Wonder Man (1945) - Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Hohum Score



After being murdered by gangsters, an exuberant nightclub entertainer returns as a ghost to persuade his meek twin brother to help bring his killers to justice.

Director: H. Bruce Humberstone
Stars: Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 33 found boring (15.15%)

One-line Reviews (23)

Funny, entertaining film.

While these are mostly fun, especially Kaye's hay-fever song and particularly the hilarious opera song at the end which is classic Kaye, they do occasionally slow down the action.

Even that famous sneezing-Russian routine is as tedious as it is unfunny.

Wonder Man is the first film I've seen with Danny Kaye, and I enjoyed it.

If it had been a lot more subtle, I would have enjoyed it more....

Some parts made me laugh and others were dragged on and annoying.

What I did find fascinating was the soundtrack; three years after this film was released the two biggest musicals on Broadway were Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate and Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific.

Then you throw in the jousting tournament shenanigans, the dueling-under-hypnosis scenes, and the creative climatic fight and rescue and you really have a very funny and entertaining movie.

I don't count this his best film, although the man himself gives a performance of much charm and energy and neither do I rate this amongst the very best film of its type, but I still enjoyed it a lot and laughed often.

Enjoyable, colourful fantasy romp, with the ever-effervescent Danny Kaye in a double role as a motormouth, lady-killing club comedian, rubbed out by the gangster he's about to testify against, who returns from a watery grave to encourage his long-lost bookworm brother to see that wrong is righted with, not unnaturally a good few humorous songs, dance routines and slapstick scenes helping us to the predictable happy ending.

Danny Kaye shows he was just as self-indulgent early in his career as he was in later years.

Definitely recommended to anyone who loves Kaye's comedy, or simply wants an hour or two of entertaining fun!

Filmed in breathtaking Technicolor, adding in some special effects (pretty clever for its time) and a rather hyper performance by Kaye, the film is delightful old-fashioned fun.

I managed to say awake during "The Carmelites," but my partner, Ron Anderson, less esuriant for Culture with a capital C, fell asleep and snored rather loudly.

The general subject matter (twins and twin-related confusion) is as classic as can be, going back all the way to Antiquity.

All the reviews here were so glowing (many remarking how this is Danny Kaye's best), that I convinced my own family to sit tight after "White Christmas" was over to make sure that we wouldn't miss this unexpected treat.

Wonder Man also features a ho hum ballad called So In Love in which June Hutton dubs Vera Ellen and a zany duet called Bali Boogie.

Two of us fell asleep before it was over; the other two of us stuck it out to the end just to make sure we wouldn't miss anything in case it did get better.

This film is great fun to watch and if you're looking for something that is light, funny, romantic, enjoyable, and has a lovely plot with good effects, this is it.

The film is entertaining.

Still, it is an enjoyable movie with the usual Danny Kaye hilarity.

Well worth watching if you're in the mood for a happy and funny film.

The ghostly special effects are entertaining enough and the cinematography a riot of gaudy Technicolour.