".

The movie is easy to watch--entertaining while informative.

Very informative & worth the watch.

Engaging and eye-opening film.

Its engaging, informative, and covers so much territory in this subject.

Brings forth compelling support for the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Misleading, Irresponsible, Mostly Vegan Propaganda with Little Scientific Backing .

Rest of movie was worth the watch.

It was super enjoyable and I highly recommend it!!!

Who would watch and understand hours of dull study read-outs?

An engaging and explosive documentary on the cover up no one is telling you about.

Don't waste your time.

It is perfectly designed to seed confusion and doubt into the hearts of people who are looking for answers to healthy diet.

Having said that, there are some interesting discussions with medical professionals that are worth watching.

What the Health is just a piece of vegan propaganda utilizing graphic imagery and language to distort reality.

So basically, as a scientist, this is misleading at best and propaganda at worst.

Fascinating documentary exposing the dark relationship between nonprofit 'health' organizations, the food industry and how it affects our health and medical treatments.

Even for those who have seen lots of food films, this one is worth watching.

And if you happen to know stuff about nutrition, definitely see the movie as well - it's pretty entertaining to see how this guy is trying to confuse people.

As this documentary so ably points out, there are powerful economic forces and vested interests wanting desperately to keep the status quo in the face of compelling peer-reviewed science to the contrary.

This was a waste of time and a sad perpetuation of the stereotype that vegans are reactionary and will say anything to guilt-trip people who do not think their way is best.

Mixing scientific truths with propaganda .

It's only a couple of hours out of your life, in my opinion it's definitely worth watching it and making up your own mind.

This film is also highly entertaining, not just educational and features some of the top, leading and reputable experts in the field of leading edge nutritional science.

Throughout the movie, it laid out compelling facts about what is causing our nation's poor health and it did so in an interesting, captivating way.

Extremely fascinating and eye opening.

Highly intriguing, eye-opening film .

The film is very entertaining; not so much from the use of humor as from sharp editing of dozens and dozens of interviews with the top minds in the field.

Compelling health documentary that raises big issues related to the meat and diary industries.

Just a vegan documentary that's pretentious.

But despite its occasionally low-budget feel, the film is surprisingly polished and manages to make a compelling case that something very nefarious really is going on when it comes to food.

It is fascinating to see how deeply imbedded so-called "facts" about healthy eating are in our society.

Authentic and compelling.

The "documentary" is a waste of time, don't bother.

This is biased propaganda.

Pure Propaganda .

The topic deserves attention and I though the selfish "get better" angle was much more compelling than animal torture.

Loved the films and the information is compelling.

This film is a captivating and entertaining message to open the eyes of the masses to the corruption within the food and health industry.

The lion share (so to speak) goes to Vegan advocates and I must say some interviews are just plain propaganda.

They could roll out every other argument in the book about animal cruelty and environmental damage (both of which get brief look ins here) but if there's one thing that ought to leave a huge imprint on an individual's mind after watching this, it's that converting to a plant based diet will save your life or at least make it more enjoyable while you're here.

Well worth watching and thinking about.

As the summary says: I think it is worth watching!

An extremely eye-opening and fascinating documentary.

If you care about your health and the planet this is worth watching.

Propaganda movie.

The compelling part of the film is how obvious health non profits do not want to address diet, even though our diet in America is killing us and causing much uneeded suffering.

It's very intriguing, kept me very interested the whole way through, and this is info that everyone should be required to watch.

Fascinating film.

The way the story is told, trying to lurk you into their trap is just propaganda.

Without spoiling the film too much, the movie has been often criticized by medical physicians, nutrition experts, health care advocators and investigative journalists for what they describe as cherry picking and using confusing distorting weak biased data sources.

At that point it became clear to me this movie is just vegan propaganda, trying to scare people at all cost and then pushing them towards 'their solutions' veganism!

Don't waste your time.

This is propaganda, never do a vegan diet in your life because it's bad for you, especially if you're an athlete.

Whether you choose to believe the arguments in this film is entirely up to you but in the face of incredibly compelling evidence that the western diet (and the Standard American Diet in particular) is extremely harmful to human health, damaging to the planet and causes tremendous suffering to the creatures involved, and that drug companies are often motivated by profit rather than a desire to cure...

It's clear that producers wanted to avoid showing bad sides of the vegan diet, and true conspiracies that exist, pushing just one sided agenda, which makes this a propaganda movie.

I'm saying this right at the start just to acknowledge that it is often the nature of documentaries, the topic is scandalously riveting and shocking.

info is presented + edited in compelling, eye-opening way empowering average people to heal, be fit + live longer healthier.

you've been presented with the facts and if you can present equally compelling facts as an argument (not screaming conspiracy--that's easy), then please do.

Since watching it I've started engaging my medical students in conversations on nutrition and sad to say they are as clueless as I was.

Utter Propaganda!

By far, one of the most factual, compelling, and truthful documentaries ever made that completely uncovers the truth about the food industry.

Spoiler Alert: This movie is vegan propaganda .

This entertaining documentary provides even more reasons to give up the stuff we are not supposed to be eating anyway (meat, dairy, eggs).

Vegan propaganda .

This documentary is just a waste of time..

Vegan Propaganda .

I highly recommend it.

Vegan propaganda .

So much info, so mind blowing and scary.

This is not a documentary, it's well made propaganda.

Don't waste your time.

The first 15 minutes were riveting.

This is pure vegan propaganda .

As a former vegan, I believe plant based documentaries are important, but the vegan propaganda in this film is over the top.. Half the science presented was factually incorrect (for example: they claim meat, not carbohydrates, causes diabetes.

I would highly recommend it.

Within 30 minutes watching this crap you realize this is pure vegan propaganda, I say that as someone who has battled obesity in the past and is very aware of how food can be a strong force to establish a good health.

Its gripping, full of information, easy to absorb, educating, no holes barred and well presented.

Propaganda .

Well worth watching, then make up your own mind.

I thought the documentary was compelling.

The film is really worth watching.

Entertaining education is the key to getting the message across here.

What the Health is just a piece of vegan propaganda utilizing graphic imagery and language to distort reality .

As fascinating as it is terrifying .

The really confusing part of this movie is that half of it's arguments are based on scientific facts.

I found this movie to be riveting.

This documentary is well-researched and entertaining.

However, the fact that prominent charitable and health organisations highlighted in the film are consistently ignoring and downplaying some important and strong arguments for plant based eating – actions that could aid the health of at least some patients, and perhaps increase environment well-being - is stunning.

Vegan propaganda without providing any proof.

Rabid vegan propaganda disguised as a documentary.

The movie contains compelling information and support for a vegan diet and lifestyle.

A lot of important information provided in an entertaining package.

Worth the watch....

Definitely see the movie if you want to be entertained by one of the lamest propaganda movies of our times.

What the Health is (with CowSpiracy), one of the most compelling documentaries I have ever seen.

It is even worth watching twice.

This film is engaging and important.

Entertaining and Informative about Health & the Envronment .

There are so many things you could be doing with your life, don't waste your short time on Earth watching this pseudoscientific piece of trash.

A powerful, evidenced-based film worth watching.

Finally, all politicians should be imposed the viewing of this compelling movie, being the ones voting regulations and policies that affect our health and quality of life.

Propaganda .

It either stupidly false or just plain propaganda.

This isn't a documentary, it's propaganda .

This film is riveting.

It seemed like vegan propaganda.

Equally entertaining, thought provoking, and visually satisfying .

Original and entertaining, it open your eyes and makes us wake up in a forceful way.

Don't waste your time on this garbage.

As someone who has watched cowspiricy the plot and scripting and pace of the film was very similar and a bit predictable.

It has you really immersed In the story and identified with the main researcher and protagonist.

Life-saving, Entertaining, and Illuminating.

They are on the correct track with food but will have these powerful food lobbies attacking them with cigarette style false data to try to sow confusion.

Descent vegan propaganda movie.

a vegan propaganda film.

As a person immersed in nutrition, alternative remedies and a healthy lifestyle on the veggie path for more than 40 years, I thought I already knew a great deal about staying healthy.

WHAT THE HEALTH was a very entertaining documentary specifically aimed at the meat eating crowd and making them realize that their on the road to hell if they keep their diets unaltered.

Ultimately, this documentary presents a compelling case for shifting towards a lifestyle that is sustainable in terms of both personal and global health.

It is also a well made documentary that covers a lot of ground while still being entertaining and amusing.

This strikes me more as an animal rights propaganda film than a film objectively encouraging healthy eating.

The most biased unsupported evidence boring documentary I've ever seen!!!.

The film is OUTSTANDING, it is absolutely worth watching.

Vegan propaganda film .

The message was intense, risky, and intended to scare people into veganism, which I don't believe is a good tactic to get people to eat more healthily.

It's very well produced and directed, and entertaining to watch.

Insidious and disgusting propaganda .

Biased Vegan propaganda .

WHAT THE HEALTH IS compelling .


Don't waste your time.

Unwatchable .

So just vegan propaganda movie without any real facts .

I have taken the time to review some of the most notable Propaganda movies ever made.

This was time well spent because the information is so important and compelling.

Worth Watching .

Imperative & compelling viewing.

The interviews are exceptional, the story telling compelling and entertaining and the overall message will change your eating habits and relationship to food.

Kip features very credentialed experts, and he presents the facts in an engaging and entertaining way.

Again, I think an overall plant based diet is best, but ramming it down people's throat with a very one sided view while naming the film something very bland and generic to get a wider audience is disingenuous.

If this was a fiction, it may be entertaining.

What starts of as documentary about an intriguing and interesting matter quickly becomes very one sided.

Mind blowing.

It was both educational and shocking but managed to present information about the food industry and problems faced on a global level in a way that was both engaging and real.

Whether you agree with the content, this documentary is well done and engaging.

Although this film raises new questions, the format is similar -- just as entertaining and leaves the viewer informed and inspired to make change.

Disregarding the subject presented, the evidence is delivered in an engaging and easy to understand way.

When I get up in the morning after sleeping all night (previously had insomnia) my lower back does not hurt like hell.

Furthermore, it's SO repetitive!

But it just reeks of propaganda.

Waste of time...

I gave this movie 10/10 because its exciting, not one second was I bored.

In a documentary I like to learn something important and have it shared with me in an informative and engaging manner.

It was really obvious gotcha journalism that got a little too preachy and propaganda toward the end.

It was mind blowing and life changing.

This is basically a propaganda used to promote veganism by using fear mongering tactics.

This started out good but after about 20 minutes it became blatantly obvious this is propaganda for the Vegan world.

This movie twists so many facts to push what is essentially vegan propaganda.

"What the Health" is a thoroughly researched and entertaining film that helps viewers understand the many ways the pharma industry and big ag work with health charities to make money and undermine Americans' health.

It had me on the edge of my seat.

It's boring and involves several phone calls to what I assume is the front desk of companies like the ADA and the AHA.

Such an important message presented in a compelling, informative fashion.

This documentary is truthful, insightful and informative and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Nazi propaganda minister Goebels would hail this video.

What the Health is more dangerous than any piece of Big Ag propaganda.

Excellent, entertaining, and informative .

Waste of time .

Just a compelling and insightful documentary.

While this was engaging and dropped many truth bombs, it fell just a little short of the "wow" effect Cowspiracy had.

Bit of Vegan Propaganda, not a documentary .

Absolutely stunning movie, takes you up and down and spits you out a smarter person.

Propaganda .

Amazing and Compelling.

I really enjoyed it.

Basically unwatchable.

This documentary is another propaganda of the sugar industry.

Vegan anti meat propaganda .

The documentary features what you'd expect from a diehard vegan producer: government conspiracies, health agencies being sponsored by the companies responsible for the junk food you eat, the pharmaceutical industry's perennial blame that they want to keep people "sick" in order to sell their drugs, etc. Most of the evidence is compelling, until the documentary turns into a vegan commercial with testimonies from people who changed their diets and experienced "miraculous" changes in their health.

Engaging, informative, educational - this film is a much watch.

vegan propaganda .

The truth is compelling enough.

'What the Health' is a fascinating and horrifying look into the way that health information is manipulated and obfuscated by those who stand to make the most money on the status quo.

What The Health documentary was well written and enjoyable to watch, though very disheartening.

Definitely worth the watch!