Winter Ridge (2018) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



A young detective is torn apart after his wife ends up in a coma while hunting a serial-killer at the same time.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Dom Lenoir
Stars: Matt Hookings, Olwen Catherine Kelly
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 15 out of 58 found boring (25.86%)

One-line Reviews (49)

The focus is on the slow development and reveal of the characters' relationships so don't expect and action-packed detective thriller.

The cinematography is bland as well.

Weak acts, cliché and rudimentary story.

Gripping British thriller.

I reported on the making of Winter Ridge on location in stunning North Devon and again at the London premiere, where I was lucky enough to see the film in full.

The film is boring as hell.


All in all, a film worth watching.

The whodunnit becomes very predictable, the motive too becomes very easy to guess.

Those awards and nominations tricked me into watching this movie and I am not sure in which field they have received these honors; Stupid acting, predictable story, plot holes, lack of consultation about how a detective conducts any kind of investigation.

The film is a slow-moving drama about "letting go.

A snooze fest .

At best this is a tv movie which isn't always bad (Salems Lot etc) but the pacing of the movie is very slow, Maigret starring the amazing Rowan Atkinson is far superior to this bland and lifeless effort, a 6/10 for acting and quality, just poor in its excecution.


Don't waste your time or money on this crap.

Badly acted, slow paced dross.

I was constantly waiting for the film to pick up and the slow, drama-class wooden acting, with too long pauses in the script did not help.

I did almost watch until the end, but it was a slow build up to a predictable conclusion and so i just switched it off.

Kept me on the edge of my seat .

The cinematography is breathtaking, and the story is original and well-told.

Stunning shots and beautiful relationships between the characters mean for an ejoyable and tense viewing.

A snooze fest by all means.

The acting was merely okay, but overall, the movie was a bit boring.

The stunning Devon backdrop places this film in an ethereal countryside backdrop that helps add to the mood of the film.

Waste of your time !

Matt Hookings is great in his part as a detective on the edge that is battling his own demons while trying to unravel a mystery, and he keeps his own next to UK acting monuments like Alan Ford and Hannah Waddingham.

Perhaps this film needs to appreciate from the perspective of quality film making rather than to be classically 'entertaining' which it is not, the whole way through.

slow, boring, no life .

The writer & director both seemed to go out of their way to make the most dreary, pointless, flat film they could manage.

It's well-written and the scenery is stunning.

The film throughout is entertaining, and it always feels like it has a place to go.

Storyline is predictable and cliched.

The pacing badly plods, so the film drags a lot and feels longer than it actually is, and it just feels bland and stiff with some daft moments too that one has to seriously refrain from laughing.

The problem with the film apart from being formulaic is that it moves with a very slow pace without any suspense or tension.

From the jarring intense sound of a car smash followed by opening title I was in...

The 80 mins runtime becomes too long cos of the non engaging script.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

Stunning landscapes and cinematography!

Fantastic performances, intriguing story, beautiful visuals.

Winter Ridge shines more in the moments of heartfelt drama between Barnes and his wife or the elderly residents than it does when trying to be thrilling.

A thrilling British thriller.

Such a boring and bad acting movie.

Engaging from beginning to end, with great cast and a compelling narrative.

It keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat and, to add to this, the performances are all great and the scenery and cinematography compliment the film wonderfully.

This film was stunning!

This film was the perfect blend of a thriller which kept me on the edge of my seat, stunning scenery and great cast.

I got the opportunity to do another Q&A with a film director, and so do it with Dom Lenoir, the director of Winter Ridge, one of the more intriguing crime mystery films I've seen in a while.

Another entertaining crime film all around .

A great slow-burning psychological drama .