While She Was Out (2008) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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A woman out late for Christmas Eve shopping is soon terrorized by a small gang of troublemakers, and she must fight for her life.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Susan Montford
Stars: Kim Basinger, Lukas Haas
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 69 found boring (30.43%)

One-line Reviews (43)

Some may be put off by the slow - burn nature of the opening scenes, or the abrupt ending.

Please, don't waste your time.

When she leaves the mall the parking lot is empty except for the car she had left the note on.

The gang of criminals is formed by the favorite cliché of American movies, with an Afro-American, a Chinese-American and a Latin together with an American lord to be politically correct.

Ending scene was pretty rad though predictable.

This is so stupid, without the least bit of logic, I can only warn you watching it, it's a TOTAL waste of time, honestly !!


Otherwise it's a waste of your time

My wife is picking the worst movies lately.

A mall, which is so busy at night that a parking space is impossible to find, all of a sudden turns so empty as if it was a graveyard.

Overall, I found the film predictable and not containing the best acting.

While She Was Out is unwatchable from the moment of the first kill of one of the thugs.

It's not a film without its flaws, but it's still entertaining nonetheless.

I was in the mood for a suspenseful movie and overall I'd say I was pretty satisfied with the film.

In my opinion it was a waste of an hour of my life.

This movie is very entertaining, and Kim Basinger is wonderful as the meek and mild housewife who becomes a ruthless killer.

mildly entertaining for a bad movie, unwatchable if you're looking for a good one .

But if you are searching for a entertaining thriller, meet "While She was out"Still, everyone have different tastes on movies, and you shouldn't listen to any reviewers, not even me.

Here's yet another cat-and-mouse vigilante movie that would make the Cliché Police proud.

It is a VERY enjoyable popcorn thriller.

Not because there are any great twists, but because it's worth watching without any, even minor, spoilers.

This film is so cliché, it hurts.

At the beginning of the movie, there looked to be some promise of a mediocre affair, but this was just a ploy to lull the viewers into a false sense of security, before the joy of what was to come.

Watching her transformation through the traumatic situation when things are finally turned around is rather empty, due to its unsure tone and the ending is something you could see miles ahead.

I consider humans who waste considerable amounts of money to be evil because the money could have used to feed and clothe quite a few people instead of hurting 80 percent of those who saw it in the cinema and giving 20 percent, which are idiots, a good opportunity to show just how much of an idiot they are.

don't waste your time .

Unfortunately the trailer is better than the movie, and I am totally disappointed with this dull and implausible collection of clichés.

There are missteps here, including gratuitous sex scenes and a miscast Luke Haas who's way too nice to convince as the bad guy, but the film does have a sadistic streak and unexpected gore which gives it an edge.

When she comes out, the whole place is so empty, that nobody hears two gunshots fired nearby ??

This concept is just left fallow, though, while Montford seemingly loses herself in the mundane details.

I realize that you need to create difficult situations which would cause suspense and the tense feeling of whats going to happen next, but this movie was so predictable, and is just not believable.

" was said on the DVD's back, you would think that it was carefully planned this movie, and cleverly made, but it is not, The ending, was just awful, very straight forward, and pointless too.

If they took the time to make it more realistic, I might have enjoyed it a little.

By the end, the thugs are dead and she returns home as if nothing happened.

A tidy and entertaining independent thriller .

But this movie, however, was probably the worst movie i have seen in 2008.

However, if you're in the mood for a completely ridiculous, yet somewhat entertaining film, this may be for you...

If you are a typical insecure male, don't waste your time here.

This movie was advertised to make it sound quite amazing, yet really, its not even worth looking for, I do not recommend this to anyone, unless they are easily satisfied, by a few fights and a boring story.

And make no mistake, guys like the antagonists in this movie, bored punks trying to prove how hard they can be or just getting off on harassing women, are literally everywhere, so the situation is highly believable and frankly, terrifying.

A suburban mother, Della(Basinger), from a gated community, who has endured an abusive marriage from an intense bullying husband, goes out to get wrapping paper, doesn't appreciate that a gang of punks parked out of place blocking a spot so she couldn't pull in there(it's Christmas eve and traffic's a bitch), leaving a note to them in anger.

I give it 2 because Mdm Bassinger is in it and its soooo bad, its worth watching once just to see what people are talking about.

All in all rather predictable without ever being really bad.