Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Two young brothers are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when their house is hurled through the depths of space by the magical board game they are playing.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 27 out of 236 found boring (11.44%)

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Jon Favreau directs this Highly Imaginative and Entertaining tale of two Brothers as they unwittingly become trapped in the game of Zathura .

Having kids play the game just seems more compelling, and more dangerous, and more fun.

While by no means a great film, "Zathura" is still enjoyable despite running for almost two hours as it is fast-paced, and the two boys in the lead characters are good.

On the whole, zathura is an entertaining space adventure family film.

My half-brother who is 8 loved it, but I was kind of disappointed considering the number of children movies nowadays, that actually do an amazing job of entertaining adults as well.

I highly recommend it.

The ending is terribly predictable if you've seen or read jumanji, and the "twist" is fairly obvious given Jumanji as well.

Though once the meteor shower starts, it will start to get far more interesting and exciting.

I saw this movie a few nights ago and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

With his dad heading off to an important meeting one afternoon, and the boys left in the care of their bored and careless older sister, Lisa (Kristen Stewart, "Cold Creek Manor"), you know trouble cannot be far off.

The 1995 film had (along with two strong leads, and two very good supporting children), a compelling plot to carry us along with the frantic effects.

It did remind me of Jumanji, but I think I may have actually enjoyed it better.

The plot of the whole film is good and entertaining it's an intense adventure and you don't want to take your eyes off the movie for a minute just in case you miss something.

All said and done, but it's usually a pretty entertaining movie.

This movie does not quite have the scope of "Jumanji," but it is still enjoyable.

Overall, we enjoyed it and thought it was a good and fun movie to watch.

If "board game" movies continue to be this entertaining, then I adamantly look forward to the next installment!

Overall, the film was cute, the lead characters were engaging, and the story was entertaining.

While funny and exciting, it is never preachy, Zathura is intelligently written and directed, this is a great family film.

The comedy in this movie sets the mood and raises the level of the movie, something enjoyable for the whole family to enjoy this movie.

There are some positives to it, there is quite a lot of action to it, breathtaking music and some slapstick humor.

Original and sensitive musical score including enjoyable chorus by John Debney (Sin City , Passion of the Christ) and colorful cinematography by Guillermo Navarro (Guillermo del Toro's usual cameraman) .

The "events" that the game caused to happen where enjoyable and surprisingly unpredictable.

Two young brothers have to put their poor relationship to one side when the game Zathura turns out to have unexpected consequences.

Visuals were stunning, and the lizard aliens were scary enough to have my daughter cover her eyes and peek.

Robin Williams led the way in a thrilling and imaginative adventure and created the ultimate enjoyment ride, and sadly a shadow has been cast as sheer visuals take over on a spin of that classic.

overall, the film moved along at a brisk pace and had some nice unexpected twists.

While the trailers were intriguing, the early buzz about the film was even better.

<< END OF SPOILER >>However, this is just a minor quibble that I have in what is mostly a very entertaining film - one which both kids and adults should equally enjoy.

Terrifically entertaining .

The one plot "twist" if you will is predictable ( I won't spoil it.

Action packed, imaginative and fun film for kids and adults .

Directed by actor Jon Favreau, ZATHURA is a rarity in that it is a "kids" movie, but never comes across as cheesy, annoying, or boring, mainly due to good writing, acting, and directing.

from the same world as Jumanji,Zathura is exciting and thrilling.

Rich and engaging intergalactic adventure adapted from the children's book by the author of Jumanji (which this was marketed as being a spiritual successor to) about two quarreling brothers (and one irritable older sister) who stumble upon a seemingly ordinary board game when their overworked dad briefly leaves them to fend for themselves.

I admit that I'm one of those people who gets emotionally involved with the characters, when they're as engaging as these those little boys and their sister are!

It was very entertaining, funny, and thrilling.

The movie contains amazing special effects and very interesting and exciting story which is sure to amuse most who watch the film.

Only drawback was its predictable.

What made Zathura:A Space Adventure so good especially were the fantastic production values, a soundtrack that fitted perfectly with the film's tone and the gripping action.

Some of the writing for this was so trite and contrived that I thought I would gag!!

Zathura keeps up a brisk, entertaining pace, and is scripted intelligently enough to engage most young intellects.

1st watched 1/29/2009 – 7 out of 10(Dir-Jon Favreau): Well done & fast paced fun movie about a game that becomes real in the midst of bonding two arguing brothers.

The action is sometimes pretty intense and the children's response not always connecting with the audience, but the pacing and fascinating events are entertaining.

It's exciting, well acted, and well made.

Older kids and adults will probably find the lack of storyline to be a problem.

In the end, "Zathura" is still worth watching.

The film is just over all great fun for everyone it's enjoyable and not a waste of your time in the end it has a weird twist and does teach some lessons.

I also thought the movie dragged on a bit too much sometimes - I wanted to yell at them, "Play the game!!

Okay my siblings really enjoyed it and for some reason I was drawn into joining themI'm my opinion this film is, overall, pretty awful and is basically a tacky version of the 'prequel'; the same storyline as Jumanji, the only real difference it being set in space There are many cheesy lines and is obviously not aimed at an older age group I really enjoyed Jumanji and feel as if it has just been ripped off for the sake of making a new filmHowever, it seems as though kids would enjoy it as a lighthearted film

This was an entertaining and exciting movie.

Zathura is not grand in any way, but it is definitely solid, entertaining diversion for the entire family.

This movie is very exciting for me.

Director Jon Favreau just doesn't know when to end a scene, so that supposedly suspenseful sequences (such as the attempt to retrieve the game from the Zorgon's spaceship) eventually just become tedious.

Finally, there were a couple intense moments in the movie that will remind you of Jurassic Park.

It's a fast-moving, enjoyable film with a nice story and some typical characters.

He constantly whines and refuses to play the game so that he can go home, which makes the story more boring and forgettable.

Entertaining Family Fun .

Well worth the watch .

We both enjoyed it.

But what "Zathura" does offer is great special effects, a pretty exciting and interesting story and decent acting.

If you have a child who is less than ten in your group, and that he or she happens to be the main motivation behind the trip to the theaters, this may be a good choice for the big screen, otherwise wait for it to come out on DVD, and rent it, assuming you find this type of board game movie entertaining.

All together, though, an enjoyable movie which I believe most kids will really get into, and most parents won't mind watching with them.

Also, for a note, this is a kids movie, so any 15 or older people, stay home and save your money.

We watched this movie as a family and I must say that I was sitting on the edge of my seat!

But Predictable .

) If you are looking for a good movie to take your kids to, save your money.

The movie is visually stunning.

In the review I emphasized that it embodied a rare sub-genre of fantasy where the narrative overpowered all the other elements of the film and dragged the viewer, kicking and screaming, down the rabbit hole, whether he wanted to go, or not.

Highly Imaginative and Entertaining !!.

Dax Shepherd is quite entertaining here.

Finally, we thought that the father character was boring and lame.

"Zathura" is a very exciting, fun film with terrific special effects that is much better than the trailer leads you believe.

Waste of Time .

I would like to thank everyone responsible for making this movie for giving me one of the most enjoyable movie watching experiences I've ever had!

The suspense level in some of the scenes is breathtaking, and other than one relatively minor expletive early in the film (nothing my son hasn't heard,) it's very family friendly.

This film, though not original, is gripping, thrilling and exciting.

The film displays a plethora of engaging spectacular sequences with stunning array of technical effects .

It's a sweet, funny, and exciting family movie that kids will totally relate to and parents will even get a chuckle out of.

A Jumanji knock-off that's actually worth watching.

Enjoyable sci-fi flick if you don't question the logic too much .

Walter and Danny, who anticipate a boring day, are shocked when they begin playing Zathura, a space-themed board game, which they realize has mystical powers when their house is shot into space.

there is not as much comedy in this one,but i think it's more exciting.

Just like the engaging weirdness in 'Jumanji'.

"Zathura" quickly reveals it's supernatural powers sending the two boys and their older sister on a thrilling adventure.

I give this movie a nine out of ten, for the great acting, great special effects, and happy ending, but it was a tad predictable.

After a slow start it moves right along, and it offers kid-friendly adventure without being mind-numbingly dull for parents.

Some parts were confusing to my daughter, and I had to explain a few of the time-line events, but overall an entertaining movie.

All intriguing ideas for a film.

The thing about the astronaut's brother was very cliché and pat.

So, the little brats are playing a game that found in the house basement(so predictable!!

However, it really dragged on in parts and took to long to get its point across.

Really enjoyable movie.

If I had to describe the entire thing in a single word, I would say it was just plain boring.

Though similar to Jumanji, there are differences and are fairly exciting.

Half way through the game, Dax Shepard shows up as the Astronaut and he's an entertaining cross between Harrison Ford and Zach Braff.

This movie was entertaining, funny (sometimes) and mildly exciting.

~Kristen Stewart's character is bland.

The special effects are really good and the twist that comes about halfway through the movie is unexpected.

Despite its rather predictive conclusion, Zathura is quite an enjoyable film.

I'm 17 and besides the fact i was bored out of my mind i sat through this movie and laughed a couple of times it wasn't that bad perfectly fine for a 4 year old there's loud noises and a couple curse words for those saying this older sister runs around in her underwear i don't know what they were watching most of the time shes under the covers sleeping in her bed or frozen in boxers and a tee-shirt and this incest others are talking about a 4 5 6 year old wouldn't be able to catch on to that they would be to caught up in the booms and big asss lizards that popped up 10 mins ago again about this incest its not like she kissed her brother of the future that she wasn't aware of anyways people are 2 uptight its just a movie

Making it more intense.

We didn't know how much more bad language to expect, and almost walked out.

The story is devastatingly slow to start and the two kids got really on my nerves right from the word go.

It has you on the edge of your seat the entire time, and the various adventures the boys have bring comedy and excitement.

All in all an enjoyable, family-oriented movie that you will watch again on DVD or on TV and enjoy it even more the second time.

I remember seeing Jumanji way back, and expected this to be equally dull.

There's a good dose of fun and it's engaging for adults also.

Very entertaining movie.....

A Very Entertaining Movie.

Too intense for young viewers.

Quite Enjoyable .

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

Funny and heartwarming, Zathura: A Space Adventure is far better than I had anticipated, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good family film, genuinely enjoyable for all ages.

Well done & fast paced fun movie...

Then random/pointless events happen in no particular order.

It is missing a charismatic character actor like a Robin Williams type, but still most enjoyable to watch.

I thought it was hilarious that the sister thought the "brother" had nice eyes (see the movie for this one) All in all, despite the space flaws, I loved this movie and highly recommend it.

Engaging space adventure film .

The film is action packed, imaginative and fun.

The film though does slow down again going into the end to inject some message.

However, both movies contain an entertaining story with a lot of excitement and excellent visuals.

However, it's an enjoyable film if you don't look too deeply beyond the lack of logic....

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seats, make you grin and then make you feel good at the end.

The tense and dramatic start with the rivalry between the brothers established it was an unexpected surprise and then when the game is introduced does the film dive into a different dimension and take off properly.

The hazards encountered are well executed, the story is exciting, the house in which the adventure takes place is full of character, and the film is as good as family entertainment as its predecessor.

A very fun and exciting adventure lies ahead…"Zathura" is one of those hidden gems that you would never think was good from reading about it and seeing the commercials and trailers for it.

Zathura: A Space Adventure is a 2005 action packed fantasy adventure about two brothers who don't see eye to eye.

I got bored of that really quickly.

Over all, good fun film, enjoyable even for a maturer audience.

It a relief to say that the film works because the setting and the pacing are appropriate, energetic, accessible, and quite enjoyable.

Man, that was so tedious to watch.

the set is BORING!

He and I were on the edge of our seats, and he had a smile on his face the entire time.

The fast-paced fun and action kept it moving (for its length, any longer and it might have gotten repetitive), with enough action to hold adult interest.

Along with that, this film is funny and sometimes scary and thrilling.

Funny and Entertaining for the Whole Family .

Luckily for the kids, (one surly and annoying, the other cute and, well, annoying) they live in the only house in the US sturdy enough to withhold anything stronger than a gust of wind with a woman's name, because here they're subjected to repeated bombardment by meteors and space rockets as they frantically play the board game and learn the obligatory 'life lesson' on their increasingly dull adventure.

It is a little slow for a kids film, it tends to drag on with certain sequences a lot more than we would have expected from a Jumangi movie.

Visually the film looks stunning, the Astronauts costume, the Zargon ships and "Goats", the actual game itself looks very 1950's.

Entertaining fantasy from the Jumanji and Polar Express author.

Unless you're a kid, or have kids, this movie must be one of the worst movies ever made.

Within the last half hour, which should have been the best time to grab at my attention, I just wanted to leave the theater.

) All in all Zathura is an entertaining movie of family fun.

Suffering from annoying characters played by less talented actors, a poorly thought out plot (that, although set in the endless expanse of space, still sees the boys confined to their house), and a confusing 'time twist' ending that requires further explanation to fully understand (either via the DVD commentary, or by searching the internet), Zathura is lacking in too many ways to be a wholly enjoyable adventure.

This is by no means cute, but it a family movie, with action and comedy and it is entertaining.

Otherwise I thought this movie was fun and exciting.

There were times when I thought the movie was maybe a bit bland early on, but this didn't last, as the suspense increases, and many exciting things happen as the boys play the dangerous game!

Refreshingly entertaining message movie.

A good film overall, but one that definitely is a DVD rental, if you really enjoyed it, a DVD purchase.

Predictable and unoriginal.

But after seeing Jumanji, this was just way too predictable.

He has a rugged Captains Courageous characteristic to him, and the truth of his identity brings a shocking twist to the exciting climax.

Jumanji was good but Zathura is great and I can highly recommend it to everybody.

Zathura is random and boring...

I was starting to get burnt out on movies, finding nothing lately that was unique, riveting or unpredictable.

Nonethless, Zathura is an entertaining picture in its own right.

It's a bit slow towards the end and they forget to go right back to the sister after the 5 moves she is frozen for (they go back after the 7th move, I counted) The kids were really annoying, especially the younger one.

Funny, suspenseful and just plain fun, this movie deserves to be seen in the theater.

CONS: ~The argument between the brothers feels repetitive in the second act.

Still, "Zathura" is reasonably entertaining.

Boring - Don't bother .

It is enjoyable for any age group.

The movie itself is quite an entertaining family picture in the style of Jumanji - without Bobo it could have been around 6,5 out of 10.

One exciting adventure happens right after another.

All in all Zathura is a great family flick, and though it may seem a little immature for adults at times, on the whole it can be a very satisfying (and thrilling) experience.

This is a very entertaining and fun piece of family film.

The two young stars make a great duo, Shepard does well as their new friend from the cosmos, Stewart and Robbins do alright with their time, but of course the real star of the film is the gripping action and the amazing special effects, a fantastic fantasy adventure to be enjoyed by kids and adults.

Assuming you had a glimpse at the trailer, you'll probably find the story and the characters to be very predictable.

and usually boring.

I was however surprised that anyone would find this sort of thing entertaining.

The movie's plot involves little Danny, who is bored and mad that his older bro Walter won't play with him, finding in his Dad's basement an old space adventure game called "Zathura".

This film is very entertaining with scary, funny, and sweet scenes that's great for the whole family to see.

My 4 year old daughter had to leave the theater 30 minutes into it.

But as a whole it is worth watching and if you like Jumanji then you will love Zathura.

I wouldn't bring an average seven year-old, but kids older than that should be able to handle the more relatively intense scenes.

If you liked Jumanji, I highly recommend it.

Whatever its lack of realism, Zathura is fun and exciting to watch.

Also Zathura is a very exciting film with a lot of great special effects undercut by a sly, infectious humour.

This was a very boring movie.


Highly entertaining!

As we drove home, my nine-year-old son fell asleep with his head on his older brother's lap.

really enjoyable .