Wuthering Heights (2009) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



Foundling Heathcliff is raised by the wealthy Earnshaws in Yorkshire but in later life launches a vendetta against the family.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Tom Hardy, Charlotte Riley
Length: 142 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 5 out of 48 found boring (10.41%)

One-line Reviews (16)

For me, the most compelling bit of film in this version of WUTHERING HEIGHTS was the opening credit sequence, which uses lots of steadicam shots to propel us into the first scene.

Very enjoyable, despite the changes .

The adaptation was lovingly designed with stunning locations and exquisite costumes, and the photography was excellent.

There is plenty of emotion – love, happiness, anger, shock, grief – and it all makes for a very moving and enjoyable production.

It's the sexiest and most entertaining Wuthering Heights I've seen.

well, the movie altogether: it was compelling, surprising, fascinating and never a bore...

It's the mark if a very talented actor, especially playing such an intense character.

It's a confusing story as it jumps around and focuses on Heathcliff and Cathy characters which are unrecognizable from the characters in the novel.

Part one was leisurely BUT they rushed through part 2 so fast,that it was very hard to follow.

Also, the structure is confusing, especially for those who've never touched the book.

Luckily I was bored and curious and started the movie anyway.

Not only that, but the lines the character's had were really stupid, with it being like a children's adaptation the way they added really stupid, simplified, basic, unoriginal lines, that were never in Bronte's story AND were just so unnecessary and stupid, instead of just keeping it in the original, creative, complex but exciting literature theme that Bronte wrote it in.

Even knowing the book story well, or because of that, tracking the story was confusing.

That was never in the book, and so there was no need to show it, though obviously for the director this was just to add "passion" to it or make it seem more exciting and appeal to a younger generation audience.

I understand purists who want direct interpretation but that tends to be boring and movies are essentially entertainment...

True, it doesn't always follow the overall structure of the novel by Emily Bronte, and there are one or two slow moments.